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A Guide to Choosing the Best 4WD Tires for Your Car

For your vehicle, you must choose the right set of tires. Read article about Best 4WD Tires for Your Car to know everything important.


For your vehicle, you must choose the right set of tires. In the case of 4WD, it is more essential. The 4WD tires are great for people who usually drive on rough and uneven terrains but choosing some unacceptable tires could leave you abandoned in the middle of nowhere.

In case you’re planning to upgrade your tires, you need to consider the driving you’ll be doing, so you’ll be getting the best worth and performance. 

Know the Terrain

There’s a major contrast between sandy deserts, wild woodlands, and mountains, and vehicles ought to have various tires that depend on the sort of terrain they will encounter.

That’s why step one in putting in the exceptional off-road tires has genuinely nothing to do with the tires themselves and the entirety to do with the individual’s intentions driving the car.

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Determine Tire Size

As we know, bigger tires are better for off-road travel. These allow vehicles to be lifted higher from the ground, which helps the vehicle’s bottom be safe from rocks or anything else. You must take good thought while choosing your tire size.

To give you a head-start, 4WD tires are separated into three primary classes.

  • All-Terrain tires: 60% on-road, 40% off-road

These are all-rounder tires if you want to drive on smooth and rough terrains. These provide an excellent balance of performance and grip for off-road. All-Terrain tires tend to be the popular choice for 4WD owners who want to use their vehicle each on and off the road.

They can tackle camping journeys, dust roads, and some mild four-wheel riding and offer an appropriate degree of grip and ride comfort in everyday driving. The gaps between tread blocks are smaller, which also facilitates lessening road noise.


  • Versatility
  • Robust
  • Extra void in tread pattern which increases grip on unsealed surfaces       
Good balance between on-road and off-road performanceLouder than highway-terrain
Decent on-road and wet weather abilityA poor on-road performance especially in wet conditions 
Quieter than mud-terrain
Longer life than mud-terrain

Highway Terrain tires:

90% onroad, 10% off-road

Some drivers spend the maximum of their time on-road and take their vehicle off-road for a limited amount of time. Using these tires will limit your off-road riding abilities; however, that doesn’t mean that they’re not suitable for off-road conditions. They don’t cope with limitations like sand and dirt.


  • Good ride comfort
  • Highway speed durability and road handling
  • Lower noise levels
LightweightPunctured easily on rough terrains
Smooth for on-road drivingInsufficient traction off-road
Good for a long drive

Mud-Terrain tires:

  • 15% on-road, 85% off-road

If you live for off-road or competitive driving or camping in remote places, M/T tires give superb traction on mud, rock, and other harsh situations. These have large tread patterns and are suitable for people who drive off-road 85% of the time.

It’s crucial to notice that Mud Terrain tires aren’t genuinely intended for highway use and may be pretty noisy. The open tread manner that they have much less contact with the road and indicates their traction is limited.

If taking over sand, loose gravel, steep terrains, and direction, dust is your sort of factor; then Mud Terrain tires might be the right choice.

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  • Allow mud and dirt to pass more easily
  • Good grip, Open tread pattern
  • Handle serious Off-road conditions 
Excellent off-road abilityRather loud
Larger gaps between tread-blocks allow better tractionPoor performance in wet weather
Larger side-biters for better traction off-roadHigher priced
More robust carcass
Excellent self-cleaning abilities of tire
Much stronger sidewall, resulting in lesser punctures

Check the rest of the vehicle.

You have to additionally remember to check the rest of the vehicle once the components are installed. Tires are just a single piece of a more robust framework – be sure the rest of the vehicle can deal with them.

If you are looking to buy an SUV tire in Dubai — do a comprehensive analysis of your driving needs and tire market. Each tire is different and is designed to carry out different tasks. So, do thorough research to settle on an informed choice. Hope you love reading “Best 4WD Tires for Your Car”

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