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FileBot Alternatives

Renaming the list of files and folders that contain your favorite movies, important files, and Tv shows can be a daunting experience. But if you want to make the task easier, you can try these Filebot alternatives that are free to use. You can rename them by using these easier options available. They will rename your files using a standard way which will make finding your files away an easier task. 

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  • MediaElch – Free. 

Though it’s not that easy, you need to have another software known as ‘Kodi, but once you have got the working process. You will find this filebot alternative that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux very well. You can manage all your Media files, movie files, Tv shows, and music files in an amazing way. This will make the finding of files a hassle-free job. 

  • Advanced Renamer – Free

Another filebot alternative you can choose is Advanced Renamer that is absolutely free to use. If you want to organize all your data files, then you must give a try to advanced rename, which is a filebot free alternative. Moreover, if you want to add GPS data to your image files, then choosing this filebot alternative is a great option. Remember, it is compatible with Windows only. 

  • Ember Media Manager – Free. 

Another application that is compatible with Windows only is ember media manager. It will give you more amazing features if you try this filebot alternative with Kodi. It can be used to match random files, change the filenames, artwork, and other information about the files. It provides numerous benefits for free. Ember can handle Movies and TV shows in a very efficient manner. 

  • SubiT

The next filebot alternative we are going to discuss in this article is SubiT. It is a free app and offers great quality service. It is compatible with both Windows and Linux-based platforms. Another amazing feature it offers is its support with multiple other languages. If you want to download and upload subtitles of your Media files, then you must give a try to this filebot free alternative. 


  • Rename-It

The last filebot alternative in our list is Rename-It, but this is most amazing among all other alternatives. If you have a bulk of files to rename, you must try this application because it can rename all your files at once. Remember to use it with only Windows 95 and 98 because this is old software that is compatible with old operating systems. Using it with a newer operating system may result in bugs and issues. You can download this software from Github.


So this was the list of best flilebot alternative software. You can try out their amazing benefits and arrange your video files, media files in a fantastic way. Now you don’t have to waste your time organizing those bulky files, just try any of these filebot alternatives and see your task done in a few minutes. Even if you have an older operating system or a newer one, you can use them to organize your Media files, movie files, anime, and other files in no time. 

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