The 7 Best Side Table Ideas And Must Know Styling Tips

Best Side Table Ideas And Must Know Styling Tips

For many homeowners, the entryway to their home is much like a small stage: It’s where they and all of their guests first meet. So it only makes sense that we want our entryway to be as well-defined and designated as possible — with furniture that clearly announces what kind of life we lead inside those walls.Easily one of the most defining elements in your front hall is your side table you should check out La Maison side tables for the perfect look.

And while not all homeowners’ entryways are large enough for a full-sized console or sofa table, there are still plenty of smaller tables out there that can do double duty as both a place to set down keys and mail upon entering your home, a place a vase of flowers to give your entrance a welcome pop of color, and even a place to rest an umbrella.

But before you decide on any old place setting for your side table, check out these ideas that are sure to make an impression in more ways than one.

7  Side Table Ideas That You Need To Know About

1. Use Small Tables

Use two small tables instead of one large one.  If you don’t have room for a full sofa table, consider stacking two smaller ones instead. This allows you the benefit of having both functional pieces without taking up too much visual space in your front hall. Plus, groupings like this create instant intimacy by giving the area more of a living room feel than just placing them side-by-side. 

2. Try Metal

For a more industrial look, skip the wood and try metal instead. Best is the entire side table which is made from steel pipe, which you can find at any hardware store. The great thing about this kind of decor element is that it’s not only modern looking, but it’s also very sturdy and easy to clean — plus, you get to take advantage of all of these traits while paying less for your tables versus if you were to buy one or two pieces that offer the same features separately! 

3.  Use Some Creativity

Use your side table to create a cozy conversation area by setting up a round tray with coffee table books, tea light candles, and potted succulents: It’s the perfect way to turn spaces into stylish hangouts!

4. Use Bookshelf

 If you’re looking for something much more budget-friendly that still packs a punch, try using bookcases. This side-table idea works especially well in family homes where everyone is coming and going at different times each day (so having somewhere to put keys and mail becomes even more important). But rather than buying separate side tables for each person in the house, go with an open bookshelf instead so everyone can set down their belongings wherever they’d like.

5. Go With Wood And Metallic Finish

If you want a classy look then read more. For a more neutral option, go with wood or metallic finishes. These classic finishes look great in any traditional home and are the perfect backdrop for vases of flowers, candles, books, photo frames — anything you want to display. To keep your tables looking their best (and free from scratches), be sure to place coasters underneath each drink someone sets down on them before they leave.

6. Try To Pair With Gold And Silver

If you’re going for a big impact, mix metals by pairing gold and silver together. Gold works especially well as an accent color here because it’s not too overpowering and won’t take away from whatever decor you already have displayed on top of your side table. Plus, this look is great if you want to add a mirror underneath your side table for an even more grand entrance.

7. Place Large Book

Add height by stacking books underneath instead of placing them on top. If you’d rather not have too much color or shine in your entryway and just want to let the natural materials inside speak for themselves, place three or four large books underneath your side table for another way to give your home’s front hall a touch of elegance and sophistication (and keep it looking airy and light). Go and check out himbuy for more info.

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