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Best 2 in 1 Laptop of all Time – Convertible Laptop for all Your Needs

We deal with 2 kinds of devices daily, whether at home or in the office. The solution to the problem is the Best 2 in 1 Laptop of all Time.


There are two kinds of devices that we deal with every day, whether at home or in the office, in different areas of business: desktops or laptops. Even though the extreme power that desktop computers can provide, today’s laptops can deliver excellent performance and be easy to navigate anywhere, so we see them spreading widely, with continuous annual growth, especially after the Coronavirus, which forced a lot of people to buy a laptop to work from home.


At the same time, some tablets have also been able to do a great job and use experience for many users, despite some differences in the level of performance that swing in favor of mobile devices…within this type of device, the idea of mobile laptops, known as 2 in 1, “Some are separable, some are completely convertible” to try and earn our trust in their unique design.

Best 2 in 1 Laptop of all Time

In this post, we’ll talk about these kinds of devices, and we’ll give an example of that with the new Yuga 9i from Lenovo, to see what anyone can combine the efficiency of our everyday work with the ease of commuting from home or the office.

Between laptops and tablets., 2 in 1 is the hybrid solution?

It can be said that 2-in-1 or converted devices are the hybrids that combine the power of traditional handheld devices with the easy-to-navigate tablet with long battery life…These features combine with a single device called a 2-in-1 mobile laptop with either a fully-spaced screen, a keyboard, a touch screen, a design pen, other features taken from the mobile device, and the traditional tablet merged with one device.

On the performance side, you’ll get better power on multiple tasks you need in your everyday tasks than on the tablet, while on the screen, you get a seamless touch screen that bends completely compared to traditional mobile monitors … and many other features that become available compared to the first mobile devices that were launched in early 2000, in which this type of device was introduced with an all-out feature level comparison what we have today.

Let’s put history aside and talk about Lenovo Yoga 9i.

Yoga 9i (14″) 2 in 1

Lenovo has a long history of mobile computing, entered Mobile 2-by-1 with the C640 and more recently with the Yoga C940, which has given us an excellent experience, but the continued development of our engineers + Intel Evo standards has allowed the introduction of the Lenovo 9i Series, Frankly speaking, what I was expecting is that I personally had seen the Yoga C940 before, so I felt the difference, especially in terms of computing power.

Yoga 9i (14") 2 in 1

Of course, competition exists in the field of 2V1 hardware and every company that tries to innovate in its design and the features associated with it, so it is impossible to say that there is one company or one device capable of eliminating any other option. Rather, reason and mind force us to say that a group of mobile 2X1 competes to make Yoga 9i one of these remarkable devices.

In terms of external design, Lenovo has relied on its beautiful, well-known high-strength features with the Aerospace Grade chassis, which is known to be used within the framework of aviation structure spacecraft, to achieve high solid quality with a lightweight and highly portable weight. As mobile users, we need this quality and are carried with mobile devices.

From the additional touches to designing the portable chassis… is coming in a metal frame with a hand-made cover from the natural skin to give us a stylish, special touch look that suits him, so that you can choose the right cover, whether the skin is Shadow Black or a Mica-colored metal cover.

I also liked the special pen that came with this laptop, which is embedded in the chassis of the device in an understated way, to give you the ability to write or draw with its new design to feel as if you were writing on paper.

Frankly, I don’t see the pen included with the portable device 2 in 1 step followed by many companies that force you to buy it separately, so it’s perfect to offer Lenovo this pen in a compact way without having to pay an additional amount.


Yoga 9i (14″) 2 in 1

However, Lenovo is trying to tell us that this new pen exceeds, and maybe more unique than we see from other solutions, thanks to its dependence on Wacom AES and its speed of shipping through the pen-integrated battery to be able to give you about 130 minutes of use. If the battery runs out, you only have to put the pen inside the same port from which it went so that the pen can charge you with about 80% in just 115 seconds!

Yoga 9i (14") 2 in 1

At the keyboard level, I think the keys used are kind of good for you to be comfortable in continuous typing, and also have a white backlight that’s bright and beautiful, while the next Glass Sense touch with this laptop gives you more space and up to 50% better response.

Another advantage of the mobile is that it features a high-quality audio system capable of providing an even more excellent listening experience for music and movies. The engineering idea that designers have relied on is to make the sound system base mobile as the screen moves, and call it the Rolling Sound Bar. Inside it is equipped with a Dolby Atmos soundbar capable of achieving a 360-degree burst.

You are capable of listening to everything you want with a high level of clarity. In any situation you’re thinking about mobile status such as Tablet mode, traditional mode, tent mode, whatever your choice is, you’ll get the same level of sound purity and strength thanks to the two amplifiers.

Best 2 in 1 Laptop of all Time

A portable touch screen comes in 14″ size with two options: either 400nits of FHD with Dolby Vision or 500nits of VESA HDR. HDR.-400 UHD. What’s remarkable about this screen is that it takes 90% of the edge of the screen’s exterior, which is something that we all like with mobile devices compared to traditional design, where the edges around the top and the sides of the screen are more thin than enough to give us the experience that we’re looking for.

Best 2 in 1 Laptop of all Time

A small point is around the camera attached to the built-in mobile device screen, which not only features 720p photos taken with an internal Mike, two to pick up your voice fluently but also features a protective lock to prevent any intrusion into your system that might compromise your privacy.

Want high-speed communication ports? And yet, with this mobile, you’ll get high-speed ports with two Thunderbolt 4 USB Type-C ports that can transmit data at ultra-fast speeds for simultaneous data and power transfer. Add to 2nd Generation USB 3.2 Type-A with one “Speaker and Mike” audio port.

Intel Evo Standards?

Intel Evo

Remember Project Here from Intel? Okay. Intel Ivo is the Project Here II Innovation Project standards that set stringent standards in the mobile industry to scale up what we really need by providing an ideal combination of powerful performance – a “centralized processor and graphics processor,” rapid response, and long battery life with a modern, modern design.

These Intel Ivo are the ultimate mobile device to get the job done best, depending on the 11th generation Intel Core processor with the Intel Iris Xe graphics processor. To date, more than 20 designs have been issued by multiple companies that have won the Intel Evo logo, thanks to meeting these strict criteria.

The Intel Evo logo is only used for laptop designs that meet or exceed the specified specification criteria:

  • Fixed response when the battery is used
  • Can reactivate the system from sleep in less than 1 second
  • 9 hours or more of real battery life on systems with full HD monitors
  • Fast charging, the 30-minute battery charge can be up to 4 hours on systems with full HD monitors

The systems also feature the Intel Ivo logo with best-in-class wireless connectivity with Intel WiFi Technology 6 (Gig+) and an exceptional experience with excellent audio, webcam, and screen technology in a sleek, slim, and lightweight design. Find more quality info about products with amazing news on Tech Win.

What about specifications? Do you live up to what we need?

Everyday tasks, whether at home or work, require a processor capable of handling multiple tasks efficiently, with high disk speed, and a graphics processor capable of helping you with graphics power-intensive computing…all of this will be capable of meeting the distinctive 11th generation Core i7-1185G7 core processor with 4-cores, and 8 4.80GHz paths with Boost and Memory Embedded 12MB Graphics Processor Used is the integrated Iris X which can run well for games in low or medium graphics settings “depending on game type.”

Based on 8GB and 12GB LPDR.4X memory up to 16GB 4267MHz; M.2280 SSD / PCIe NVMe up to 1TB; WiFi wireless connectivity support 802.11AX and Bluetooth 5.1 via the Intel AX201 Network Card, with a total weight of up to 1.37kg. This is a relatively reasonable weight.

These specifications will run your daily tasks well, from running browsing, programs, some games, or several tasks simultaneously, thanks to the embedded core processor and a good graphics processor. Yeah, running games will be possible, but let me be honest with you, who’s going to go to this 2-in-1 mobile device is not going to prioritize games, but it’s focused on three things:

  1. -Long battery life to survive long, long stages away from the power port “With this device, the Li-Polymer 60Wh battery can run up to about 18 hours in FHD mode, and up to 10 hours with a 4K screen It’s. About 6 hours more than previous releases. It can also ship 15 minutes to give you 3 hours of continuous work.
  2. The computing power of the system to be able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and efficiently.
  3. The next acceptable price, especially when you know it’s a 2in1 laptop with a touch-screen, high-definition display, and a new pen you don’t need to buy separately.

In conclusion

This is what I can come up with after seeing the Yoga 9i. What I’m sure of so far is that it’s a remarkable device that surpasses any other version that Lenovo launched from the Yoga family at 1100 dollars because that’s how much you get a laptop that looks attractive and practical, with enough computing power to accomplish your daily tasks, its portability, its full-screen edge and angle With options between FHD and UHD resolution.

This pen comes with it free; the long battery life is “almost 18 hours” due to Intel Evo, a practical keyboard, and a premium sound system that covers all corners, no matter what screen angle you move.

I agree that competing and perhaps more powerful devices are available, but this option is available to me. Within this competitive price for the other devices, some come at a slightly higher price and “lack some features like pen,” which makes me more inclined to it.

What do you advise me? I’ll tell you directly. Do you have that money? So put this mobile device as your first choice when you think of a 2-in-1 laptop for everyday work, spending time watching movies, and playing games without worrying about battery life. Hope you love reading “Best 2 in 1 Laptop of all Time”

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