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Little Nightmares

Little Problems 2 was launched in very early 2021 and both horror and also platformer followers have actually been appreciating it ever since. Continuing the story of the very first video game, Six teams up with Mono, the playable personality in this installment, as the pair make their way with the Pale City to get to the Signal Tower. In their trip, they encounter many threats that are also scarier than the ones from the original title.

With the video game having actually now been out for a while, however, lots of gamers have actually currently beaten it as well as currently find themselves searching for something comparable to play. Though in numerous methods the video game is distinct, that’s not to say that there aren’t other games that are like Little Headaches 2 that fans of the title will undoubtedly appreciate.

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With more and more individuals gradually discovering the radiance of Little Problems 2, the need for comparable titles is also boosting. Luckily, there’s a big selection of superb puzzle platformers and also survival horror games that fit the expense as well as a lot of these are offered on several systems. Those searching for video games like Little Problems 2 need for that reason look no further, as these titles need to be greater than efficient in scraping that impulse while also supplying a healthy and balanced dosage of horror and thriller.


Developer: Red Candle Light Gamings
Platform: PS4, Nintendo Switch, COMPUTER & Mobile
Initial Release Day: January 13, 2017
Category: Survival Horror
Establish during the White Terror period of 1960s Taiwan, Detention is among the most frightening computer game ever before developed. Its distinct art style does an incredible job of developing a moody and distressing environment, while the fantastically made stuck around position an everpresent and distressing danger for gamers to try to browse.

Seldom do every one of the aspects of a video game meshed quite as neatly as the ones discovered right here, neither exist many other games capable of maintaining their suspense degrees anywhere near as successfully. There are times when playing the game can feel a little like emotional torment, although progressively learning about the history of the cursed school while edging ever before more detailed in the direction of the unavoidable catastrophe probably makes it all beneficial.

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Amongst The Sleep

System: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Change & COMPUTER
Initial Release Date: May 29, 2014
Genre: Survival Scary
Krillbite Studio’s wonderful survival horror title Among the Rest came about following an effective Kickstarter campaign in 2013, and it didn’t disappoint. The decision to place gamers into the shoes of a young child rather than a completely grown grown-up elevates the stakes a fair bit when it comes to a few of the game’s darker moments, while the game’s use of illumination, color, as well as audio is masterful at times.

Provided, the tale is a little brief and also there aren’t all that lots of truly frightening minutes, but a lot of the horror located in Amongst the Sleep is acquired not from jump-scares, however instead through ramification. There are a few nice twists and turns in the narrative as well, while the alternate finishing discovered in the boosted version of the game provides a painful conclusion that’s proper of such a superb video game.


Designer: Playdead
System: PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Change, PC & Mobile
Preliminary Release Date: July 21, 2010
Category: Challenge/ Platform
At the start of Little Headaches 2, gamers need to avoid the risks that Mono faces in a forest till he finally arrives at the cabin where he fulfills Six. Playdead’s Limbo is one more creepy platformer that occurs in a woodland, and it boasts a lot of comparable challenges to the ones located in Little Headaches 2 as well.

Players control a young boy that needs to solve challenges, with each one being more challenging than the last. All of it creates an exceptional adventure that will maintain the player glued firmly to the side of their seat right through to the end of the video game. The title additionally has a really simple yet one-of-a-kind art design, that several will likely like.

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Programmer: Playdead
Publisher: Playdead
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Over, PC & Mobile
Initial Release Date: June 29, 2016
Genre: Puzzle/ Platform
One more game made by Playdead is Inside, which is essentially Limbo’s spiritual follower. As a matter of fact, lots of gamers feel that it’s also much better than the studio’s initial game. The setting additionally shares greater than a few similarities with Pale City from Little Nightmares 2, and also the video game even starts, once again, in a dark and also complicated forest.

The unrevealed lead character of the game discovers that people are being controlled by researchers and uses among their gadgets to adjust the activities of others to solve the many puzzles located throughout the game. Like the Little Headaches video games, several points are up for analysis, creating fans to produce several concepts regarding what is really taking place.

Bendy And The Ink Machine

Developer: Kindly Beast
Publisher: Rooster Pearly Whites Games
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Over, PC & Mobile
First Release Day: February 10, 2017
Category: Survival Scary
Bendy and the Ink Maker takes place in Joey Drew Studios, where animation characters such as Alice, Boris, and the devil darling himself can be discovered. Henry, a male that operated at the workshop as well as created these characters returns to it years after leaving and also locates that his productions have not just come to life, but are likewise trying to murder him.

Players are placed in the footwear of Henry as well as must battle the computer animated characters as they discover Joey Drew Studios in this remarkable indie title. The overwhelming environment does a remarkable task of creating thriller right through to the very end, and it’s this ever-present stress that helped make the game such a big hit with both players and also banners alike upon its preliminary launch.

Hi Neighbor

Developer: Dynamic Pixels
Publisher: tinyBuild
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Change, PC & Mobile
Initial Launch Day: December 8, 2017
Genre: Survival Horror
After a young child witnesses his next-door neighbor acting suspiciously, he for some reason decides to slip into the house. However, what he discovers inside is so much greater than he could have ever before anticipated, as your house is extra like a labyrinth than a residence. There’s a ridiculous quantity for players to discover there and also plenty for them to be afraid of too.

Gamers will require to assist the kid getaway from the next-door neighbor, who functions as an instance of creative AI in video games. He will alter his actions relying on what the players do every time they shed, compeling them to reconsider their method. In order to triumph, gamers will in some cases require to assume beyond the box or threat finding themselves buried in the ground over and over once more.


Developer: Coldwood Interactive
Author: Digital Arts
Platform: PS4, Xbox One & PC
Initial Launch Day: February 9, 2016
Category: Puzzle/ Platformer
If Little Nightmares really did not have any horror components, it would certainly be a great deal like Unravel. Because of this, the last is a wonderful title for those who don’t want to be regularly gone crazy however are still trying to find a superb and also climatic experience. They’ll be controlling Yarny, an animal made out of thread, as they explore the memories of a senior woman.

Some of these memories are great, others are bad, yet just about every facet of this challenge platformer is gorgeous both in its design and its discussion. The lead character and also his friends are enchanting, the controls are easy, yet effective, as well as the soundtrack completely praises whatever that’s going on onscreen.

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Designer: Frictional Gamings
Platform: PS4, Xbox One & PC
First Release Day: September 22, 2015
Category: Survival Scary
SOMA is a mix between a scary title and a strolling simulator, but has a great deal of similarities to Little Headaches with its problems and themes. Players control a guy called Simon, who stirs up in a dystopian future after where the few remaining human beings live underwater. Much like BioShock’s Rapture, this undersea setup actually aids to produce ambience.

Simon ultimately fulfills a lady called Catherine, that has actually discovered a way to send out the consciousness of humankind to a better reality, and he accepts assist her. Throughout the trip, gamers will certainly encounter dangerous monsters and also tough puzzles, leading them to actually comprehend and value what it actually means to be human.


Programmer: Toby Fox
System: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC
Preliminary Release Day: September 15, 2015
Style: RPG
Undertale was just one of the most popular games of the years. Toby Fox, the designer of the video game, did virtually every little thing on his own, from contacting creating, as well as even composing the video game’s wonderful soundtrack. The gameplay is extremely distinct, transforming the formula of a typical RPG while still remaining every bit as pleasurable.

When it comes to the story, Undertale has to do with a human that falls listed below the Planet’s surface as well as winds up meeting monsters on their back house. Throughout their adventure, players find out about the partnership between these monsters and also the human beings via occasions that took place long before the game started.

We Pleased Few

Programmer: Compulsion Gamings
Author: Transmission Posting
Platform: PS4, Xbox One & PC
Preliminary Launch Day: August 10, 2018
Genre: Activity Experience
Happening after World War II in an alternative reality, We Satisfied Couple of is an action horror game that permits players to regulate three personalities; Arthur, Sally, and Ollie. In this cosmos, a medicine called Joy was produced to assist people ignore bad things and just see the globe in a positive method.

Throughout the video game, the characters learn about real history of the globe that they stay in as well as a few of the revelations are truly fairly stunning. For those that value narrative excellence above limited gameplay, this actually is among the best scary video games available.


Author: Studio MDHR
System: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Change & COMPUTER
First Launch Date: September 29, 107
Genre: Run & Gun
Cuphead is a run as well as gun game that’s heavily motivated by old animes. The animation is magnificent, the music is fantastic as well as the gameplay handles to test gamers without ever really feeling unjust. Much better still, it permits two-player co-op, implying that players can tackle the title with close friends or family members to assist make life simply a little simpler.

In order to save their lives after making a deal with the Adversary, the titular character and his bro, Mugman, fight a collection of bosses and take their souls. Most of these employers provide an excellent challenge for players. Though Cuphead isn’t terrifying and doesn’t consist of much platforming, it does have an extremely comparable appeal to Little Nightmares that followers of the latter are sure to like.

Hollow Knight

Programmer: Team Cherry
System: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Change & COMPUTER
First Launch Day: February 24, 2017
Genre: Metroidvania
Hollow Knight is a special Metroidvania with a spectacular 2D art style and several of the most effective platforming gameplay because the nineties. The game revolves around a knight that mosts likely to Hallownest, a kingdom full of different sorts of insects as well as gamers will certainly need to make use of every one of the knight’s fight abilities in order to maintain themselves active.

Hallownest is a lovely and dark location that numerous players delighted in exploring. Throughout the game, the knight and also the players discover the history of the globe too, which is both exceptionally interesting as well as unbelievably tragic. Due to the video game being praised so extremely, a forthcoming sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong is presently in development.

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