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Benefits of social media monitoring and its main focus areas

Social media monitory majorly deals with tracking online brand mentions and their responses on the same platforms. Monitoring keeps the brand aware of messages on online platforms before they spread for the wrong reasons. Social media is a major platform for advertising, and when a brand is trending for a good reason, it can push the brand to the top. Read about Benefits of social media monitoring below.

When it is for the wrong reason, it comes as a major blow and can lead to the downfall of a brand if serious. As contrary to the name, this involves monitoring every online presence of the bland, not only on social.

Key focuses during social media monitoring

Brand name and a possible misspelling of the brand name are major focus areas in social media monitoring. Any mention of the brand name will be monitored to ensure there is no spread of negativity on it. This will involve being on the watch out for words that might miss the brand name.

Brand Product name is also a major focus in social-media monitoring. Sometimes the brand might not be in the spotlight, but the product name is. For this, the focus should be placed on any product under the main brand. Considering that a product might have an issue but the brand does not, the product ruins the brand name.

Comments, reviews, direct messages, and all mentions. Social-media monitoring should also focus on any mention of a product or brand name, either positive or negative, and analyze any information gained. This will help in the development of the companies’ name and customer appearance.

Reviews across various platforms. This offers what customers think about a certain brand or product. Taking this as positive criticism will help improve the brand and increase the customer base.

Posts at your location. By this, the social-media monitoring will majorly focus on the posts that are tagged to the companies’ location. This can help you differentiate from span to real posts. Also, it will help learn what is treading around the company area.

Tags on a product or brand on photos. Social-media monitoring will help determine if the photo is related to the brand and prevent it from spreading, hence reducing damage to the brand.

Brand and campaign hashtags. Hashtags can spread very first; due to this, social-media monitoring should focus on it and avoid the negative impact they can cause when left to spread the negative output.

Another important focus on social-media monitoring is monitoring the trend of competitors’ brands and products.

Benefits of social media monitoring

Helps better the customer care in a company. Since reviews of customers online are accessed, it becomes easier to meet the customers’ wants.

Help learn what customers might not tell you. Will make sure a company can better their product to meet what customers are posting on how to better products.

The major benefit of social media monitoring is that a company can solve a problem before they become major and avoid major damages.

Another benefit is that it helps know the competitors move before they make it. This will help plan a strategy to stay on top of the market.

Factors on choosing a social media monitoring tool

Speed and accuracy. For social media monitoring to be effective, one should make sure it is accurate and does not miss anything. On top of this, the faster it can detect any negative trend, the less the damage and the effective the tool. You can also use free social media aggregator tool to keep eye on your competitors social media behaviour and also their audiences. Moreover, you’ll get to know how your competitors are using social media feeds to engage with their users and what their audiences are generating. 

Commitment to innovation. For a tool to be effective, it should be up to date in its monitoring methods, which makes it more effective.

Industry/ peer-recognised. To know if the tool is effective, it is good to look at reviews as given by previous users.

One company that is committed and meets these factors is NetBase Quid. It uses artificial intelligence-driven tools to monitor social media and online platforms, among other sources, to gain information on what is trending and customer feedback. It works towards improving companies’ brand name and appearance and general company improvement. 

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