With the rising cost of fuel, users must investigate strategies to conserve as much money as possible. The fuel credit card is one such tool. Customers are given the best Fuel Credit card by their banks in order to offer them the most benefit while purchasing fuel. Having this card allows customers who frequently buy fuel for a variety of reasons to save money on their purchases. Aside from that, it allows Fuel Credit cardholders to utilize their cards for other lifestyle perks.

Many of the country’s most prestigious banks and lenders now offer fuel credit cards, allowing you to save money on all of your fuel purchases. These cards offer a variety of incentives in various areas, such as entertainment, dining, and shopping, in addition to offers and perks for your gasoline expenses. The best fuel credit card comparisons are listed below, from which you can choose and maximize your fuel savings.

IndianOil Citi Credit Card

With this IndianOil Citi Credit Card, customers may earn up to 71 liters of free fuel. It includes a terrific rewards programme that allows clients to save a significant amount of money on their fuel purchases.

When you utilize this card, you’ll get the following number of Turbo Points:

  • You will receive 4 Turbo Points for every Rs.150 spent on petrol at Indian Oil locations in India.
  • 2 Turbo Points are earned for every Rs.150 spent in supermarkets and on groceries.
  • For every Rs.150 spent on non-essentials such as dining, shopping, and so on, you will earn 1 Turbo Point.
  • You’ll get 4X Turbo Points for every Rs.150 spent at the selected partner store.
  • One rupee of fuel can be exchanged for one Turbo Point.
  • Annual fees are waived for cardholders that spend a minimum of Rs.30,000 per year.
  • IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit cardholders are the only ones who get valet service from Citibank.


  • When you fill up your car at BPCL gas stations, you’ll get 4.25 percent back in value, which is equal to 13X reward points. For every transaction up to INR 4,000, the 4.25 percent value return includes a 1-percentage-point fuel cost waiver.
  • Your account will be credited with 2,000 activation bonus reward points worth INR 500 after 20 days of paying the registration cost. You can use your points right away for BPCL fuel purchases, BPCL vouchers, or even Shop and Smile. A fuel debit card is also available from the State Bank of India, which can help you save money on fuel purchases.
  • The annual charge is INR 499 plus GST where applicable.

Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card

  • The membership fee is Rs.750.
  • Renewal fee is Rs.750.
  • All fuel purchases made at any petrol pump in India will earn you 5% cashback with the Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card.
  • One Turbo Point is equal to one rupee of fuel.
  • This card allows customers to pay their utility payments quickly and easily.
  • Cardholders who spend at least Rs.30,000 per year do not have to pay an annual fee.
  • You will receive a 2.5 percent fuel price waiver when you spend at Indian Oil stores.

ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card and HPCL Platinum Credit Card

  • This Card not only helps consumers save money by canceling annual fees, but it also decreases their fuel expenses.
  • The membership price is Rs.199.
  • You will gain 2.5X accelerated reward points for every Rs.100 spend.
  • For every penny spent on gas at any HPCL station, you’ll get 5 PAYBACK points.
  • All other purchases will earn you 2 PAYBACK points.
  • You will receive Rs.500 worth of fuel when you redeem 2,000 PAYBACK Points.
  • If you spend at least Rs.50,000 on this card in a calendar year, the bank will refund the yearly fee.
  • On fuel purchases made at HPCL petrol outlets, you can earn up to Rs.100 in cashback.

If you are eligible, you can apply for the best credit cards for fuel purchases by visiting the bank’s nearest branch. The bank will request specific documents, and if you are eligible and meet all of the eligibility conditions, you will be approved.

Getting a fuel credit card is a wonderful idea because it comes with a lot of perks and has such simple and minimal restrictions.

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