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Best Dog Beds for Every Type of Dog

Our four-legged friends spend a good amount of time snoozing. In fact, most of them get a lot more shut-eye than we do. While a cold, hard floor or a beat-up old rug will do in a pinch, they’d really love to sleep in a comfy bed, just like us. But since they can’t tell us what they want, we often forget this or pick the wrong bed for them. Similar to human beds, dog beds vary in size, material, shape, quality, and features, so choosing the best dog bed wholesale for your fur baby should be a thoughtful process.

“When it comes to sleep, every dog is different,” explains Hunter Finn, DVM, a veterinarian based in Arlington. “Some dogs like to ball up, some like to sprawl out, and others like to lie flat on their backs with their feet pointed straight in the air.” Additionally, you need to consider your pet’s age, breed, hair length, and coat type. “For example, a Husky who has the genetics to withstand extremely low temperatures may not like the warm, fuzzy bed that your Dachshund loves to be blanketed up in. If your pup seems to lie on cooler surfaces versus warmer areas, they may want to be lower to the ground with minimal fluff involved.”

How we chose the best beds

A well-rested dog is a happy dog, which is why we didn’t leave this to chance. We consulted pet experts and read through online reviews with thousands of five-star ratings to bring you this definitive top 20 list. On it, you’ll find the best beds for small dogs, large dogs, and everything in between, as well as options that will stand up to even the most aggressive chewers. And if your dog suffers from anxiety, you’ll definitely want to check out this super popular (and super effective) Calming Donut dog bed. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, peruse this list of the best dog grooming supplies, which includes the best dog toothbrushes, and add a few things to your cart to make your pup’s tail wag even more.

Best Friends by Sheri Original Calming Donut Dog Bed

With more than 40,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this round bed is perfect for pets that like to curl up, and the raised edge gives them a sense of security, helping anxious dogs get a restful sleep. The soft filling also helps with muscle relief, the deep crevices allow for burrowing, and the vegan shag material mimics a mother’s fur coat all things your pup is sure to fall in love with. Pet parents also adore the “high quality” and “sophisticated” look, as well as the fact that it holds up in the wash.

Paws & Purrs Pet Bed

Got a pint-sized pooch? Give your little one a little boost with an elevated dog bed. “Sofa dog beds keep pets cozy and feeling protected,” says Nicole Ellis, a certified professional dog trainer. This option from Paws & Purrs is not only available in a bunch of great colors, but it also looks so similar to a mini couch that your pooch will feel like she’s one of the humans!

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