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Beginner’s Guide: Tips on How to Secure a Motorcycle License

Men and women often dream of owning a motorcycle but remain unsure of how to get a learner’s permit or license. They know this type of license differs from the traditional driver’s license but need information on how to move forward with their goal. For example, do driving schools offer classes on motorcycles? If not, where should they turn for help? The following guide answers these questions and more. 

Where to Start

Every state determines its laws regarding motorcycles. Therefore, the best place to start the search for information on getting a motorcycle license is the state Department of Motor Vehicles website. This ensures you understand the requirements for your state. 

Rider Education and Safety Course

All states offer rider education today, and the courses cover every aspect of owning and riding a motorcycle. A person isn’t required to take the rider education course but may wish to. This ensures they know the laws of the state and don’t unintentionally break them.

A person who feels they are ready to move forward with obtaining their license may schedule the test. Successful completion of the skills test and road test are often enough to secure a license. 

Off-Road Riding

Individuals often start by riding a dirt bike off-road to see if they want to move forward with obtaining a motorcycle license. No license is required when riding off-road. Nevertheless, a person needs to know how to operate the bike before riding it. 

No License Needed

Surprisingly, many states don’t require a motorcycle license if a person is operating a scooter or small motorcycle under 50CC on roads. The standard driver’s license is enough in this situation. 

Getting a Motorcycle License

Individuals typically begin by getting a motorcycle permit, which is similar to getting a permit for a basic driver’s license. Once a person gets this permit, they can ride a motorcycle with certain restrictions. When they feel comfortable, they then visit the state DMV to take a skills test. When they successfully complete this test, they get their license. 

For those who aren’t comfortable going this route, an approved motorcycle safety course serves as an option. When a person successfully completes this course, they aren’t required to complete the DMV skills test.

Men and women who have yet to purchase a motorcycle find this is a great option. The course provider supplies the bikes and riders get hands-on instruction to learn to properly ride. Some riders find their insurance provides them with a discount if they take part in this type of course. 


Individuals want to know how much they will pay to get a motorcycle license. This varies by state, and a person will pay for both the permit and license testing. States may also charge to add the motorcycle endorsement to the person’s license. For those who choose to take a safety course, this is a separate fee, and the price runs from free to hundreds of dollars. 

Once you have your motorcycle license in hand, it’s time to shop for a bike. Spend time testing the bikes to find the one that best meets your needs. Riders who took part in a safety course have likely already riden several bikes and have a better idea of what they want. However, it never hurts to try the ones you have yet to ride. A bike is an investment, and you’ll want to get the right one. Once you do, you’ll spend hours on the open road enjoying your bike. 

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