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Best Skateboard Grip Tapes – Amazing Grip Tapes of all Time

Skateboard grip tapes can be a great gift for those who are into skateboarding. Read about “Best Skateboard Grip Tapes of all Time”


If you are an avid skateboarder, then you would know the importance of a skateboard grip tape. Grip tapes let you have a good hold on the board while you perform stunts. These tapes come in various colors and patterns and add to the aesthetics of your kateboard.

Skateboard grip tapes can be a great gift for those who are into skateboarding. Whether you are looking to buy a skateboard grip tape for yourself or your friend, this list with some of the best skateboard grip tapes might help you choose the right one.


10 Best Skateboard Grip Tapes

Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet

Looking for the best skateboard grip tape? Then here is a product from Jessup that provides superior durability to your skateboard. It is made of silicone-carbide grit that is designed to give maximum grip to meet the demands of professional skateboarders.


Trims easily without tears
Maximum grip
Solvent-based adhesive; sticks perfectly on any board
Non-slip surface

Some may feel the grit is too coarse

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Black Diamond Longboard Griptape

Measuring 10 x 44in, this skateboard grip tape comes in two options – with and without the application kit. You can choose from various colors and patterns among the options.


Industry-standard 80 grit
Easy peel-off backing
Good adhesive
Easy to apply

Quality may not be up to the mark


Cosoos Skateboard Grip

If you love camo patterns, then this grip is a must-try. The Cosoos skateboard tape comes in a camouflage pattern and is made of silicon-carbide grit, which provides a good grip and is also wear-resistant. This grip tape works best for skateboards, skate scooters, longboards, kick scooters, slide plates, and roller boards.


Minute perforations for a bubble-free application
Silicon-carbide grit for superior grip
Quality adhesive that does not wear out even in extreme climatic conditions
Tearproof backing for a clean trim
Hand-rolled to prevent creases

Colors may not be as shown in the image

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Boo Taa Skateboard Grip Tape

This skateboard grip tape features two color options and comes in dimensions of 10.6 x 45.2in. It is 1.5mm thick and has a silicon-carbide grit that gives a good grip and can withstand wear and tear. This is one of the best grip tapes for skateboards, skate scooters, kick scooters, slide plates, and roller boards.


Barely-visible holes for a bubble-free application
Silicon-carbide grit for superior grip
Tearproof for clean trimming
Hand-rolled to prevent creases and easy application

Adhesive may not be as sticky as expected


Mob Grip Clear Grip Tape

The Mob grip tape measures 10 x 33in and is wide enough to fit broader decks. If you want to give your skateboard an artistic look, then go for this transparent grip tape, as you can put stickers and graphics under this tape.


Transparent tape can place stickers under it
Good strength
Quality adhesive that does not wear off in hot or cold climates

The grit might shed particles


Mouse Movement Bigfoot Mouse Skateboard Grip Tape

If you want to make your skateboard unique and appealing, then go for this colored skateboard grip tape that features the Bigfoot and a UFO. The bright colors on a dark background make it visible even from a distance. The product dimensions are 9 x 33in.


Minute holes for a bubble-free application
Silicon-carbide grit for superior grit
High-quality adhesive that does not peel even in extreme heat or cold
Carefully packed without any creases

Size may not fit wider skateboards

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Rayauto Skateboard Griptape Sheet

The Rayauto skateboard comes in two different sizes; size A: 10 x 47in for longboards and size B: 9 x 33in for skateboard, scooter, short cruiser, etc. This skateboard grip tape is also available in 12 different designs.


Grainy surface for a good grip
Trims neat
High-quality adhesive can stick on any board

Some may find the grit to be coarse


Stickfrease Skateboard Grip Tape

This skateboard grip tape measures 10.2 x 50 in sheet, and it also trims easily, so it is easy to customize according to your skateboard. This grip tape is transparent and is 1.5mm thick.


Easy peel and stick design
Easy to trim the edges
Transparent, so you can put stickers under it
Silicon-carbide grit for better grip
Quality adhesive

May get dirty easily


Grizzly Griptape Grizzly Skateboard Grip Tape

If you are a Marvel Spiderman fan, then this colored skateboard grip tape might just win your heart. It has three variants of which two feature The Venom and one is based on Spiderman. The colors of these graphic skateboard grip tapes are bright and stand out.


Attractive designs
Quality grit for better grip
Super adhesive that can stick on any board

Poor packaging might damage the product


Suabo Skull Pattern Skateboard Grip Tape

Buy-NowThis skull patterned skateboard grip tape measures 9 x 33in and is said to fit most of the skateboard shapes. Made of high-quality emery material with PVC backing, this skateboard grip tape is grainy, waterproof, and long-lasting. If you want your skateboard to stand out, then go for this grip tape.


Grainy surface for a good quality grip
Waterproof and durable
High-quality adhesive
Easy to apply
Vibrant colors

Comes rolled up, may need a day or two to flatten out


How To Choose The Right Skateboard Grip Tape?

Here are a few points to keep in mind while buying a skateboard grip tape.

Size: Before searching for grip tape, measure your skateboard. To make sure you pick the right grip tape, pick one that is an inch wider and two inches longer than your board. This way, you can make sure you are covering every inch of your skateboard.
Appearance: Skateboard grip tapes come in various patterns and designs; pick one that suits your personality and taste.
Adhesive: A good grip tape is one that can stick to your board and stays that way. Choose a grip tape with a high-quality adhesive that does not peel off in hot and cold weather conditions.
Application: Pick a grip tape that can be applied easily with or without the help of any tools. There are a few models with minute holes to help the air bubbles to escape.

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What Is The Best Cleaning Method For Skateboard Grip Tape?

There are two ways to clean your skateboard grip tape.

You can clean the dirt over your skateboard grip tape by using a grip cleaner, a rubber piece that gets in between the grits of the grip to remove dirt. This method is durable and quick to use.
If you cannot get a grip cleaner, then a toothbrush can also help you clean the grip tape. Simply wet the grip tape and scrub it with the toothbrush in a circular motion. One drawback of this method is that if you use it frequently, the coarseness of the grip might get reduced.
A skateboard grip tape gives your skateboard an identity, so choose one that suits your style and personality. Various tools could help in applying the grip tape easily and without any air bubbles. If you are new to skateboarding and using grip tapes, then go for such tools.



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