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Best Family organizer App for Smart phones

Modern parents are divided between family and office. It become sometimes impossible to memorize everything when having so much information around you and also have so much to do so especially if you are running a joint family. Help is fundamental in such kind of miserable situation if you successfully want to tackle all domestic and office chores. Luckily, nowadays one can easily get virtual help from a family organizer app. this software assists through the planning of purchasing family affairs as well as aid to divide domestic work and many more.

Some of us want to involve our children in household chores these family organizer apps will contribute as a helping hand.  One should leave begging, misunderstandings, and commands in the past. All you have to do is to write an assignment, give charge to your kids, assign duties and get notification when a project is completed. Some family apps even give surprises at the end of domestic tasks. Precisely, these family organizer apps are gifts from God for busy scheduled parents who actually want to tight the bond with their kids.

  • Cozi Family Organizer:

It is a great app with immeasurable and fantastic features. Cozi is available on Google Play and the Apple store and contemporizes with the mobile phones of all members of the family to empower them to edit, add and delete the to-do list and affairs. This app has several tabs and a shopping section to create plenty of shopping lists. To-Do tabs of Cozi manage all assigning tasks no matter relevant, general, or personal. Scheduled can be seen through the calendar section and can also set occasions for every family member as well as personal. This family organizer app also has the capability to set reminder notifications of important occurrences. Cozi also has a Recipes tab that assists the user to add favorite ingredients to their grocery list.

  • OurHome:

This family organizer app is available on android and iPhones. This interesting app turns the daily routine into amazing games. Every family member can make and edit the assigning task list even can assign deadlines. One can easily see which task is done by whom and what is left for the next day. One of the superb features of OurHome is to empower parents to involve their kids in domestic tasks. Children will get rewarded points and even can change the prizes points after they are done. Anything can be rewarded suppose gives extra an hour for mobile games, lunch at a favorite place, or maybe a family trip. By using this technique duty of dishwashing and tea making will suddenly turn into an interesting task.

  • Picniic:

Picniic can be easily downloadable on Android and Apple phones. It has a user-friendly interface with amazing features. The main menu is designed in tile shape like Window, so it is impossible to rearrange scattered items. Piniic has calendar, grocery lists, group events, family calendar, and other exciting unique features called news. It is quite informative specifically to share messages and media content.

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