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TechPally Hints – Best Time to Travel Australia in 2021

You must also note that the Australian school holidays are from mid-December to the end of January. Read Best Time to Travel Australia.


This question is not that easy to answer. If you think it is summer in Australia all year round and that you can always walk around in shorts and flip-flops, you are wrong.

Due to the size of Australia, there is no best time to travel to Australia. 

You have to know which regions you want to visit, then you can roughly say:

  • Northern Territory: May to October (dry season)
  • East and West Coast: Mild to hot temperatures all year round
  • South coast: May to September (relatively chilly, windy, and rainy around winter)
  • Outback: April to October (cooler winter months with sometimes freezing nights below 0 degrees – I’ve experienced it)

Most US travel to Australia in the European winter: the high season is between October and March, says Techpally.

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 You must also note that the Australian school holidays are from mid-December to the end of January and around Easter and from the beginning of July and the end of September to the beginning of October. 

Then campers are often fully booked a long time in advance and so are the most beautiful campsites.

How much time should I plan for Australia?

I am often asked questions like “How much time should I plan for a trip to Australia?” Or “Is it worth traveling to Australia for three weeks?”. 

During my (admittedly longer than average) trip to Australia of three months, I met many holidaymakers who were either on the road for a whole year (Work & Travel) or several weeks (“Gray Nomads” – retirees with campers).

According to statistics, most holidaymakers travel to Australia for 22 days. 

For Western Australia, travelers plan an average of 36 days. 

There is, of course, a big difference. I claim the average stays 3-4 weeks. 

Every day more is a win! Incidentally, backpackers stay in the country for at least 50 days.

For a short trip, you have to commit to one region or book domestic flights. 

Then a fork flight is worthwhile, but it can be a lot more expensive.

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Overwhelming landscapes and spectacular nature

White, whiter, Australia could be the superlative when it comes to beaches, says Techpally.

 The whitest sandy beaches in the country can be found, especially in the south and Western Australia. Tip: Cape Le Grand National Park.

There are beautiful beaches in Western Australia too. 

These in Cape Le Grand National Park are among the most beautiful in the world.

Or the deep red canyons in Karijini National Park, impressive waterfalls in Litchfield and Kakadu National Park (after the rainy season), or the beautiful coral reefs. 

Especially the intact Ningaloo Reef, where I snorkeled with whale sharks, is lovely. 

Who then thinks that everything cannot be topped to Uluru and the fascinating Kata Tjuta.

Oxer’s Lookout in Karijinia National Park – this is where four gorges meet!

Swimming with whale sharks – a dream came true!

Michi dares to jump from the rocks into the pool – Warning: the only safe after the rainy season (if at all)! Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory.

The Uluru consists of vertical layers of rock. 2/3 of the mountain (one suspects) are in the ground and not visible to us

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Isa still raves about the Great Ocean Road and the east coast. 

And neither of us have been to Tasmaniayet, another “must-see” trip to Down Under. But I’m already planning.

Fascinating Big Cities

The outback and the nature of Australia is the highlight – no question about it.

 From time to time, I am still happy to be in cities. I found Adelaide (very lovely and cozy to “arrive”), Perth, and Broome particularly exciting. 

I found Darwin (just hot and the national parks around it merely the most beautiful in the country) and Alice Springs less exciting.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been to Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane yet. Isa loved Sydney and Melbourne. 

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The latter city, in particular, is said to be the most beautiful city in Australia. Then on the next trip!

The Perth skyline at night Adelaide Center with Riverbank, beautiful sunsets guaranteed with camel caravans on Broome’s Cable Beach.

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