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Being Prepared To Breastfeed

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

Certainly, many mothers don’t have problems with breastfeed, and their child takes to the process quite naturally. That’s not the case with everybody, and you’re not really going to know until the baby is born.

You might as well do a little research and make preparations in advance. That way, when the baby is born, you’ll be ready either way. With that in mind, following we’ll briefly explore a few key things you might want to think about if you haven’t already.

1. Get Advice From Friends, Family, Or Support Networks

Friends and family who are either experts, or who have themselves been parents, can help you avoid making the same mistakes they did. That sort of advice is invaluable. Additionally, you want to find a support network. Combining friends, family, and support networks should help you be properly prepared for anything being a mother can throw at you.

Also, when you can hear from experienced individuals, that helps you align your mind. Much of what you’re able to handle as a mother will depend on your attitude to your responsibilities. You’ll need love. You’ll need perseverance, and you’ll need to know you’re not alone. For such help, you need to lean on the wisdom of those who’ve been down the same path before.

2. Breast Pumps, Bottles, Maternity Clothes, And Petroleum Jelly

Let’s not dance around it: you’re going to have sore nipples every now and again as you breastfeed. This is especially true if you’ve never nursed a child before. Some ladies have preferences which may have stiffened their nipples in advance, most don’t. There is a process of acclimation wherein your nipples become strong enough to avoid being raw, though.

However, this period can take a while. So what makes sense until then is using breast pumps to avoid engorged breasts. Store that milk in the fridge for up to four days, or in the freezer for six months to a year. Express until your breasts are empty so your body regularly produces enough milk for the child.

Bottles help you store the breast milk, and maternity clothes are also a good idea if you find yourself needing to breastfeed in public. For the times when your nipples are exceptionally sore, use a little petroleum jelly to help assuage the pain.

If you’ve got all these things in advance, you’ll have a much more comfortable time of it over the first few months. Put them on your supply list.

3. Find A Trustworthy Breastfeeding Professional For Help

You have a physiology that is unique. While you’ll share certain aspects of your pregnancy with other mothers, it doesn’t hurt to find a lactating consultant. Such professionals can help you do what’s known to work as regards nursing, and examine you to determine if there are any unique things you’ll need to do so you can breastfeed as healthily as possible.

4. Take Time Away From Traditional “Life” As You Can

Aligning your milk production schedule with the baby’s hunger patterns can be difficult. Try to breastfeed whenever the baby is hungry. That’s probably not going to be a “regular” time. Also, babies wake up in the small hours of the night. Take as much time off as you can.

Being Ready Right Away

Advice, support networks, breast pumps, maternity clothes, petroleum jelly, support resources, and time represent key ingredients in your breastfeeding preparation “toolkit”. There are other preparations you want to make as well, but those listed here do represent a good place to start.

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