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Best Pc Games By Year – One Game Is Chosen from each Year

Very difficult decisions are made to choose only 1 game per year which is best compared to all other games released. We choose these games on the base of ratings by users & how much these games are perfectly made. Always visit “Best Pc Games of all Time” to reach all available resources because we connect many articles with it for you.

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Below is a list of some selected games which are released in the last 20 years. We have chosen games as per users’ reviews about them & also how much perfectly these games are created. Someone can disagree with me because its possible 1 game is best for strategy only released in that year, another for Simulation, we cant choose one game out of different genres. The main source of our information about games is Wikipedia.

It’s almost impossible to choose 1 game when there are too many games that are considered as best released in the same year. We have chosen 1 game with more rating, how much people love it as per the genre of game. As you can see sometimes we selected a strategy game, because it was most popular that year compared to all other games. We try our best to add one game per series, you may see a single game added per series, few games without any series are also added.

2001 – Stronghold

Series of strategy game which is still popular but in 2001 they release their 1st game. You may see a huge difference between that game and the latest updated games. You need to follow a story, capture huge lands bt defeating enemies, most its about constructions.

2002 – Need for Speed – Hot Pursuit 2

Most popular racing game series of all time. Hot Pursuit 2 is chosen as the best game for the 2002 year. NFS series is still best today after the release of many games but their game in 2002 was real creation with perfectly made.

2003 – Max Payne 2 – The Fall of Max Payne

Action, shooting game released in 2003 which become very popular in less time. Max Payne is full of action, killing, missions, and more in one game. People really give a positive rating for this game on the base of how much perfect it is.

2004 – Rome – Total War

Total War series is all-time favorite game series & their Rome game was 1st who become more popular compare to other games in their series. It involved turn base strategy and very cool features making it the best game in the world.

2005 – Silent Hunter III

Best simulation game and we add it here as the best game of 2005. The main focus of this game is navel submarine & one full campaign with some fix missions are added for players. A huge collection of games are released in 2005 and it’s difficult for us to choose only one game.

2006 – Heroes of Might and Magic V

Turn-based strategy game which is a huge installment in this series. Heroes are very important in this game which is controlled by players. A lot of kingdoms and other parts are added in-game, We consider it as the best game in the world released in 2006.

2007 – Command & Conquer 3 – Tiberium Wars

Command & Conquer 3 was the best strategy game series created in the history of RTS games but they are no longer creating any more awesome games. We consider it as the best game created in 2007 compared to all games released that year. C&C 3 is one of the Best Pc Games By Year for 2007.

2008 – Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Soulstorm

RTS game which is added here as the best game in 2008. Warhammer series is very popular and still, thousands of players love it. Similar to previous years, too many different types of games were released in 2008 but we must choose one best compare to all.

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2009 – Men of War

Best Real-Time Tactics game series and their 1st game released in 2009 was considered as the best game of the year. Some games are only best for the fixed genre but few games like Men of War are the most popular, perfect games can win against all of them easily.

2010 – Enslaved – Odyssey to the West


Action-Adventure game with the most highly rated game ever for 2010. This game won against all other games because of its gameplay, multi-genre & cool graphic features. Most of the players rated high for this game which is really cool. This game is better than some of the popular games from series like Civilization, Starcraft, and more.

2011 – Portal 2

One of the best Puzzle games ever created for Pc games. The rating for this game is very high everywhere & you may see a lot of players really love this game. Portal 2 is linked to the Half-Life game series and no other game gets a better rating to compare to it when we review many popular games for 2011. Portal 2 is one of the Best Pc Games By Year for 2011.

2012 – Far Cry 3

Everyone knows about the Far Cry series because of its perfect gameplay & one of the best action, adventure & FPS games of all time. Many other games are released in this series but we added far Cry 3 as one of the best games compare to all released games in 2012.

2013 – Splinter Cell – Blacklist

Splinter Cell is series with multi-genre of Action, adventure & stealth. Their game released in 2013 is included in our list because we consider it best compare to all other games. Few games released on that year are also awesome but Blacklist wins after review of many popular games especially from series like Battlefield & GTA.

2014 – South Park – The Stick of Truth

The Stick of Truth looks like a kid game with a simple interface & a popular RPG game with the highest rating compares to other games. Many other games are also created for series in the last 2 years but The Stick of Truth is best among all of them.

2015 – Cities – Skylines

People love city building games, especially which provide them good experience and also difficult to complete. Skylines win against too many different games because of people’s love for this game, we add it here as the best game of 2015.

2016 – Stardew Valley

Best simulation RPG game ever created and released in 2016. You cant imagine the popularity of this game which is more popular after 4 years compared to the time of release. The rating for this game is on the highest level and you may not know what will happen to Stardew Valley 2. This game deserves to be the best game of the year when it’s released. Stardew Valley is one of the Best Pc Games By Year for 2016.

2017 – What Remains of Edith Finch

An adventure game based on a curse that kills a member of their family in every generation. It’s more of like a mystery game too added as the best game of the year. This time decision was more difficult because every year more & more perfect games are released for every genre now.

2018 – Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is a racing game and the rating of this game makes it the best game of the year in 2018. No other game was able to get this much popularity. Few games are popular in different genres but you may know that this racing game defeated everyone.

2019 – Untitled Goose Game

Funny, puzzle, and stealth game ever created in the history of puzzle games. Millions of players love it & this game we added here as the best game of 2019. Competition is very high if we look at powerful popular games released that year. Untitled Goose is one of the Best Pc Games By Year for 2019.

2020 – Call of Duty – Warzone

This year continues and you can see many other games released soon. But it’s important to know we include games which are released already not which is coming soon. Call of Duty – Warzone is an online battle Royale which is considered as the best game created in the history of Call of Duty games & MMO. We consider it as the best game ever created this game & released but there are more games coming too.

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The above lists are very short but you must know every article is connected with each other. Soon you will more detailed list of games created on our site. Our mission is to add only games per year only, otherwise there are over 3-5 games that we can consider best every year. Please comment below if you do not agree with our decision and also suggest to us changes in the list to make it better. You can also tell us if you really love any game in the series and agree with our decisions about choosing one game.

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