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Best Times to Post on Social Media for Optimum Popularity

Posting creative content and imposing efficient marketing strategies has its place. Read about “Best Times to Post on Social Media”


Since the overall rise of social media, sprouting businesses have been utilizing this platform as an opportunity to market their products in the most efficient way possible. However, in the present, there is increasing competition between businesses and overall maintenance of social media business accounts which has made achieving your desired goal immensely difficult. Posting creative content and imposing efficient marketing strategies has its place yet the bars in progress remains low. But need not to worry as this article focusses on a more efficient strategy, the time at which to post to reach your goals.

How to start?

To begin, you have to keep in mind the factor of differing time zones, this might be a hindrance if you have a global audience. If you are targeting audience globally, you need to dig in some of their time zones and apply the methods accordingly and this information is readily available on the internet in the form of social media study articles. However, in this article, we intend to help you in reaching out to most of your United States audiences specifically brandbookcloud.

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  • When to post on Instagram?

Instagram is a mobile application used daily by half of its United States users online. But they use it more on the weekends and if on workdays then during off time of their jobs. Hence the most sufficient time to post your content on Instagram is on either of the two Monday and Thursday but make sure you post at times other than 3 to 4 pm. If you have a video content to post after adding new Instagram followers, it is safe to post any day from 9 pm to 8 am.

  • When to post on Facebook?

Facebook is a site that is used at both at work and home, on laptops or desktop computers and mobile phones. In other words, Facebook is easier to access at any time. Click rates have been shown to be the greatest at times between 1 to 4 pm. On the weekend, one of the specific times has concluded to be on Sunday between 12 to 1 pm whereas on the weekdays, Wednesday 3 pm, Thursday and Friday in between 1 to 4 pm.

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  • When to post on Twitter?

Unlike Instagram, Twitter also falls into the same category as Facebook, being accessed both at work and home through laptops, desktop computers, and mobile phones. The optimum user traffic depends upon the audience but people tend to remain updated through it in a professional aspect as well, hence making use of it during breaks and sessions too. Weekdays generally show more active audience but at some places, weekends are also loaded, yet the best time to post concluded to be 5 to 6 pm for peak performance and in between 12 to 3 pm is also a good idea filmotree.

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The strategy to specifically finding the right time for optimum results is being worked on by many businesses and has caused them a great rise in useful engagements, with creative content and posting at prime times, your business is obligated to rise as well.

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