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The Big Smoke: Best Attractions in London

Attracting up to 27 million visitors each year from all corners of the globe, it’s no wonder that London is one of the world’s top tourist destinations- renowned for its history, culture and entertainment values. Home to the most famous royals, and iconic attractions such as the London Eye and Tower Bridge, it’s one of the best places in terms of cultural attractions. Endless days can be spent exploring the city’s best sightseeing locations, and you’ll never run out of things to do! The city exudes diversity, from its inhabitants to architecture, nightlife, cuisines and attractions. If you’re looking to visit the big city sometime soon, then We Buy Any House have compiled the top 7 best attractions in London to visit.

#1- The London Eye:

The London Eye, which is also referred to as the Millenium Wheel, is an attraction based on the South Bank of the River Thames. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe, attracting over three million visitors annually, and has made many appearances in popular culture. Featuring 32 capsules (one for each of the city’s boroughs), the wheel rotates and offers a 360-degree view of London from 135 meters (443 ft) high. From the attraction you can see the capital’s best attractions, from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace and Houses of Parliament.

#2- Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard:

One of the country’s most iconic buildings, Buckingham Palace, is home to the most iconic royals. Built in 1837, the palace has been the London residence of the Royal Family since the accession of Queen Victoria. The palace puts on displays each day, drawing crowds at 11:30am despite the weather to watch the Changing of the Guard. If you’re looking to find out whether the Queen is home at the palace, simply look at the flagpole at the top of the building. If it is flying day and night, the Queen is in the palace. On special occasions you may even catch a glimpse of the royals as they appear on the central balcony. 

#3- Tower of London/ Tower Bridge:

The Tower of London has undertaken many different roles throughout its history- from prison, palace, treasure vault and private zoo. One of London’s most iconic structures offers an insight into the country’s rich history, due to all the events that happened here. The huge white tower, built by William the Conqueror in 1078, the tower has remarkable displays of royal armaments and amor. The tower features the famous Crown Jewels exhibition, the Royal Mint and the Beefeaters. Adjacent from the towers stands one of London’s best-known landmarks, Tower Bridge. Rising 200 feet above the River Thames is Tower Bridge, from which you can get behind the scenes tours to view the design, build and operating service of the bridge

#4- Big Ben:

Perhaps the most famous clock in the world, Big Ben, is instantly recognise due to its iconic silhouette. Since the bells of Big Ben struck their first musical tune in September 1843, six monarchs and 41 prime ministers have come and gone. The largest and most accurate four-faced striking clock, the tower stands at 316 feet (96 m) tall and is an iconic backdrop for the public to take pictures with.

#5- Parliament Building:

Also known as the Palace of Westminster, the bicameral Parliament, which also includes the House of Lords, and the House of Commons is one of the country’s most important buildings. Located along the left bank of the River Thames, the building was built in the 11th century for Edward the Confessor and enlarged by William I the Conqueror. The palace of Westminster has been a Grade I listed building since 1970, and now belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage.

#6- National Gallery:

London’s National Gallery is a must see for art lovers. The gallery represents a complete survey of European paintings from 1620 up until 1920.  The museum most infamous collections include the Dutch Masters and Italian Schools of the 15th and 16th century, the preliminary cartoon sketch of the Madonna and Child by Leonardo da Vinci. Located in the iconic Trafalgar Square, the gallery also features more iconic items, such as Botticelli’s Venus and Mars, Michelangelo’s The Entombment, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Monet’s The Water-Lily Pond.

#7- The Shard:

Since its opening in 2012, The Shard has become one of London’s most visited and recongised landmarks. The remarkable structure, which stands at 1,016 feet tall and encompassing 95 stories, gained its name The Shard due to its resemblance to a shard of glass. The building dominates the skyline, and was designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano, and is the seventh-tallest building in Europe. The hotel features a combination of offices, viewing platforms on various levels (both indoor and outdoor), and also is home to the stunning Shangri-La Hotel, which runs three à la carte restaurants.

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