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Why Rural New Jersey is One of the Best Places to Live in the US?

Every person has their preference regarding where it is best to live. Read why New jersey is one of the Best Places to Live in the US?


Every person has their preference regarding where it is best to live. If you are currently living in a city in New Jersey, you have probably come across many little things that get on your nerves.

For example, the Garden State is known to have the country’s highest taxes and is densely populated. While you list the disadvantages of urban city life, at some point, the list of the reasons why rural New Jersey is one of the best places to live in the US will begin to grow.

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City life

City life has many advantages, but as we have already stated, it can get overcrowded, taxes are high, and traffic is very stressful. Moving to rural communities can be a great idea. It is an excellent way to escape impatient people, long shopping lines, and factory fumes.

Considering that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are moving to the countryside, you should also think about looking for your new home in rural New Jersey. And at the same time, start looking for preparation tips for moving house, and you will have all the needed information when the time to move comes.

Rural New Jersey

New Jersey is a beautiful, diverse place with plenty of charming little towns. Rural areas and farmlands are the sources of fresh produce. You can find a place for you that has it all. Beautiful scenery, clean air, fresh food products, and plenty of space for your peace of mind.

Fresh air

As you might know, rural parts of the state tend to have a much better air quality than urban areas and cities. By arranging with Van Express Movers to relocate you to the countryside, you choose to put your health first.

There is much less air pollution and, therefore, a less possibility of developing respiratory problems, heart disease, and a lower risk of allergies.

Nature on your doorstep 

By relocating yourself to a rural home, you give yourself a chance to get in touch with nature. There will be plenty of opportunities for walking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Time spent in nature will help you boost your immune system, calm your nerves, and contribute to an overall better mental and physical state.

Moreover, while working outside, on the farm, or attempting to enhance the verdure in your surroundings, you will have plenty of opportunities to improve different skills.

Local food

Living in a rural place with a lot of space to grow vegetables and fruits will give you the advantage of eating fresh and possibly organically produced food. You can grow your food or buy groceries in the local market. Either way, your diet will include better food products that will contribute towards good health.

Piece of mind

Life is much more relaxed in rural areas; there is no constant rushing, no traffic jams and being late, and even if you have a big agenda planned, there is enough time to do everything.

There are fewer distractions. You can slow down, take a deep breath, and this kind of lifestyle will ensure less anxiety and a better mood. The peace and quiet that the countryside offers can only improve your mental health and help you focus on important things. 


Being in New Jersey parts that are more rural will rid you of stress caused by traffic. Fewer traffic lights and the absence of traffic jams will let you drive more in less time.

People around you will be less irritated by the traffic, so there is a lower chance of encountering road rage. And most importantly, the chances of car accidents are reduced.

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If you seek safety for you and your family, living in a rural area is a wise choice. As statistical data shows, crime rates are much lower in rural areas. Community is much more clustered and close-knit.

Because there are fewer people, they know each other better, and they have come to depend on one another. People are mostly kind to their neighbors, and they are friendly and helpful. Living in rural New Jersey means that a safe and healthy environment will surround you.


If you are looking for a home in a less populated area, it’s good for you to know that the cost of living is lower, and in a way, you get more for your money there. For instance, the homes’ affordability is much better in the countryside, and even utilities are cheaper. This will give you a chance to think about what kind of home you want.

You need to consider several factors before you purchase your dream home. Budget is undoubtedly one of those factors. And with groceries, school tuitions, services, goods, and household essentials to consider, homes with lower market prices provide space for you to work on fulfilling your dreams.

New Jersey is known for high taxes, but you can expect to find lower property and income taxes in rural areas.

Living space

People that move to a rural area do so because they will probably have much more space. Houses are more spacious, and it is realistic to expect that you will also have a reasonably big yard.

If you plan on buying land to farm, don’t forget to include that space in your calculations. All this means more freedom for you and your family, space to explore and be yourself

New Jersy rural counties

The NJSORH has defined rural counties as those where there are fewer than 500 people per square mile. Seven of the 21 counties fulfill these criteria. Those seven counties are mostly in the northwestern and southern sections of New Jersey and include Warren, Sussex, Hunterdon, Salem, Cumberland, Cape May, and Atlantic Counties. Read blow more about More awesome and Best Places to Live in the US.

So, when planning to relocate, first, you should find a county that suits your needs. One you should mainly consider is Warren county. It’s an excellent place for families because a lot of fun is waiting just around the corner. People of all ages would find something interesting to do there.

So, if you plan on settling in somewhere in Warren County, you should find reputable local movers to help you ease through the transition. They know the area and can solve all your dilemmas. 

Settling down in a rural area is not for everyone, but if you are thinking about it, there is a good chance you will enjoy the change. There are many reasons why rural New Jersey is one of the best places to live in the US. Find your dream home, settle down, relax and enjoy the leisurely tempo of life in the countryside

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