Best Mens Henley Shirt

Best Mens Henley Shirt

Modern men should have at least a few henleys in their wardrobe. Henley shirts are essentially collarless polo shirts. They make great casual wear because of their simple design and many other practical reasons.

What’s a henley shirt?

A henley shirt is essentially a collarless polo shirts. The henley shirt has the same button placket that a polo shirt, but it doesn’t have a collar. This shirt can be worn for serious purposes, and is not meant to be casual. This means that you can no longer squeeze your head through too small holes and stretch the head hole.

For pricier styles, henleys almost always contain a comfortable blend of cotton, wool, or polyester. These henleys can be worn as a stand-alone shirt or layered under sweaters or sweatshirts.

Many companies offer lightweight and heavyweight versions for their henley shirts. Many companies make henley shirt with a waffle knit to increase their versatility. This fabric is more breathable than traditional knit henley shirts.

How did the henley shirts name themselves?

Henley shirts, like most things, were named after the first place they were used. The place that bears the name is Henley-on-Thames. This is where the local rowers wore the shirts.

What style should I wear a henley shirts?

A henley shirt, in keeping with its athletic roots, is meant to be casually worn. The collar, or lack thereof in this instance, is one of the factors that determine how formal or casual a shirt is. This shirt has no collar and is made from basic materials such as cotton and polyester. It will work well with jeans and sneakers for men. The henley shirt can be worn with khakis or as an undershirt.

You also have more flexibility with your personal style thanks to the placket. For a clean, crisp look, you can button your henley shirts up or show your chest. This will allow for more airflow and a more casual look.

All this combined will show you why henley shirts are a timeless fashion staple. They are versatile, comfortable, and can be paired with many other wardrobe staples.

We’ve compiled a list of our top henley shirts. There are plenty of henley shirts in both short and long sleeves. Many brands also make both. Spring and summer are just around the corner. Start with the short-sleeved henley shirts at top, and then move down to the long-sleeved henley shirts at bottom.

Cuts Clothing Henley Curve Hem T-Shirt


Cuts Clothing is your one-stop shop for a minimalist, modern, and no-frills henley t-shirt. Cuts Clothing was founded in 2016 to focus on the cut of their clothes. This made it easy to shop for your favorite shirt, as well as their well-made shirts. You can shop for any type of hem you desire, including crew necks and henleys.

This henley’s short-sleeve cut is perfect for reducing bunching. This henley is a bit tighter than some other henley shirts. It’s also a lot more snug around the arms, chest and shoulders than our favorite henley shirts. It’s just right in terms of breathability so it doesn’t stick to your skin too much. Although the shirt is tight around the arms and upper body of the shirt, Cut Clothing’s PYCA Pro fabric which is super soft and breathable is perfect. Although it is a little disappointing that Cut Clothing doesn’t disclose the exact ingredients of its signature fabric, we don’t think it matters. The fabric delivers exactly what it promises, so it’s not a problem.

Overall, the cut and fabric are great. Your new spring-summer favorite shirt is here.

Short Sleeve Henley Shirts


The Fresh Clean Tees Short Sleeve Henley T-shirts are so fresh and clean. Each henley shirt is made by Fresh Clean Tees from a soft blend cotton and polyester. These shirts are fitted but not too tight for the ever-desirable slimming look. These shirts are only available in a few sizes.

Duluth TradeTek Wicking Short Sleeve Henley


Duluth Trading has the right shirt for you if you are looking for a professional work shirt. Duluth Trading Men’s TradeTek Wicking Short Sleeve Henley has everything you need in a work shirt. The cotton-polyester fabric is soft due to the little bit of cotton, while the Dri-Release Polyester wicks sweat like a champ. Side seams are replaced by side panels, which offer more mobility and less chafing. A drop tail prevents plumber butt from getting on your knees while you work. You’ll love sweating in your henley shirt and will enjoy wearing it while working.

Untuckit Ultrasoft Short-Sleeve Henley Shirt


The Ultrasoft Short-Sleeve Henley shirt from Untuckit is a great choice for a super-soft henley.

For durability and softness, the fabric is made from 50-50 cotton-polyester. The fit is perfect. It is slim enough to flatter your body but not too clingy, so you can let your body breathe.

It’s a bit more expensive than a single shirt but the Untuckit short-sleeve Henley is absolutely worth it.

Theorystrato Arlee Short Sleeve Henley Henley Shirt


Although T-shirts don’t feel too heavy, a lighter shirt such as the Theory Strato Arlee Short Sleeve Henley Shirt on hot days will feel better. For comfort, the shirt is made of 100% cotton and has a slim fit that allows air to circulate more easily. The shirt is also very stylish, which never hurts.

Vince Stripe Linen Henley


Linen clothing is the best for handling heat. It is lightweight, loosely knit and breathable. We love the Vince Stripe Lining Henley. Horizontal yarn-dyed pinstripes provide a refreshing change from solid staples. The linen will keep you cool even when you sweat a lot.

Olivers Apparel convoy Merino Short Sleeve Henley


The best henley shirt is not guaranteed by fancy branding or eccentric design. The Olivers Apparel Convoy Merino short-sleeve henley is made from premium materials.

This henley shirt is made from 100% Merino wool and is more durable than standard cotton-polyester. It is important to wash it correctly or you could end up with a baby-sized, expensive henley.

Lululemon Fundamental Short Sleeve Henley


Lululemon isn’t something you should dismiss until you have tried it. It may be the uniform of the basic person, but it’s not the only reason that people continue to wear Lululemon after the fashion trend faded. Lululemon also makes great, athletic-inspired clothing.

The Lululemon The fundamental short-sleeve henley isn’t lacking in this regard. The shirt is soft and solid thanks to 40% Pima Cotton. However, a little Lycra elastane gives it some stretch. It also dries quickly, keeping in line with Lululemon’s athletic roots. Lululemon’s No Stink Zinc tech was applied to the shirt, which helped keep stanky bacteria away. This is another win for the man who went from casual Friday at work to the court for a pick up game.

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