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Let’s face it; there are various reasons why flowers are prized over the world. Flowers not only add to the aesthetic of a space, whether inside or out, but they also provide a sense of serenity and tranquility. Every year, people from all over Karachi go to Seaview to participate in the Horticultural Society of Pakistan’s much-anticipated four-day long flower exhibition. Continue reading on the Pakistan event to learn more…

The Event Planners

The Horticultural Society of Pakistan was founded in 1948 to bring together like-minded individuals to discuss horticulture-related issues. The group then decided to take it further by disseminating the information to plant enthusiasts.

The Horticultural Society has contributed to the beautification of the nation in various ways throughout the years. They were in charge of the inaugural Pakistan flower, fruit, and vegetable exhibition, which took place in 1950, before moving on to larger things. In 1953, they made their first contribution to a greener city by assisting government agencies in transforming large parks such as Burns Garden, Frere Hall, and the Zoological Garden into botanical gardens. This was the first time new plant species were made available to the general population. In 1962, the group started holding gardening lessons for both men and women and launching various ‘Save and Plant Trees’ campaigns in schools and universities.

Now, the group not only helps nature enthusiasts by offering technical assistance, but they also host workshops, give imported plants, and arrange flower exhibitions, with the Karachi flower show being one of the year’s most anticipated events. Here’s additional information about the program.

The Pakistan Flower Display

The Pakistan Flower Display is an annual flower show Karachi and festival in Karachi every year. With an amalgamation of magnificent flowers, plants, and trees, the 64th Pakistan Annual Flower Show-2015 blew everyone’s mind. Not only that, but the event also included a variety of public food kiosks and nighttime fireworks. This spectacular event included various plants, flowers, garden decorations, and creative installations. Pots, sculptures, and various tables and chairs ranging from contemporary to traditional were among the garden decorations. In addition, there were multiple vendors selling garden furniture and outdoor lighting and separate tents for bonsai and cactus.

Bonsai, cactus, orchids, roses, tulips, money plants, chrysanthemum, bougainvillea, and many more plants and flowers were offered on the grounds. The bonsai, on the other hand, were our favorites. This is a Japanese art form that involves cultivating small trees in pots. The show included several various forms of bonsai, each with its shape, form, and color. Bonsai are visually fascinating because they are miniature versions of the massive trees surrounding us. But, on the other hand, these small trees maintain their original size and may easily be maintained inside.

The bougainvilleas were also a treat to behold, as the event featured the plant in various colors other than the traditional white and magenta pink seen in city gardens. Colors such as orange, peach, and light pink were offered for these decorative vines. And, of course, since they are simple to grow in Karachi, they were one of the most popular. The cactus, which came in various colors and shapes, was also interesting to look at. Many of the nurseries stand at the exhibition sold international plants from China, Indonesia, and Malaysia and indigenous flora.

The exhibition’s creative installations were all about giving flowers new life by uniquely adorning them. For example, some used flowers to make a miniature ship, while others used flowers to make an animal figure. Apart from beautiful flower displays, the festival included flower contests in categories such as kitchen gardens and educational institution gardens, in which different student teams represented their school or college.

The goal of these events, which involve both amateur and professional competitors, is to promote the concept of a clean and green environment. Overall, the flower show is a successful endeavor to encourage a love of plants and to show people what a greenery-filled city might look like. The flower show is a must-see event for residents of the city since it exposes them to exotic flora and gives a breath of fresh air from the regular urban daily routine. Have you missed this year’s flower show? Don’t worry; the event will be held again in 2016. Make sure you go and don’t forget to pick up some bonsai.

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