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40 Best Nintendo Switch RPGs Games of all time (2021)

Best Nintendo Switch RPGs Games of all time – Complete list of best RPGs on Switch which is very popular and rated high by thousands of players in the last 2 years. Nintendo Switch games are becoming very popular with time and more people are playing using this platform compared to the past.

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Introduction to Nintendo Switch & RPGs Games
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Details about Switch RPGs Games
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Introduction to Nintendo Switch & RPGs Games

Nintendo Switch is a popular console system that allows players to play some most popular games. It’s specially created for games only and you can purchase it for just 300 dollars from their official site. There are too many games created for Nintendo and you may never find those games on other platforms like Pc or PlayStation.

In our article, we provide you with a complete list of the most popular Nintendo switch RPG Games ever created. These games are most played & given a high rating by players of this console. All of New RPG Games & also Open World Switch Games are easily accessible from their Store for cheap rates or free of cost some time.

Unlike other consoles, players really love Single Player Role-Playing Nintendo Switch Games compare to online multiplayer games. It’s not a good idea to compare this platform with PlayStation or Pc but still, it can replace any of them after creating more new games with super speed which people love to play. You may read everything about Best JRPG on Switch or Best Switch RPGs in this post or people talking about it, but this console is not limited to only this type of game.

Few other popular types for Nintendo is Strategy, Action, and Simulation games. Watch the below video which explains everything about this console when unboxing by popular Youtuber.

Details about Switch RPGs Games

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1- Pokémon Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield is the best game in the Pokemon series and you can consider its most popular RPG game for Nintendo Switch Games. They created this game in a narrow region with completely advanced settings ever for series. Similar to previous titles, the player must try to become most stronger trainer in-game. The game begins when a player receives 3 pokemon and start traveling from city to city to fulfill dreams by completing different targets. Players also participate in Gym challenges and defeat everyone in it. Later he learns about the most powerful Pokemon with his friend who saved this region from very bad disasters sometime before. Defeating the champion of the region is not easy, but the player is able to do that with very hard work later in-game.

2- The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild

Most amazing open world, action & adventure game Breath of the Wild is created for Switch console. Players are tasked to explore the large kingdom by controlling a character in-game. There are different solutions for every single problem which makes this game more realistic compare to many games of the same type. The game characters must find food, weapons, and other resources in order to survive in this game. The Legend of Zelda is a very popular game series where many previous games are loved by millions of players. You can see a huge difference between previous games and Breath of the Wild. You can consider it one of the best RPG games in the history of Nintendo Switch RPGs games.

3- The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim

Open world, best RPG game where players complete different quests and main targets if to defeat a dragon who is known as world eater. Players can improve their character and build them throughout game. It allows players to ignore the main story and spend a good time completing questions that they can find when exploring a huge world. In-game world, you may need to explore all types of places from cities to Caves & mountains to forests. NPC’s are a very important part of the game and killing some of them make create a lot of trouble to obtain some important items in-game.

4- Xenoblade Chronicles 2

In this game, the main concept is to explore like other games in this list of RPG games for Switch Games. Players control one character from the party of 3 to complete quests and a lot of bounty hunters are involved. Some other creatures are also living among humans, especially a dangerous type of being which special humans can summon. You can see a lot of battles involve in this game when the party is trying to complete missions. There are monsters of different levels everywhere in-game and also lot of treasure which players can get to use in their benefits.

5- Diablo III

Very popular game series where you need to complete the different levels by fighting a different kind of monsters. Every level is different from other and it becomes very difficult to complete with time. Players must upgrade their level throughout the game and also look for more powerful weapons because every next level brings more trouble and hard to kill monsters. The random level generator is really awesome because if you finished the game already, you can use this generator to create a new game that you never played before. No one wants to repeat the game again with the same settings.

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6- Golf Story

Best sports game ever created on the basis of RPG instead of focusing on sports rules. Its open-world game with different areas to explore, each with unique quests and also mini-games to complete. In this Best Switch RPGs, players can complete some side missions to unlock the main game which is important to complete for unlocking more areas. Golf Story is specially cerated for Open World Switch Games because you cant play it on other platforms. NPCs are also important in this game because they provide valuable information to players which they can use to find some important data.

7- Undertale

Best RPG game ever created which takes place in a new world specially created for this game. Humans and monsters live together for a very long time, but they fight with each other at some point. Now all of these monsters are sent down to underground and there is a magical barrier between both worlds now. The game begins with one human kid fell down to the point of the barrier where both sides can enter each other world. Now, this human kid needs to survive a monster world where he learns about killing monsters, and when a powerful monster tries to kill him, a goat face monster saves him. This monster also teaches him to survive against the king of the underground, most dangerous monster of all-region.

8- Dark Souls Remastered

Dark Soul is considered one of the best RPG games in the history of games. Its remastered version is also considered as the best New RPG Game with some awesome changes in the original game. In this game, there is a huge open-world to explore by players. During this process, the player must fight against too many different kinds of monitors which are very dangerous sometimes. You can also see some checkpoints at the end of every level where players can stay for some time and improve health automatically. In the remastered version, you can see tons of improvements especially in graphics of the game, making it more advanced.

9- Tales of Vesperia

Another cool game that takes place in the world of Terca Lumireis where everyone is using one energy source for almost everything. Player created guilt to help a woman, he finds on a mission. Now they are exploring a large world and fight with almost everyone who is trying to use this energy source for their own bad purposes. The player must fight with his old friend later. A complete set of stats is also available which tells about player health and involves some other factors too. You may never find this kind of amazing battle system created in any other game.

10- Battle Chasers – Nightwar

A huge fighting game where players explore huge worlds killing other monsters and later reach to dungeons. There are a set of different dungeons to explore, each completely different, it also allows them to choose the difficulty level. It begins when a plane shot down & a set of different characters are stuck on large island. Survival on this new location is not easy & players must play as any of the characters to explore, learn, and complete levels to finish this game.

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11- Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest is an amazing series with many perfectly created games for RPG lovers. There are some kids who are on missions to take revenge against 2 powerful builders. The main goal is to eliminate every builder in this game. The player can control male or female characters in games, which are captured by someone, after escaping they start their journey to take revenge. Rating for this game by many platforms is very high with positive reviews. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the best cross-platform game ever created where players can share their data on different platforms & also enter in other players’ worlds without power to change them.

12- Collection of Mana

The collection of Mana is built on the base of the 1st 3 Mana games for Nintendo Switch. It also supports 3 players co-ops for games in the collection. You can see all features from these 3 games are collected in one place and allow players to enjoy all of them together. The game is very long and you can play it for over 70 hours in the whole collection. Each game in series is different but connected with each other on some points. Their main stories are different, extras are also playable for Mana game series lovers.

13- Fortnite


The online multiplayer games released for almost every platform. There are some modes in-game in which players can choose to play this game with others. In co-operation modes, the whole world is destroyed, players take control of some commanders, fight against zombie-like creatures. The main purpose is to work together, save survivors, collect resources, and also fight against creatures who are trying to wipe out all remaining humans. In Battle Royale mode, over 100 players fight with others alone or by forming teams. Their missions are to survive against each other until all other players or teams are dead. In 3rd mode, players are allowed to create their own games to invite players to fight with each other and many other options available.

14- Monster Hunter Generations

The player takes control of the hunter who is on a quest to kill the dangerous monster. Many different types of weapons are available in this game which is powerful enough to kill any monster. Monsters become more powerful & hard to kill when game progress. Upgrading weapons is very important to compete in upcoming levels, use the village shop to buy or collect different materials from land to craft more weapons. Some special moves in-game are very important to get an advantage when fighting, players must wait for these moves to charge after one-time use.

15- Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon Dogma is one of the best RPG for Nintendo Switch which is more popular than most games of the same type. The game begins when playing their favourite character type which could buy anything like warrior, fighter and others. There are party members in each game, others are controlled by the human player by giving some fix commands. The game lacks direct multiplayer mode but there are some other ways given to compete with other using platforms like Xbox etc.

16- Punch Club

Different kind of RPG which focus on sports and also investigation. In this game, players control a new boxer who is training, learning to become the best boxer in upcoming tournaments, and also investigating who kill hi father. The Time cycle is very important because it affects the whole game. Three primary attributes are part of the boxer character which starts with 1 but it could be increased after performing some activities. Players must reach a certain level to defeat other boxers in tournaments.

17- South Park – The Stick of Truth

South Park game involves too many different kinds of species in the fantasy world to control a powerful object known as The Stick of Truth. The game follows a new kid who moves to a town & involves in the war between humans, monsters, and elves. Later on, this game becomes more complex when some other species are also involved in control like Zombies & aliens. Now the whole town is in trouble and this war may destroy everything.

18- The Outer Worlds

Alien battle game in which player can customize their character and also build a ship at the start of the game. This ship acts as a source of inventory for player weapons and allows them to travel fast between different places. Players can hire some NPC characters who have their own story or mission in-game. These characters can help plyer in combat fighting different enemies. Unlike most other RPG games, a lot of dialogue involves in-game which player must listen to find out the main story. Some powerful weapons are also available in-game which can kill enemies fast, most of the enemies in-game are robots like aliens creatures.

19- Link’s Awakening

The most latest and really perfect game in The Legend of Zelda series. Most features are similar to previous games where players must explore different dungeons, fighting monsters & doing some side quests. Graphics quality for this game is improved compared to other games in series. It’s actually a remake of the very old game with a lot of changes making it perfect game ever created for series. Rating for the game is very high on almost every platform. Most players really love it & consider it best compares to other games ins series.

20- South Park – The Fractured but Whole

The second game in our list from the South Park game series. Its better version compares to the previous game The Stick of Truth with complete new updates. Three different combat difficulties are there to choose for player. In each of this level, the level of enemies is changed, players can begin with less difficulty if new to this game or most hard options if become expert. Some mini-games other than the main story are also available to play in this game.

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21- I am Setsuna

The game begins with a weird kind of story and leads to the beginning of an adventure that never stops. Its story of a land where snow is everywhere because of demons effects who ask for sacrifice to people. This time a girl is chosen for it, and they select someone to do it. After meeting with the girl, this man helps her escape and they are on a journey to unknown lands. On the way, they find the father of a girl, who also join them. They find someone whose village is attacked by monsters, party help them defend against creatures, he also joins them. On their journey, they are attacked by a mystery creature many times. “I am Setsuna” is the best RPG game of all time with a lot of adventure involving fights with different kinds of monsters on a journey to Lost Lands.

22- Ring Fit Adventure


The player takes control of the main character in-game who met with another powerful character, both are trying to take down a dangerous bodybuilding dragon. There are a lot of dungeons and monsters everywhere that players must explore and fight to reach Dragon. Whenever players fight, game changes to turn base combat where more than 30 different moves are available to use. Defeating monsters can increase the level of every player to make them more powerful with experience. Concept of the game is similar to other RPG games, monsters become more powerful with time, the player needs to upgrade all weapons to defeat them.

23- Child of Light

Child of Light is a mystery story that happens in unknown worlds. One child who is dead by illness must find sun, moon & stars to free them from evil night monsters. There are many enemies in-game who will stop player from completing missions if player reach to enemy back they can get the advantage of it, but if the enemy can reach to player back, its call ambush which can damage players’ health levels badly. There are some allies in-game who can help the Child to fulfill its journey to free powers of light.

24- Ashen

Ashen is a multiplayer game in a sunless world with some basic options like competing with other players or co-operation to fight against monsters. Game is basically an open-world RPG game considered as the best RPGs in Nintendo Switch games. Player equipment is more important compare to stats because if players can get more powerful weapons or shields, they can fight better against each other or monsters. Unlike other games, there is less focus on upgrading your character in-game.

25- The Alliance Alive

This game is part of Single Player Role-Playing Nintendo Switch Games and also an open-world game where a group of different characters is on a quest to free this world from powerful being like monsters. More than 9 different characters are available to choose from and play in-game. Party also unit different human guilds everywhere on land by using some destination locations. These important locations are already available on the map, the player can also build on selected areas in the world. There is a turn-based system created for this game where players fight in different formations against any enemy.

26- West of Loathing

West of Loathing is a really fun game in the RPG world of Switch games. It involves a lot of funny characters and text which can make you laugh. But you cant see real-life characters and everything looks like written on paper type in this game. As a character in this game, you need to make a lot of choices that are everywhere available. Watch the above video which can help you understand everything about it which is hard to explain and you will know how awesome this game is for everyone.

27- Animal Crossing – New Horizons

Most latest created games in series for Nintendo Switch, life simulation, and popular RPG game. Player need to buy a place on the island and try to make it good living place for different kind of animals. This process includes lot of hard work like crafting, building, creating a good environment, and convince these animals to come to life in this new place. This game was sold over 5 million times in 1st month and you can imagine how much it’s best and popular among Nintendo Switch RPGs games. A lot of customization options are available for player to create really awesome characters in-game.

28- Paper Mario – The Origami King

The Origami King is the latest game in series with a lot of mix of different genres. You can enjoy action, adventure, role play, and some other types in one place. Mario and his friends are on a journey to stop mushroom kingdom to transform into Origami. All other settings are similar to previous games in series but you can find a lot of new features that make it better than other RPG games. The game receives positive reviews for graphics and many other features which are better than many games of the same type.

29- Untitled Goose Game

The really crazy game which is like a battle between humans and Goose. The village is divided into many different areas. In every area, Goose needs to complete some tasks which are very important to unlock the next area. After clearing 4 areas, Goose entries into the next modern level of the village to steal bell and all humans are there to stop it. Some side tasks are also there to complete in a certain time for Goose. But the main focus of the game is to complete different tasks, unlock new areas and clear wide range of quests on all over then village map.

30- EarthBound

Very old game in the history of RPG games and very lengthy too. But you cant imagine how perfect this game is built compared to many games in the last 20 years. Player control a character who is trying to investigate a meteorite crash. They find out that there is a powerful alien force there who is converting humans, animals, and other species into new kinds of creatures which are threats to everyone. Small parties of these heroes travel to different locations in order to fight against these aliens and find many different villages full of this new type of creatures everywhere.

31- Luigi’s Mansion 3

Unique and different type of game which is different from most Nintendo Switch RPGs Best games. Here you need to explore 17 floors of a large hotel, each with a different atmosphere with different ghosts. There is one boss Ghost which player must defeat to complete every mission and reach to next level. Players cant use the elevator to reach to next level but they need to look for other ways. Multiplayer mode allows players to participate in competitors or work together to complete certain objectives in-game.

32- Hollow Knight

The main character in this game Hollow Knight arrived in a town where the unknown infection is spreading. Too many different types of creatures and also humans are slowly getting infected because of this disease. Players mostly learn about the history of the town and other places in-game to find more about infection. Players can later realize that they unlock the most powerful infection instead of containing it. After talking to a lot of different game characters, the player finally able to understand the origin of this infection and how to fix it.

33- Minecraft

Best game ever created for Nintendo Switch games, different from most RPG games on our list. Minecraft is mainly focused on blocks which are very important parts of the game. There are some modes in game-like creativity that allow the player to build whatever they ant using an unlimited type of different resources. Another important mode in this game is survival in which players must craft, build different items in-game to defend against many enemies in-game. This game is very popular on many platforms with over 120 million active players online.

34- Splatoon 2

Shooting RPG game in which players control the main character to fight against evil who is trying to complete some dangerous missions in their city. Game is an available single-player and also multiplayer with a lot of features. Splatoon 2 is different from other games in terms of strategy type because it involves a lot of secret agents type features instead of turn-based fighting. In Splatoon 2, some unique features are introduced which make this game more improved and better than the previous game.

35- Cadence of Hyrule

 The cadence of Hyrule is a game created from the inspiration of The Legend of Zelda series. You can find a lot of similarities in both games. But there are some features that make it perfect and unique compare to the Zelda series. The game owns 2 awards and gets the highest rating to compare to many games for Nintendo Switch. You can say The cadence of Hyrule is the best RPGs for Nintendo Switch.

36- Doom

Its less RPG and more shooting FPS game for different platforms. You can see too many different kinds of aliens in this game who are trying to kill you. A huge collection for weapon system is there for you to use against these monsters. Doom cant be considered as Best Nintendo Switch RPGs because more features are focusing on shooting, killing, and also FPS type which is different from most RPG games.

37- Dead Cells

Amazing RPG game which is about a prisoner who wakeup in far way island. Now when a prisoner is able to escape after a long time, he gets a chance to look at the whole island. Later its discovered that island was once mighty kingdom and because of some kind of virus, all people covered into zombie type creatures. Everyone tried to fina cure and unable to cure people. Now prisoners must fight with these creatures to escape from this island. Player must reach the castle and kill the hand of the king to get his weapon which is very important to defeat the king.

38- Into The Breach

Another game that is less RPG and most focused on Turn base strategy. In Into The Breach, the player must fight against powerful monsters by controlling different soldiers in battles. The main goal of every map is to protect civilian structure which are powering up different type mechs. But it’s not limited to defense only, some other missions are also there to complete in-game. Mechs are very important in this game because the player must control them to defeat these large monsters in-game. If a player is unable to defend a structure, theses monsters can destroy important position which can stop these mechs to work in battles.

39- The Messenger

The game begins with the demon king attacking the village of ninjas. A mysterious force appears and helps a surviving ninja and gives him a message to deliver to the top of the mountain. during his journey, he met with too many different kinds of characters who help him with information and also the most important shopkeeper to upgrade everything. After that ninja is reacher to the destination, they send him 500 years in the future to kill demon king. Player can find themself in a new world which is different from previous and a lot of new missions involves.

40- Brigandine – The Legend of Runersia

Game is about a large kingdom where 6 different nations are fighting with each other. There are hundreds of different units fighting for different nations. The Legend of Runersia is turn base game where all fighting happens in turns against enemies. There are 2 modes in this game, one is the main story and the other is some important missions to complete. Different nations can become an ally with each other against others.

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There are too many games created for Nintendo Switch already but its not possible for us to add all of them here. We try our best to choose only those games which are equally popular on all platforms, but some games are launched only for Switch platfom. Many games are included from top switch games 2019 lists. But it’s true that Nintendo Switch becomes more popular this year and more people are searching for top switch games 2020 these days.

If you never try this awesome platform, we suggest you test it one time. Some games created only for Nintendo are really amazing which you can’t find on any other platform like Pc, Playstation, Android, or iPhone. If we miss any game which you think should be here, write a comment below & we will add it immediately if it’s good enough.

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