The Best Apple iPhones and their features

The Best Apple iPhones and their features

Are you searching for the best iPhones in 2021? Apple has several Apple iPhone models currently for sale in its store. With the arrival of the 12 iPhones in September, these are the best iPhones of 2021.

The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones you can buy on the market today, but not all models will be the ideal phone for you. In this article, we analyze the value for money of all of them to determine which is the best.

Betting on one or the other will depend on many factors, including what benefits you need and what money you are willing to spend. The models from a few years ago will be enough for many, but you may be more interested in having the latest generation specifications.

With the new arrival of the iPhone 12, these are currently the models available in the Apple Store:

  • iPhone SE with 4.7-inch screen
  • iPhone XR with 6.1-inch screen
  • iPhone 11 with 6.1-inch screen
  • iPhone 12 mini with 5.4-inch screen
  • iPhone 12 with 6.1-inch screen
  • iPhone 12 Pro with 6.1-inch screen
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max with 6.7-inch screen

iPhone 12 – Best iPhone

The iPhone 12 is simply the best iPhone for most people that you can find today. It comes with excellent specs, and you can also get it at a more or less reasonable price (being Apple).

The iPhone 12’s high-resolution OLED screen is a pleasure to use, and its camera is excellent, as it can capture color and detail incredibly. Its 5G compatibility and wonderful performance mean it will last you for years to come.

If we had to find one but the iPhone 12 it would be that the battery is solid, but not excellent. That means that you can use it for a day without problems, but not beyond that.

iPhone 12 mini – iPhone with best value for money

It has been difficult to choose between the 12 or the 12 mini as the best iPhone. What is clear is that the iPhone 12 mini is excellent value for money.

One of the reasons why we opted for the 12 in the first place is its 6.1 “screen, since most now prefer a panel of this size, and not as small as that of the iPhone 12 mini (5, 4”).

Beyond that, the 12 mini performs very well and has excellent features and specifications. It also has great cameras, a good operating system and a processor that will not disappoint you. It is also the cheapest model of this generation.

iPhone 11 – The best of each house

Before the arrival of the 12 series, the iPhone 11 was our favorite iPhone thanks to its excellent value for money. It’s still a very good phone, with a big screen and a more affordable price than ever.

Unlike the 11 Pro models, the iPhone 11 has an LCD screen (and not OLED) and it also has two rear lenses (instead of three). Now, perhaps what you are most interested in knowing is how it differs from the iPhone XR.

As usual, it has a higher processor (the A13 chip instead of the A2 chip). In addition, the iPhone 11 features improved battery life, more water resistance than the XR, and new case colors. With the arrival of the iPhone 12, it is no longer the best “cheap” mobile from Apple.

The most notable are the improvements in the cameras compared to the previous model. We have two rear lenses and a 12 MP front camera, it introduced Night Mode and better intelligent HDR, and the ability to record 4K videos.

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iPhone SE (2020) – Cheapest iPhone

After having tested the new iPhone SE, we have had no choice but to place it among the top positions on this list, as it offers great value for money. Its low cost obviously means that it won’t have the latest specs, but you’d be surprised what it does.

We start, for example, with your processor. The new SE comes with the A13 Bionic chip, the same one that we already saw in the iPhone 11 and that Apple claims is the “fastest processor ever seen in a smartphone.” Without a doubt, it is the fastest in the history of the iPhone.

You may also be interested in knowing what their cameras are like. On paper, they have nothing to do with the iPhone 11 or the iPhones 11 Pro, but they show that the software can work wonders. They’re generally decent, though Portrait Mode and low-light photos aren’t up to the task.

The other big drawback of the new iPhone SE is its design, which looks very old-fashioned. It will be ideal for those who do not want to lose the Home button, but the bezels are very thick considering the trend of the sector in recent years.

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