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Best Beard Balm You Must Try

A good beard balm will not only nourish your hairs but also stop itching. It will also give you structure and hold so that your beard looks great throughout the day. Read more details in this Beauty Guide below.

This guide will show you the best beard balms for every facial hair type.

How To Choose a Beard Balm

Consider these things when buying a beard balm:

1. Ingredients

Four key ingredients are essential to making a quality beard balm. Here are four reasons they are so important.

Carrier Oils. These oils provide moisture and nourishment for your skin and facial hair. They can reduce itching and make your beard soft. There are many types of carrier oils. Carrier oils that have low comedogenic rates, like argan or grapeseed, are less likely to clog pores.

Essential Oils. They provide the scent for any beard balm. You can choose from a variety of scents, including woodsy, citrusy and smokey. Essential oils are not recommended for use in medicinal applications.

Beeswax. Beeswax is a natural humectant, protectant and styling agent. These balms that contain a higher concentration of beeswax have a stronger hold and last longer.

Butter (Shea butter or Cocoa butter). This ingredient improves the texture and conditioning of beard balms. This ingredient is ideal for dry climates.

Be aware that some of these balms are made with fillers and artificial ingredients. They will not condition your skin or facial hair. If possible, avoid them.

2. Holding Strength

Many companies will mark their beard balms with the following strengths when you shop for a new one:




A medium to firm hold balm can be used to maintain a neat beard.

3. Beard Growth & Vitamins

Be careful when purchasing a beard balm claiming to increase beard growth. It is almost impossible to prove that a beard balm will increase your chances of growing thicker or fuller hairs.

These “accelerants”, in particular, are more expensive than the average beard balm.

4. Price

Beard balm can be a very affordable grooming product. Typically, beard balms cost between $8 and $30 according to our research. You can expect to pay $15-20 for a quality product made with only natural ingredients.

  • Best Liquid Balm: Proraso Beard Balm

Proraso, an Italian company, has been a staple in men’s grooming for more than 100 years. We think their liquid-based beard balm will be a hit with you, thanks to their rich history of quality products.

This liquid balm is made largely from natural ingredients (91% total). It penetrates easily into your skin and will provide fast and effective results.

It contains no parabens or silicone, no alcohol and no colorants. This product should be safe for sensitive skin.

This balm can be used on any type of beard, no matter how long or short.

Proraso has a wide range of scents, including Azur Lime and Cypress & Vetyver, Refresh and Wood & Spice.

This balm will make your beard stand out and make other men jealous of your beard.

Pros: It absorbs quickly into the beard for quick results. TSA-friendly

Cons: This balm can be messy to apply.

The verdict: This balm is a great beard care product. It has attractive scent and high quality ingredients.

  • Best-Smelling Balm: Billy Jealousy Beard Balm

With their Devil’s Delight balm, Billy Jealousy hits all of the right notes. This balm is a top-notch product with moisturizing and nourishing qualities that will make your beard look great. It has a strong sandalwood and black peppery scent that will make your mornings more enjoyable.

Although the scent may linger for a while, it will quickly fade by lunchtime. This means that it is not too strong or overwhelming.

This balm is a rich mixture of castor, sunflower and coconut oils. It will quickly get rid of any beard itching.

This balm will give your beard a matte look once it has dried. This balm adds structure to your beard while keeping it healthy and looking natural.

Finally, this balm holds better than others – make sure you use a brush or combing when applying it.

The verdict: Devil’s Delight is simply the best scent. It will smell just like a warm, friendly hug when you apply it to your hair. You can also expect some women to linger and take in the pleasant scent.

  • Made In USA: Badass Beard Care Beard balm for men

Badass beard service has been serving wild beards since the 1980s and is incredibly successful at it.

It’s made in America and managed by veterans of the armed services.

This balm is not only patriotic, but it also has a warm fragrance and the right combination of ingredients.

You can find the full list of ingredients on their website.

This beard balm will make your beard soft and smooth after just a few uses.

Because this beard balm is more hydratation-focused, the beeswax concentration is slightly lower. This beard balm is not recommended for those with long beards who want structure.

This balm is fine if your beard is still at least a few inches long.

Pros: The sandalwood and warm vanilla scents are intoxicating. It has a light to medium hold. Made in the USA by Veterans.

Badass Beard care’s beard balm is a top-rated product that can withstand any daily activity.

  • Best For Dense & Curly Beards – Scotch Porter Beard balm

This beard balm contains a variety of natural ingredients such as marshmallow root, nettle leaves, aloe vera gel, shea butter and jojoba oil. It is also rich in natural ingredients like nettle leaf, aloe juice, shea butter, jojoba oils, and other beneficial substances.

This hydrating-focused balm can be used by any man, but it is ideal for men with dense, dry beards.

This is because the balm can soften thick and coarse hairs in just a few days.

The balm’s moisturizing properties are its strongest selling point. However, the balm’s scent is close behind. It has a light marshmallow/coconut smell that is both manly and intoxicating.

This scent was loved by men, and one person even asked Scotch Porter if they sold it as a cologne.

It would have to be able to hold its own strength if there were any negatives.

This product might not be suitable for you if your beard is a little unruly.

Pros: This beard balm is loved by men for its intense moisturizing qualities. It will make your beard healthy and soft.

Cons: The hold could have been a little stronger.  

The verdict: This beard balm is the best for men who want to keep their hair smelling and moisturizing. This beard balm works well even if your facial hairs aren’t very thick.

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