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Top 18 Best Harvest Moon Games – Games like Harvest Moon

Best Harvest Moon Games – Read about top games in most popular series and also 5 alternative games that are equally popular.

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Introduction to Harvest Moon Series
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Details about Best Harvest Moon Games
5 Alternative Games to Harvest Moon Series
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Introduction to Harvest Moon Series

Harvest Moon Series is mostly like the Stardew Valley game because of its gameplay and style. More than 10 different games are created by inspiration from this game series. Harvest Moon series was 1st released in 1996 and they are still releasing new games after a gap of year or 2. Each game is different from each other and players need to complete different challenges. Most of the tasks assigned to players are just about helping others by using different resources. Help them work on farms, make houses, and much more.

Some of the important character customization options are also available which player can see at the start of the game. It’s hard to write about every single game in our article but you can read about the best 10 games below which are chosen as per their popularity, quality of gameplay, and some other important factors. But overall this game is a success because they continue releasing many games with time. There are a lot of changes in games with time and you may see a huge difference between past games & new ones.

There is an old classic style of gaming with some simple options like Stardew Valley. Most of these games are created for other platforms like Nintendo, Playstation, and some of them you can play on pc too. There are different types of players which you can see playing these games. Some of them may talk about the best old games and style. But most players really love to play new games in series which they are releasing after major updates.

The main concept in this series is all about farming but with time now its no longer limited to any specific agenda. After reading some of the games below, you will understand how much each game is different from each other. Some of focusing on farming, others are about completing missions and more. Harvest Moon is one of the best inspirational series because a lot of more games are created because of its popularity and concept which is very famous already. Most games in series are built for Nintendo Switch but some games are also there which are released for Pc and Android too.

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Details about Best Harvest Moon Games

1- Animal Parade

Animal Parade is the story of a large island where one tree in middle is very important for everyone. Without that tree, no one can stay on the island and because it can destroy everything there. These days that tree is getting weaken every day and creatures living on the island are leaving for other places. There is only one man who is the king of the island that can restore this tree. Now you must find him and also ring 5 bells to make everything normal as before.

But there are a lot of responsibilities on this island which involve a lot of hard work for you to do all the time. There is a large plantation which you must run, grow crops, and sell them to earn money which you can use for different purposes. You need to grow all types of crops available with good combination to get maximum revenue for yourself. As a character of a game, you must marry and later you will have children. Complete simulation system is added for your life in-game, which includes children walking, crawling, and more. Your wife and kids can take care of some responsibilities son farm which is really good help to your cause.

2- Story of Seasons – Trio of Towns

As per the main story, you are from the city and it’s your dream to work as a farmer on your own farm. Now you get a chance to fulfill your dream because you get a huge open plot just ready to fill with crops, vegetables, livestock, decoration, and more. Your farm is located near 3 different towns which are completely different from each other, it gives you an open chance to sell different items or more opportunities for trading. Connect with different people in town, help them make their towns better by providing them with necessary food items required which can include everything you grow on your farm and animals too.

A trio of Towns is a very cool game that allows you to connect with other farmers for trading useful items. Players consider this game the most popular and best Game in Harvest Moon Series. Players can explore a lot of places and enjoy different types of professions altogether. Games include some festivals as per different town traditions which can become good fortune for your character in-game. Up to 4 players are allowed to play this game and consider this game # 2 on our list because of many reasons which you can read above.

3- Another Wonderful Life

Another Wonderful Life is an alternative version of another game in series. In our opinion, this version of the game is better than previous and more fun. Consider it a girl version of their game “A wonderful Life” because they replace buy with a girl and add some changes in the original game. Most of the features are similar to the previous game which you can read below with more details.

Most of the characters and features are similar to A wonderful life but some changes are really cool. Girl in-game can marry 3 different NPC characters and start a new family. The concept of this game is similar to other Harvest Moon games where you need to work on-farm and produce different types of food, sell it to earn money which you can use to decorate your home. They introduced some new animals in A Wonderful Life which you can also see in this game too. If you enjoy this game, you must check other games too which is the boy version of the game with the same features.

4- Back to Nature

The perfect game for those who love challenges because in this game you have limited time to make your farm perfect or you can’t win it. As per the story, you spend some time with your grandfather in summer vacations. He was busy with the farm, work, and unable to spend a good time with you. Now you get the only choice to explore surrounding areas and meet new people to enjoy your vacations. There you met a girl of your age, both become best friends and you can say in love with each other. After vacation is finished, you had to leave the town to go back to your home in the city but you promised the girl to return back to her.

After 10 years you are back because your grandfather is dead and now you are a grown man. Mayor and other neighbors decided to give you a chance to run this farm and become the owner of it or leave. They give you 3 years to complete this task which is very challenging when you get no experience with farming. You need to spend good time management skills to take care of the farm when learning about it. Back to Nature is a better game compared to other games in Harvest Moon because of its challenging situations for players making it more interesting for them?

5- Harvest Moon 3

A lot of features in this game are changes from previous games in series. Unlike other games where the player is allowed to purchase anything they want from towns, now one ferry is coming every 2 days of the week, which can take the player to another place to purchase. In most other games, characters can sell items, buy and do some other activities but this time it’s hard for them to purchase tools. Harvest Moon 3 also allows players to play as a girl who needs help to grow her town, or boy who is asked for help from the mayor to send on this island.

Map created for this game is really amazing with mountains, Greenland, a small village, and also a large farm where most of the story takes place. You can see some huge changes when playing as a boy or a girl. As a boy you get more stamina, can upgrade tools, and also game continues after marriage. As a girl, it’s different because game end after marriage, upgrading tool is not possible and stamina of girl is very less compared to the boy. The player can also choose a pet on the start of the game which is normally cat, dog, or others.

6- Save The Homeland

In this game Save The Homeland, the player needs to save a small village by turning it to a resort. More than 8 different possible ways are there which player can choose with a different ending. It all depends on which character in-game becomes friend with you & choices made to save your village. After completing the game, the player gets a chance to play again to make new choices for different endings. Some of the popular ways to save towns are digging for treasure & looking for some magical ingredients.

Most of the basic tasks are similar to other Games harvest Moon series. But marriage or family life is not included in this game. Without some important features, still, this game is better than many other games like Harvest Moon. Cows and Chickens are also involved for eggs or milk in-game which players can use for different purposes. Review for this game is very positive and better than some other games on this list.

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7- Tree of Tranquility

The most important tree on popular island in-game series is dead. Connection of the island with nature is disconnected and now everyone is confused about what to do next? You may read about this tree in some other games too because its main focus of the island & without it, nature is lost. Now it’s your responsibility to try your best to make this tree alive again, grow some crops, befriending with animals, and make friends or raise a family. Your success in all basic tasks is very important to bring nature back to the island.

Players skill is very important in this game because it can help them produce more in less time. Some pets are there on the island which players can adopt anytime using hearts. But pets on every farm are limited which forces players to choose wisely for their favorite one. Marriage is very easy in this game and 8 different NPCs are available to choose from but the player must raise heart level of those characters too. But marriage in this game is not necessary, its optional which players can ignore.

8- Sunshine Islands

Sometime before the events of this game, dangerous earth quick almost destroy Sunrise Islands and now it’s your responsibility to find Sunstones which can take these islands to former glory. The marriage system is similar to other games where the player can have kids too. All other features like growing crops, farming in different ays, livestock, and more are similar. Unlike Tree of Tranquility, players cant solve the island problem by just working hard on their farm. Finding stones is not easy in this game, without them there is no other way to complete this game and restore islands to former glory.

9- Hero of Leaf Valley 

The main purpose of this game is to save the village because it’s going to turn into park soon. There are 16 different ways to save a village, every path leads to a completely different ending which is all about player choices. You can find lot of similarities between Save the Homeland and Hero of Leaf Valley because saving the village using different methods is the base of both games. Earning more profit from farming and other methods is very important because its main key to save a village from turning into the park.

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10- Friends of Mineral Town 

If you like Back to Nature game in this series, you can find this game with an almost similar story. The Player travels with his parents and gets lost somewhere. After that, he was able to reach a town name Mineral, where one man from a large farm helps him by contacting his parents. He tries to leave with his parents but this man insists on him to stay some days. Similar to Back to Nature, he met with a girl when staying on the farm helping old men who get no other family, they become good friends.

But you left the farm after some time and go back to your parents but continue writing to the farm old man. But after some time you didn’t receive any letter from him, you decided to visit and investigate it. There you can see the farm completely messed up because the old man is dead and left this farm for him in his will as per Mayer of town. Now you have decided to make this farm better again and marry a girl you left.

11- Harvest Moon DS

In Harvest Moon DS, playing live with a friend on a huge valley. Unlike most games in series, players can now farm in other places which are now owned by him. The game begin with a cat or dog only with the farm, lot fo options to purchase are available for the player to choose from in this game. After earning good money, the player is now able to upgrade home like adding a new kitchen.

There are over 100 spirits to rescue in this game which player can easily do by just completing various tasks. Some of these harvest spirits can help players work on farms which can speed up the process to rescue more of them. Player can marry and become father in-game after some time. Some of the animal’s required sheds before players can purchase them.

12- Harvest Moon DS – Grand Bazaar

Unique and different games from most of Harvest moon series. You need to grow crops, livestock and all other activities and sell everything to a Market every week. Many competitor are there who can try to defeat you by selling cheap or better products. If you are able to sell more then those people, you can receive a reward the next day after attending the announcement.

If you step up on your crops, it can decrease their quality, be careful about it. Windmill in town can help players produce more items now which they can sell to Bazaar for better prices. Bugs system is introduced which you can use to seel bugs or give as a gift to others. Players can own multiple pets now which is limited in most of the games in this series of Harvest Moon.

13- The Tale of Two Towns

A most interesting story ever created for this game which you can never find in any other game in series. It’s about 2 towns who lived together for a very long time connected using one tunnel. Both of these towns were very friendly for years but one argument about who is better in cooking forces them to disconnect all relations. The Player was traveling between both towns when suddenly one fox came in front of his horse. After this accident both mayors find him, now he forgets about his past. No one knows players belong to which towns, both sides are fighting on this issue. It’s entirely on players to choose any site he wants to join.

The cooking festival is very important part of this game which happens much time in seasons. The player can join any town to participate or just cheer up his town. The player is allowed to visit any town anytime, no one can stop him even they hate each other. After fulfiling some requirements now the player can marry any girl of their choice. Most of the other features in-game are similar to every game in series.

14- Harvest Moon SNES

The very old game released in 1996 but one of best in series because unlike other games ins series, it mostly focused on farming only. A lot of other features that are part of current games are not included or less important in NES. These days the market to sell products, buy animals and other activities are very common. Marriage is a very important part if the game now with a lot of options to choose from every time. But NES is simple version of the game where you need to take care of your farm and focus on growing it all the time.

Daily tasks are very important and player success depends on how much the perfect schedule is made for a day. Clearing lands, Planting crops, selling harvest, life stocks, attending harvest, and other activities are available to choose but manage properly. A cow can become sick if not fed for a day, crops can stop growing without proper care, all focus is only about the farm in this game.

15- Harvest Moon 3D – A New Beginning

A New Beginning mainly focuses on a town that is completely abandoned by people. Now the player must focus on it to make it good enough for people to start living in it again. As per history records, it was a very popular town with too many people living in it some time ago, now only a few people left there. Most people already left because of many reasons one by one. As you can understand from the name of this game, you need to start A New Beginning.

Upon the arrival of town, you met with one of your family friends. Both of you work together to make a small farm near a town better again. This time your focus is not just farm and other tasks, making this town full of people is a priority for you. After some time, your friend comes up with a plan which includes a lot of tasks to complete for convincing people to come back. Follow his plan, construct a village, and complete every simple task given to you and fill this empty village again with people.

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16- Harvest Moon – Boy & Girl

Boy & Girl is not a different game from series, because almost all features are similar which you can see in other games. There is no change in this game or special features. If you choose to play as boy, you will get a farm from your grandfather there, as a girl you discover near the island with no memory. The purpose of both characters is the same which is to make your farm better by growing crops, livestock and all the same activities which you can already find in other games.

17- A Wonderful Life 

We already write some information about A Wonderful Life when talking about Another Wonderful life. Animals in this game are really cool because you can find an upgraded version of cows, some new like ducks & goats are included in-game. The cow will stop giving milk after some time and you need to impregnate her again. It means they try to build this game more based on reality and players need to work harder to understand and learn new features in this game.

Players must put water in planets once a day or it can badly affect them. Growing crops in the right season are very important because they can produce high-quality results. But if player grow them in the wrong season, definitely it will affect production badly. The collection of crops and trees is also huge, the player can even produce hybrid crops.

18- My Little Shop

Your parents left you with your grandparents because they must leave for traveling somewhere. But town, where you are living now, is already in trouble and mayor doesn’t know what to do to make everything correct. Your grandparents own a shop and also run farm which is very important for them. They want to sell this shop now because no one is there to take care of them. You are now taking care of this shop after some time you start working on the farm too because your grandparents can’t work anymore.

You understand about town myth about Harvest Sprites which can make people happy, they normally live outside town. But now you need to work hard to return them back, attracting more people is very important for you to make everyone happy in town. Running a shop is not easy work but that’s what you must do as fast as possible. Grow everything possible on the farm, sell items in the shop, work with other people in town to help others who need it.

5 Alternative Games to Harvest Moon Series

1- Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator is the most popular game for farming lovers. Large machines and the latest advanced tech are also available in-game. You are the owner of the farm and your main tasks are to make it successful. Graphics quality is really awesome and players may feel like running a farm in real life. But it can take some time for players to understand this game because of a lot of complicated options. Farming Simulator becomes the most selling and popular franchise already which shows how much players really love to play their games.

2- Animal Crossing – New Horizons

In the Animal Crossing game, players take control of the island where the main mission is to make it good enough for animals to live. It’s like a fantasy type of game where animals can build their own homes and when controlling main characters, its important for you to make sure all facilities are provided for animals to stay on the island. Building a unique community for animals is not easy because they all have different types of problems and requirements to live their life.

3- Garden Paws

Open world game which is very cool because you need to complete your home by running a shop. Collect everything possible from all areas and sell in your shop which allows you to build home and area around it. Some of the dungeons are there which allows players to fight with monsters to collect a lot of loot which can help grow their town. Upgrade your shop from a single table to large for selling more items. Remember, whatever you collect from the surrounding area, you can sell it to others.

4- Yonder – The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

In this game, the player can explore huge islands and collect some mystery items. A lot of activities are also part of this game like fishing, hunting which is popular. The main concept of this game is similar to Harvest moon and players really love to play this game and also consider it best alternative to Harvest Moon Games Series.

5-  Travellers Rest

Tavern building game provides players with a lot of options to explore around the map. Some concepts are similar like fishing, hunting, and farming. The player needs to upgrade with time and create some new recipes all the time. This game is not fully released and soon you can see all features unlocked in-game.

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Harvest Moon games are not limited to only one genre because you can see a lot of concepts added at the same time. A lot of exploration is involved where the player can control the main character and look around to collect everything possible. But you cant consider it open-world game entirely because construction options may force you to think its some kind of simulation game.

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