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5 Best Quarantine Activities for Foodies That Will Keep You Motivated

Now that the world is experiencing the worst Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve become an expert in dealing with quarantine activities. Not only have I kept my own family entertained, but I’ve also been in charge of planning an array of exciting food and drink online experiences for hundreds of people. Read about Best Quarantine Activities for Foodies below in detail.

Here are some of the best quarantine activities for foodies, which will motivate you and help get you into shape while still being deliciously tasty.

Virtual cooking classes

If your family or friends are techy and into online cooking, then a virtual cooking class from one of their favorite chefs is perfect for your situation. You can take classes based on specific themes, like ‘5-minute cuisine’ or you could just choose individual recipes from different categories.

This is the best way to make sure that everyone in your family is eating well and that both the kids and adults get a chance to experience some of the world’s best chefs.

Take advantage of the availability of great food based TV programs, which are also delivered online by popular TV channels, to create virtual activities for when you’re not allowed to go outside! You can definitely find something interesting based on your family’s interest.

Preparing a recipe together

One of the best things about cooking is that you can do it with friends and family, so don’t be afraid to turn your quarantine activities into a social affair. You could arrange for guests to come over and cook with you or divide up the work amongst yourselves. (You don’t have to look far if you follow my other tips!) 

There are also many opportunities online, especially since companies want people to keep in touch as much as possible during this time. Invite some like-minded foodies around and share ideas on how to overcome this pandemic!

Online baking forums

If cooking isn’t your forte, then instead focus on desserts. Online baking forums are a great way to keep up with industry trends, learn new skills and discuss the latest ‘quarantine diet’ (eating healthily during this time of crisis). When making dessert recipes at home, remember to only eat half or choose one portion out of a few so you don’t go overboard. You can easily find many dessert recipes online and there are also plenty of TV shows that cover this area, so you should be able to find something that suits your needs.

Virtual wine tasting and beer dinner parties

These two types of virtual experiences are a little different from the rest of this list because they require a bit more effort than just staying at home on the sofa – but if you love alcohol, then it will definitely be worth all your efforts! Virtual wine tastings for foodies involve a guided walking tour through beautiful landscapes with interesting facts about what you see, where you will learn about winemaking techniques such as ‘terroir’. It is like truly are in Mclaren Vale winery lunches. These types of activities normally take place online but you can also make arrangements for a ‘real world’ version.

Get together with friends to try beer and wine from around the world and develop your own appreciation of different flavors. This would be most fun when you have people over, so use it as an excuse to invite some over! Just keep in mind that these tastings are best done just before meal time – don’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach!

This is definitely one of the best quarantine activities for foodies because it includes some of humanity’s oldest recipes and is also very social.

Food trivia

These are great for when you want something to do that will keep your mind busy, plus it’s a lot of fun! Food trivia games are usually played by two teams, where each person on the team takes turns to answer Food trivia questions. Food trivia is normally played in a pub or restaurant with friends, but it can also be practiced online (such as through Facebook pages).

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