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20 Best Pc Games of all Time – Games Chosen from all Categories

Games from all popular categories are added in this article “Best Pc Games of all Time” and each Genre category is connected to 20 different articles which are representing games from different years. Consider this article as a base for lists of best games for 21 years. Game from each year is connected with 10 alternative games to which spread this Best Games list to the next level.

Table of Content

PuzzleAction / Fighting
HorrorLife Simulation
City BuildingSurvival
Turn Base StrategyRTS Games
Open WorldBest Game by the Year 2001-2020
Best Past Games Released between 1991 to 2000Best Upcoming Pc Games 2020-2021


This article is very important for game lovers because of its connection to different articles on our site. The main purpose behind the creation of it is all about Search for Best Pc Games released in each category and every year after 2000. Below you can see 1 best game selected for each category all time. It means we look for hundreds of games released in the last 20 years in 1 category and add it down. If you look for more details about games, visit another article connected to each category which will explain games in the same category each year.

But all articles are circle around this main base Post because you will all of them linking back here. Below is only a short explanation of each game Genre or Category and when you visit their original page, all information is provided there. Consider it summary of different Pc genres only and below you can also game best games by year. You can only read about the too much-detailed story when reaching the final article on our list because on all other articles including this one, you can only see some basic introduction.

1- Best MMO Games Online of all Time

A popular type of gaming in which different servers or system is created for players to play online. Massive Multiplayer Online means there are too many players there who can compete with each other. They can add a lot of options like competing of over 20, 50, or 100 people at the same time. Its wide range category and you can add a different kind of games in it. You can see action games, strategy, and a lot of other types of MMO games.

We choose a game for you which is 18 years old and a huge RPG type MMO game. We have different sections for Role Play Games but we will add all MMO games in one place.

Ragnarok Online

We choose this game as the best MMO Pc Game Online for the last 20 years. There is a lot of competition and hard for use to choose awesome games. Old games like Runescape, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and many more are there in competition. But none of them get this much high-level rating to compare to Ragnarok Online.

The below link connects you with MMO games created every year from 2001-2020 & even which games are coming in 2021 for you. A lot more information is added for you about MMO games compare to this short introduction. You may see some top 10 or Top 5 lists after visiting the below article and reaching to the last destination. It all depends on how many games are released every year for the same type.

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2- Simulation Pc Games of all Time

Simulation games are always very popular and people are voting high for them all the time. Its a type of game where real-life events are added in-game and allow the player to act on them accordingly. For example, a game created about Goat simulation means players are able to play as Goat and do all real-life activities. There are too many different types of SImulation games too like Life simulation which is a separate category you can find below.

After a review of too many different games created in the last 20 years, we have chosen a game that is most highly rated on every platform. The second version is coming soon in 2021 which we consider may become the best simulation game of all time.

Kerbal Space Program

Huge space flight simulation game which becomes very popular in less time. Players are able to build different kinds of shops as per requirement given to them in a fixed budget. Some other modes like career are also there. Overall you may never see any other perfect Simulation game ever created like Kerbal Space Program released in 2011. In science mode, the player can unlock different features slowly with time.

Above is game that we consider is best for simulation games. But you may know about different games like Planet Coaster and others which are best if you want to play Animal simulation games. Fans are different for each type of game but what we choose is best compare to all games. Below is link which will take you to one simulation game created every year & that can connect you with over 20 different articles each with all the best simulation games from the last 20 years of history.

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3- Adventure Pc Games of all Time

Exploration and finding or discovering something new are features that make an adventure game the best genre for gaming. Most of the time these adventure games are focus on traveling to unknown lands where they may discover something amazing. Unlike other games genres, you may see open-world scenarios in these games which are not limited to any fixed location. Its possible you may see a hero is going on adventure top unknown world sometimes.

One game we choose is specially created for adventure games and nominated for over 20 different awards and won 5 of them. Released in 2017 & become the most popular Adventure game of all time in the history of gaming. The single-player game focuses on an awesome story and receives a huge positive rating on every platform.

Night in the Woods

Exploration game where players control a young woman who completed her education and retired to home town and finds too many changes. She finds out about some secrets in her town after the disappearance of a friend. Most of the time she is just exploring different places, interacting with town people which are built with their own stories, try to find secrets. As you can read from the story, it’s a very interesting game ever created for adventure type, unlike other games which are mostly muli genre, Night in the Woods is based on an adventure only.

The below article can take you to a huge collection of adventure games ever created in the history of gaming. Some games you may find which are adventure games but also some features are different to make them multi-genre too. But we try our best to add only those games which are mostly focused on an adventure instead of other genres.

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4- Puzzle Pc Games of all Time

Puzzle games are sometimes difficult for most people because most of the time lot of thinking & problem-solving skills are required. In simple words, you can say puzzle games are not for everyone. Some games which are created for Puzzle type are easy to play and there are many different types of puzzles you can find in many games. Few puzzles games connect the player with knowledge of any type, no one can complete this type of game if they don’t know anything about it.

After a review of too many Puzzle games of the type, we have chosen a word puzzle game. It was released in 2006 and you can easily complete it if you have good knowledge and skills to complete puzzles. All you have to do is just complete some text words to defeat enemies or they will kill you on spot. No one can move forward in-game without completely every single puzzle.

Bookworm Adventures

In Bookworm Adventures, players must complete different words to defeat enemies. Words which is longer & less common can put more damage to enemy compare to common words & short one. Both player & enemy have a health bar which can decrease if unable to complete better words against the enemy. Unlike other puzzle games, this is a simple game with only one focus on defeating enemies, but you may see some games which are very complicated with a lot of puzzles to solve the same time.

If you want to read about all popular & high rated Puzzle games ever created in the history of games, visit the below link which will take you to the list of the best Puzzle games created every year. But that’s not it because the below article is linked to over 20 more articles which means you can see a huge collection of Puzzle games chosen as best on the base of the year created.

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5- Action Pc Games of all Time (Fighting)

Action games are always best because players don’t need to worry much about planning. Most of the time they just need to complete various tasks or kill enemies in fast gameplay. Some action games are difficult and you may need some planning or strategy to complete them. Most of these games are multi-genre because Action always involves something like shooting, FPS, and more. You will see guns and dangerous weapons involve most action games which are also common in FPS type too. GTA is an action game but its also an open world, adventure, crime type too.

We include all fighting games in this list too like Mortal Combat type. The game which we choose for the list is also Mortal Kombat X which is an action & fighting game. It’s difficult to find any other amazing game which is more popular then Mortal Combat in this genre. It was released in 2015 and millions of players really love it.

Mortal Kombat X

The concept of this game series Mortal Kombat is different from other action games. You need to fight with your opponent in a 1v1 fight which involves some powers, skills, and more to defeat them. Action games are mostly about shooting & killing but fighting is different from direct killing. You need to use some skills, powers & tactics to compete with others for victory.

Below is a link of all popular games in Action, Shooting Genre ever released in the last 20 years and also upcoming games too. We choose one action game every year when you visit this page but it’s further connected to over 20 posts representing each year. If you are looking for some lists of the best action games ever created in the history of games, visit the below link. You can find 20 games which are best in the history of gaming & only action or fighting related.

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6- Racing Pc Games of all Time

The racing game type is also popular like Strategy or other. There are too many people who love racing games and there is a huge fan club for games like NFS. The main purpose of these games is to provide users with experience to drive cars in real-time scenarios and complete different missions and more. Some series like NFS are famous because of their games created for all platforms, Realistic graphics, story & challenges. Unlike other genres of games, you may not see too many games created in the last 20 years. Racing games are sometimes facing the same problem as the Sports game because not everyone loves this type of games.

The game that we choose for this list as the best racing game of all time is Forza Horizon 4. It was released in 2018 and become more popular compare to every game released in the past. The main focus of this game is to add realistic features in-game, players must feel like enjoying driving in real life. The rating for this game is higher compare to popular game series like Need for Speed.

Forza Horizon 4

More than 670 cars added, its open-world game divided into many regions. Players are able to create their own races with custom options. Over 70 players can compete in online mode, which is always good compare to race against AI. But they also provide features to run games offline & compete against AI. Downloadable content is also available for this game which includes some maps & other features.

We may not be able to see much of the racing game created but it’s important to know that the below article can take you to a huge collection of racing games that we consider as best. You will get access to only the best games created in the last 20 years separated by year. Racing games are not just involved with cars, but you may see many games focused on trucks and other vehicles.

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7- Sports Pc Games of all Time

Sports games are always facing problems of fans because there is no game which is popular in all over the world. In some, countries people love Football, other cricket, baseball, and random games everywhere. If a game is created about Cricket, you can’t get too many people’s attention who live in the USA. It’s a common problem with almost every game released. There are not many games created for this type, but still, there is a fan club for every type of game.

The game which we have chosen is baseball, there are too many fans who love this game. It was released in May 2020, receives too many positive reviews. We accept that not everyone loves baseball because there are huge fans of cricket or football compare to this type of game. But unfortunately, this baseball game receives better reviews compared to other games like Football.

Super Mega Baseball 3

Super Mega Baseball 3 includes both online and offline modes. But most popular is online mode because players are able to challenge anyone and compete in matches. This game is best for baseball lovers, they can enjoy playing with each other. Playing with AI is allowed which is difficult for most players to compete because of a high intellectual level. The leaderboard in-game is very important and allows players to reach the top if possible competing against others.

The below link will take you to another article in which you can find every best game ever created for sports-type in the last 20 years. Sometime you may see a Cricket game on top, football or other type of games too. The main method to choose these games is simple if lovers of cricket game love to play a cricket game, give positive reviews, we can put it on top. But if fans don’t like a game created for football lovers and give negative reviews, we cant add-in in our top lists.

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8- FPS Pc Games of all Time

First Person Shooting games are the best in the whole world. Players need to kill enemies to complete missions in this type of game, as you can understand from their names. This genre only applies to games like Call of Duty, massive war games & commando related games, not any strategy type. Most of this type of game is like Action games which means there is no much strategy involves, completion of various objects in different missions is included.

We choose one of the best FPS games of all time which is Counter-Strike. It’s similar to the Call of Duty series & players must complete various tasks, kill enemies in the direct shooting. Unlike other games of the same time which are also MMO, this game is different in many ways to complete various missions. It was released in 2004, better than the previous game in the series which was Counter-Strike released in 2000. The weapon system is updated & much more are added in this game.

Counter-Strike – Source

Counter-Strike is all about the completion of various objects, eliminate all enemies, rescue hostages & some other activities on the basis of levels. The game is very fast & players must shoot when moving which means they cant fire accurately. They build Counter-Strike – Malvinas, which is a modification of the Source game with huge changes. This new mod was released in 2013 but the main targets are the same, they include some new rounds too. Global Offensive is another game released later after 5 years.

Below is a link that can take you to a huge collection of shooting games released in the last 20 years. Millions of players love this type of game, some of the games are also multi-genre because of their features like MMO. Article about FPS games is bigger than all other genres because too many FPS games are released in the last 20 years. Some of the game is really loved by too many players, you can see thousands of players active online competing against each other using different platforms, campaigns offline are also very popular.

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9- RPG Pc Games of all Time

Role Play games are very popular and most of these games are built on different heroes. Most of the time players control a hero in-game and complete life story from start to end. Everything in RPG games is a circle around one hero. Unlike other genres of games, you can see a complete modification of characters in some games. But in some games, players begin the game with a character and start traveling to complete a fixed journey in unknown lands. Most of the RPG games are based on fiction settings which means they build a unknow world full of random characters that are not possible in the real world.

Below is a game that we consider as the best RPG game of all time. Another game that competes with it is Elder Scroll but we find a better rating for this game. It was released in 2015 & become very popular in less time. But you can see old school graphics & style which is different from most advanced RPG games. Some players may not like this type of game because of the graphics & another style is not much looking awesome. Few advanced RPG games look better than Undertale but we can choose the only game that players love most & rate high.


A long time ago, the human world is separated into 2 parts, they sent all monsters down in the underground. Now there is a magic barrier that separates both worlds from each other. Player control a character who is fell down in the hole and reach to the monster world. The main focus of the game is about kid moving back to the human world, meet different kinds of monsters throughout the journey back. Few moments are dangerous but there are some helpful too which are important for human character in-game.

As you may already know, the below link will take you to the best games selected for you which are released in the last 20 years. All of these lists are connected with each other. After visiting below link, you will see 1 RPG game selected for you released every year, but when you click on the link with it, you will see every best RPG game released that year. We believe you may never see this kind of base article which you are reading who connects you with 20 years of gaming in a few seconds.

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10- Educational Pc Games of all Time

As you can easily understand from the title above, games are built to teach kids. Most of the time focus of these games is learning mathematics, or subjects when having fun. Most of these games were created before b20 years, these days you can find games of the same type online on different sites. Unlike other genres, you cant find a huge collection of educational games. Few games are created for kids of specific age but everyone can learn from them. Old age people may feel boring when playing these games because it’s easy to complete missions in this type of education game, which is difficult for kids.

We choose a game for you which is very popular, released over 20 years ago. In this game, there are different levels & rounds created where the player must choose some options to complete them. No one can reach to next levels without completing different words or education-related puzzles. Simple puzzles are generated for kids which can help them learn a lot.

Reading Blaster 2000

They build a game show in Reading Blaster & different missions to complete. A lot of puzzles from low easy level to the difficulty are added throughout the game. Players can also compete against other humans or some computer characters in-game. Remember, the main purpose of this type of game is learning & an increase in knowledge. You cant see any kind of violence or different type of difficult campaign involve in this type of game.

Educational games are not for everyone, only kids may love this type of game. Below is a link that will take you to a huge collection of educational games ever created in the last 20 years. But you may see some games are even older than 20 years. But as you know our focus is only games which are released after 2000 not before, unfortunately, we have to skip a huge collection of games from our list.

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11- War Pc Games of all Time

War games are mostly Action, Shooting games but they add historical scenarios, include a huge army fighting to make it different from others. Many games mostly focus on World War 1 & 2 but some games are about the cold war between Russia & the USA. Normally you have to choose one side in this game, which is based on history. Too many games are created for this genre & its one of the popular types of games loved by millions of players.

We have chosen a game for you which is based on a massive war. It was released in 2008 & reviews for this game are so much positive that many later created games are unable to compete with it. Company of Heros is another game series that is very close to Brother in Arms because of the high positive rating. Players are able to play it on both FPS & third-person perspectives.

Brothers in Arms – Hell’s Highway

Hell’s Highway is the best War game & similar to other games of the same type, you will see too much violence & killing on both sides. Sometimes careful planning is required to complete different missions in this game. The player can control one character in the game, all other members in the squad are controlled under a player using special intelligence. There are some other games available in Brothers in Arms but this game is the best War game of all time.

Below is an article that can take you to almost every game created ever in the history of games. First of all, you will see one War game chosen for you every year, later you can click on other links to reach over 20 different articles. Almost every best game ever created in the history of Pc games is added to our lists. The main purpose of the creation of these lists is to ignore all failed games in the history of gaming and provide players with options to choose high quality, top-ranked games only.

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12- Horror Pc Games of all Time

Horror games involve some elements which can make people feel scared sometimes. You can see many Zombie type games created for Horror games. Survival games are part of the Horror genre too mostly, but sometimes few horror games are separated from Survival games. Few games are too much scary & most players can’t play them, other features added in some of the horror game is a mystery. Weird alien, unknown terror locations, interacting with an atmosphere which no one can see in most genres, this is all part of Horror type games.

The game which is chosen as the Best Horror game of all time, it’s also multi-genre including some other aspects like Survival and adventure. It was released in 2010 and receive a very positive rating by too many players. Unlike some other games where horror is based on Zombie or Alien type, this game is completely different and you need to explore weird locations.

Amnesia – The Dark Descent

Different kinds and monsters and other elements are involved in this game which players must avoid completing the game when exploring. Complicated puzzles are also involved in this game to unlock doors. A lot of different difficulty levels are created for players to choose at the start of game. As per the main story, as a character, your memory is erased & shadow is hunting you.

Below is a link that can connect you with almost every popular best game released in the last 20 years. Every single game is reviewed by us, the best games are added in our lists per year. You may see some games are multi genres like survival with horror too. There is no way to find fixed games for horror types because most games are connected with a different types of games.

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13- Life Simulation Pc Games of all Time

Simulation games are popular already because you can control the life of different characters in game-like what happened in your world. But life simulation is different because here you can control directly any character and live your life inside a game. In simulation games, you can control multiple characters and all aspects of life. But life simulation is different because you must control 1 human or another character throughout life. Its subgenre of simulation which means, you will see all same features which are part of simulation games.

The game we have chosen looks old but it’s a highly rated game as best life simulation game in the history of Pc or MS Windows. We are unable to add games from The Sims series because of nudity and a lot of inappropriate actions done in-game. The main purpose of our site is to provide users with the best games released in the last 20 years, past and future not including dirty types of games. Kynseed was released in 2018 and become very popular already.


Game is huge and you have to live in a world where everyone can die including your pets. You may never see this much detail game ever created with this level of the life cycle. Run a business, go for adventures, and interact with everyone around you. This game is considered the best life simulation game in the history of gaming. A complete life is created for every character in-game, you must live with them like human neighbors.

Below is a link that will take you to a history of 20 years of gaming. Every best life simulation game ever created. It’s possible, you may see some games from below links are added in Simulation type too, but that’s not a big difference as the main features are the same. But Life simulation becomes more popular than any other genre, and we have no choice to add it here in a separate section. Similar to the above links, you will get 1 game released every year for Life SImulation and choice to click and reach to another page which will provide you with a full list of games that year.

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14- City Building Pc Games of all Time (Construction & Management)

As you can understand from the title of this game, you need to construct a city from nothing. Most of this type of game is based on only building not fighting, defending, or attacking. It means your main focus is to build a city, which is best for the people living in it, take care of disasters, without worries about attacks from enemies. Some of you may think, why we will love to play a game where we don’t have any enemy? The answer to this question is simple, you have a lot of other challenges to face in this type of game like building a community where everyone is happy which is not easy.

The game we chose for you as the best City Building or Construction & management is Tropico 5. It was released in 2014 and considered the best game in the whole series. In this game, you are able to advance throughout the game from the old era to advanced level times. A lot of buildings and way of life is changes, the player must try their best to learn & control the game whenever advancing to completely different time.

Tropico 5

The Multiplayer version of this game is amazing and it allows players to exchange resources of different types or declare war on each other. They build the main campaign in which different missions are added, players need to complete various tasks when advancing in different eras. Some already created maps are available for players to choose or build a fresh island from scratch as per their desires.

If you want to read about all the best city building games ever created in the history of 20 years of gaming, click on the below link. You may already read about the procedure, it will take you to an article where you can find 1 best game each year created for this genre. To read about all games in the form of lists of top 10 or top 5, you need to visit further to articles connected with it. Unfortunately, there are not too many games created for this genre, but you will see a list of amazing games that are popular, high rated, considered as best in history.

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15- Survival Pc Games of all Time

There are different types of survival games and some of them are connected with Horror type. In this type of game, you may have less time, a lot of enemies to survive in a specific area. Most of the enemies in this type of game are Zombies & some fantasy creatures. But sometime you may have to fight with nature. If they provide you with simple tools & send you to live in a place to survive on your own like a forest, that best example of survival games without special enemies.

Unlike surviving against a horde of enemies or zombies, we have chosen a more peaceful game which is survival in nature. The Forest was released in 2014 become one of the best games in the history of survival type games. After some time, you may see some other enemies appearing but mostly its about nature. There are some creatures available around players that are not hostile all the time, but it’s better for players to avoid them.

The Forest

There is a huge difference between other zombie type games and The Forest. There are no dangerous enemies running after you, but if you think this game is easy to compare to other games, you are wrong. The player can die with hunger or fighting with nature, some creatures are also there which are no dangerous to players most of the time. There is a book with a player which can actually help him when building anything or looking for food.

Most of the survival games are also created on the basis of horror, but if you visit the below link, you can see the creation of different lists that are focus on survival only. We collect lists of survival games in 20 years of history of gaming for you. But you may read about these games sometimes in other articles too which is connected to horror games, but mostly unique games are chosen for you.

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16- Turn Base Strategy Pc Games of all Time

Strategy games are always difficult for some players because you need to learn more compare to other games. Turn-based strategy games are different from RTS because players must wait for their turn. This turn can include everything like attacking, moving your objects, building, and more. Few games can include different types together like the whole game is RTS but when you fight with the enemy, it becomes turn base only.

Total is the most popular series with over 10 different games already created. We suggest you read about all Total War games and also Mods created for Total War Games on our site. There are 2 parts of this type of games, on one side you have a map to control most of the games, when it comes to war you will enter in different warzone created in-game. These games are mostly turn-based games with a lot of features available but battles are mostly realtime.

Napoleon – Total War

Napoleon – Total War was released in 2010. These games are very complicated because it involves turn base and also the realtime same time. Players really love strategy games and turn-based games are very popular too. Below is information about Real-Time Strategy games. A lot of single-player campaigns are created for this game.

Below is a list of a complete collection of Turn Base games released in the last 20 years. Some of the games are connected with each other but we will try to focus on adding turn base games in this list only which is not easy. You may notice that most of the games in our lists which are turn-based mostly focused on war.

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17- RTS Pc Games of all Time (Real-Time Strategy)

Real-Time Strategy games are very popular compare to all other strategy games. In these games, you can see fast action because both sides are equally able to build, move the army, and attack. Unlike turn bases games, you don’t need to wait for your turn or limited moves. As you can read above, sometimes it can become difficult for players to understand these games, a lot of options make them sometime difficult. But if you are able to learn everything, trust us, you will play these games for hours every day. RTS games are mostly addicted games and the fun never ends.

There are 2 all-time favorite series which we can choose for you as an example. Command & Conquer and Age of Empires series are the best games in 20 years history of RTS gaming. Age of Empire 3 is better, compare to C&C games because they already stopped the production of their games. Age of Empires 3 is based on historical events, old type medieval battles, connected with deep historical factions.

Age of Empires III

In the Age of Empires series, you will take control of civilization which can include buildings, units & tactics related to it. It’s hard to find any other RTS games better than the Age of Empire series. Most of the games in AOE are very long because it can take too much time to reach to latest age, defend against the enemy, and defeat your opponents. No other game is this complicated with food, economy, war, and amazing systems.

RTS games are very popular in the history of Pc games, some games are advanced like Red Alert 2, others are old age like Empire Earth. War games are also included in RTS sometime because you need to fight against enemies after the construction of different units. We review every game released in the last 20 years, choose the best games, and add them in our list of top 10, top 5 in different articles.

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18- Tycoon Pc Games of all Time

Tycoon games are similar to construction type but there are some huge differences. For example, if you talk about zoo tycoon, it means you will have to build everything from start to end & reach a successful business of Zoo. Different tycoon games are created in the last 20 years. It’s about running a successful business that is different from the construction of cities in City Building games.

The game which we have chosen is really perfectly made where you need to run Jurassic park business. Construction & management are part of Tycoon games, growing animals, and more. In Jurassic world evolution, players can build a huge building to control different fantasy animals and get more attention from people to visit.

Jurassic World Evolution

Dinosaurs are no longer exist in our world but too many different movies & games are already created for them. Most information is created from research by popular scientists. In Jurassic World Evolution, players are able to build huge places & contain some dino animals in them. Some options are also available which players can use to upgrade animals. The success of the game depends on how many people visit your place.

The below link can connect you with over 20 different articles about tycoon games. Some lists may be short depends on how many games are released in one year. We always skip games that are not good, low rated by players, and also include too much nudity or insulting religion. Tycoon games are difficult like Strategy games, you need to learn a lot to be successful in this of games. A lot of buildings, animals, and more are available at the start of the game which can confuse players, especially new ones.

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19- Arcade Pc Games of all Time

Arcade games are different from most genres on our list. These games are mostly very simple, with some tasks which everyone can complete easily. These games are mostly created for kids, but only a few games are hard to complete which are good enough for old people. All arcade games are fun & you can mostly see a single screen where it all happens. Most of this type of game is created in the past but you can no longer see much arcade game trends anymore.

The game which is chosen for you as the best arcade game of all time is Chicken Invaders. The very simple process of killing everything which comes your way using a simple shooting ship. There are some rounds or levels in these games, which becomes difficult to complete with time. Chicken and Eggs are mostly involved flying on top of the screen which player must kill to pass the level.

Chicken Invaders 5

The game is built on different levels, At the start of the game you can see some chickens & eggs flying on the air but later it gets more difficult. There are some bosses which come at the end of every year which means players must defeat them to enter the next level. Whenever play kills some chicks, they receive different gifts which can increase their power. Its 5th game in the series is more better and advanced compare to all other previous games.

The below article can link you to almost all games developed in the history of gaming. These days most games are advanced compare to Arcade games, people don’t like this kind of game anymore. But If you are looking for easy fun games, the below article can help you to reach almost every single game created for you. As the above system, you will see this article can take you to over 20 articles which is common procedure.

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20- Open World Pc Games of all Time

There are different types of open-world games that we can see available for Pc. Some games, there is no main story & players can do after they want as per game scenario. But in most games, players must follow the main story but the rest of the game is free for them to go anywhere. Too many RPG games are also Open World too. In simple words, every game which provides features of open-world is considered part of this category.

The Elder Scrolls series is most popular compare to all other open-world games. The main focus of this game is RPG, war, adventure, or horror but open-world features make it the best game in the history of games. Skyrim was released in 2011 and it’s not just better than all other games in the series but we add it here as the best game in the history of open-world games too.

The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim

Please read more information about this game in full details on Skyrim – Best Game in The Elder Scrolls Series. We explain almost everything about Skyrim there with 25 similar games.

Most users may feel like we are adding all games in the Open World list which are already part of other categories. But almost every game which is the open world is either RPG, action, or any other type. Below is a link that will take you to a list of almost every game created in the history of pc gaming.

Visit to Read about More Similar Games in Genre

Best Games by the Year

Unlike the above categories, below is a list of games that are considered best every year. These games are not based on genre or anything but a game that is highly rated each year is added. A lot of changes you can see below, if a strategy game is nominated as best in one year, you can see Action or horror game selected for another year.

Below are the games which we choose on the base on some important criteria. But it’s possible some players may not like these games, we request users to vote for their favorite games and we may think about updating our list.

The below article will show you a list of amazing games which we select as the best game by year. More details are available on that page, visit and take a look.

Best Pc Games By Year – One Game Is Chosen from each Year

Best Past Games Released between 1991 to 2000

We are focusing only on the last 20 years of gaming because not many players who love old games. Below is a link which will connect you with over 50 best games which we choose for you released years between 1991 & 2000. Some of these games are strategy, other action & we are not building any list on base of the genre this time.

Most players only look for upcoming games or the latest releases. But thousands of players still love old age games & love to play them sometime. These games are mostly lack of some features like HD graphics or complex system. Unlike games which are released these days, you can see more focus of these game is storyline & other features, not graphics or other aspects.

Best 50 Games Released between 1991-2000 – Ranked from 1-50

Best Upcoming Pc Games 2020-2021

As you can see our article is connecting you with almost everything, from past to future games & best games from the last 20 years of the history of Pc games. Below is a link to an article that will connect you with 50 upcoming games that are planned to released and millions of players are waiting for them so badly.

Some games are part of past popular series like Far Cry, few games are completely new but their story forces everyone to really love them. Trailers are always important and convince players to decide if they must plan for an upcoming game or not. Our below article will rank upcoming games from 1-50 similar to past games. We will continually update this article to make sure released games are removed from it.

Top 50 Upcoming Pc Games which players are waiting desperately (2020-2021)

Top Article on the Same Topic

It’s difficult to choose for 1 article which provides a really awesome & updated list of the Best Games for Pc. There are too many different popular sites that are based on gaming only. Most articles written there are related to games & these sites become authentic if someone is looking for information about gaming. After reviews of many articles, we have chosen Video Gamer where they added 30 games with proper ratings on the base of different criteria. A review for each game is written in different articles that you can connect with the base article above. Some of the games are old and a few are new in the list, they cover 20 years, their list is updated regularly compare to some other sites.


Unlike other articles as you can see above, we created many lists about the best popular games of all time. Those other sites write about some games and explain them in different posts on their site. But their lists are simple to compare to our site. We choose these games on the basis of the rating given to them by different popular platforms, how much people love to play them, games are available for modding or DLC, and some other important factors.

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