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Choosing the Best Tanning Beds – Things to Consider

There is just so much comfort and ease associated with a tanning bed. All you need to do for a dewy, sun-kissed look is lie back in the bed for some time and get out looking like a million bucks. Can anything be simpler than that? Read about Best Tanning Beds below.

Getting into a tanning bed

All good, established tanning salons like the Boca Tanning Club will offer you at the very least six beds to choose from. This is because all skin types are different. Some people may have thin, sensitive skin while some may have thicker, resilient skin.

There is no one size fits approach when it comes to Boca tanning. 

The tanning salon in East Boca Raton ensures that you have multiple choices open to you when you decide to go in for a tan.

You can go for spray tanning or cocktail tanning too. In the latter, the traditional sunbed tan is combined with a tanning spray while your skin pores are still open. This allows for a deeper and darker tan, which stays around for much longer.

Beds and more

Coming back to tanning beds, let us understand the types of beds. This will also help you determine the best one for yourself.

There are six levels of these beds – ranging from level 1 to level 6.

Levels 1 and 2 are low-pressure beds with low-pressure bulbs. These are introductory level beds which are most appropriate for first-timers. People who rarely go for tans should go in for these. The rays of these beds are emitted in a spectrum similar to natural sunlight. People are advised not to stay in these beds for a long time as there still is a danger of them becoming sunburnt.

Levels 3 and 4 are medium-pressure beds that are great for those who prefer tanning in shorter time duration than the previous levels. Those whose skin can take stronger rays can opt for these levels.

Levels 5 and 6 are high-pressure beds. These are best for those who like to go brown fast. They come equipped with high-pressure bulbs that emit higher intensity UVA rays. People who prefer deep and dark usually opt for these levels, and their tans last longer too.

In case you are uncertain about which bed would be better for you, seek the advice of the tanning salon’s specialist. In most cases, they do a skin test to see how sensitive your skin is. Then, they suggest the level most suited for you.

Do remember to change positions every once in a while when you are in the bed so that all parts of your body are tanned equally.

If you aren’t sure about lying for a long time in bed, you can try out cocktail tanning, as mentioned before. This way, you can ensure a superb colour without worrying about UV rays.

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