Best Mens Sleep Shorts

Best Mens Sleep Shorts

The world of the lounge has been a hot topic over the last few months. This includes all of us at the Strategist. We have searched for everything, from the best sweatpants to the most comfortable (yet still stylish!) elastic-waisted shorts, to the most elegant and beautiful dresses to wear around your house. Here’s the latest installment of this series: The best lounge shorts for men according to guys who have exceptional style. This includes classic Baggies and a matching tie-dye top. Strategist columnist Chris Black said that the shorts effectively let the quads breathe.

Patagonia Men’s 5 inch Baggies

We love Patagonia Baggies at The Strategist. As the Cut recently noted, we have written many times about them. So we were not surprised to hear that Baggies make the perfect pair of lounge pants. Nick Sugihara, the founder of clothing brand ijji, said that while he has never been a big fan of shorts, he does love them when it gets hot. Sugihara says that the shorts are perfect in length and lightweight. They also have pockets big enough to store my wallet if I need to go out for a while. The Strategist columnist Chris Black also loves the shorts — “They come with wild colors and prints but I prefer mine black” — as does senior editor Anthony Rotunno who claims he doesn’t own any lounge-specific wear except for his three pairs Baggies. Rotunno says that the shorts are what he wears on weekends for the time between falling asleep and getting dressed. With warmer weather, it’s now just a matter of putting on a new shirt and calling it a night.

Patagonia Barely Baggies Short

Mapate Diop is the founder of DIOP’s clothing line. He says that most people are familiar with the iconic Patagonia Baggie with its five-inch inseam. “But I believe everyone (women and men, neither of them, either) should go for the Barely Baggie with its 2.5-inch inseam.” Diop offers some practical reasons why 2.5 inches seems a bit short. He says that they are great for biking and walking, plus they repel water. “I have been living in mine for a while, especially as it gets warm and I spend more time outdoors (masked and safely separated) in them.” Nikko Lencek Inagaki, head designer at Freemans Sporting Club is also a fan. He says, “You can’t go wrong with a pair of shorts and what’s more classic than Patagonia Baggies.”

Vuori Banks Short, Azure Linen Texture

Louis Cheslaw, the Strategist, wrote recently that “Humbly” reminded us all that Patagonia’s ubiquitous Baggies were not the only ones short. Fair point. Cheslaw suggests these Banks Shorts by Vuori to anyone who is feeling Baggie fatigue. He says that they are a brand that “fitness guys rave about”, and that he found them far more appealing than the Patagonia pair after wearing them for a few weeks. He says that these shorts are extremely stretchy in their crotch which makes working out as well as relaxing on the couch a pleasure. They are versatile too. “In just a few hours they went from a dip at Rockaway Beach in New York City to a (masked and socially distant) appointment at a Manhattan jewelry store to a workout that included an incredible amount of lunges from which I still walk weirdly from,” Czeslaw says.

Nike Flex Stride 5″ Short Running Shorts

Black’s favorite pair of shorts for summer is the Nike Flex Stride Running Shorts. He wrote that a 5-inch inseam was his preferred length, as he had said in his column. He says, “You have to let your quads breathe.” These shorts are well-ventilated and lined. They even have pockets.

Dandy Demar The Tropez French Terry Shorts

Lencek Inagaki shared his thoughts on a pair of terry cloth shorts you can wear to go swimming in the pool or ocean. He says, “It wouldn’t be summer without terry cloth.” “These are my favorite pool/beach briefs — they keep you dry and are very comfortable.” Lencek Inagaki loves the shorts in ivory. They also come in this summery “soft Sky blue” shade.

PhlemunsClouds Sweat Shorts

Designer Cameron Tea has a great pick: Phlemuns’ pair of cloud-printed fleece shorts. Tea said that the cloud print was “dope” and also added that they were made in Los Angeles. They’re extremely comfortable and breathable.

Mollusk Summer Shorts

Mollusk’s Summer Shorts are a minimalist option, and they have been recommended by O.N.S. founder Brian Chung. “These Summer Shorts from Mollusk are made from 100% cotton and are a do it, no-thrill-lightweight-lounger-swimmer-climber-shorts,” he says. These shorts are preshrunk cotton so they won’t need to be dried and have a 6.25-inch inseam.

handvaerk Flex Shorts

Chung also loves these shorts by Handvaerk. He says Handvaerk does a great job of choosing luxurious fabrics that match classic menswear designs. He says that the shorts are minimally crafted with elegant seams. The trunk area has been reinforced for extra mobility.

Oublier Collective Vector Short

This pair of French Terry shorts have a longer inseam. We heard about them from Alden Jackson, founder of Cool and Casual Studios when he was asked about the best black T-shirts. Oublier was started by Jackson’s friend and offers vintage-inspired pieces to save you from searching for that perfect vintage tee.

LBF Maestro Shorts (Turbo)

Diop says that he loves supporting Black-owned and independent brands such as LBF. The line makes these shorts in a variety of colors, including volt (a lime-green) and Baggio blue. They also have side and back zipper pockets. “I believe that while working out you can never have enough pockets,” Diop says. If you like a looser fit, he recommends going up a size.

Gurkha Shorts

These J. Peterman Gurkha Short are recommended by Lencek Inagaki if you like something with more structure. He says that these shorts are a perfect combination of casual and dressy, and that dark khaki is a great color for summer. The dark khaki is so popular that it is almost gone. However, a similar style is also available from the brand in olive and tan shades. We think they are very handsome.

CBAAF Oatmeal set

A lounge-short set is also appealing — it’s the summer sweatsuit. This set by CBAAF is a great option if you are looking for separates. We were referred to it by Kwame Morris, a model, and producer. He says that the CBAAF set “is the perfect lounge-at-home cozy, breathable and flowy-feeling set. And everybody needs some tie-dye in their lives.” You can also order the top and shorts separately.

Jambys jamTee


The J. The J. It’s made from French terry mod fabric that is extremely soft, stretchy, and breathable. This means you won’t get caught in the middle of your night trying to sleep soundly. Your new favorite relaxed T-shirt is here.

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