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Best Tips for Memorizing the Quran Easily

It takes a lot longer than required to memorize the Quran for most individuals, even those who succeed. This is because they don’t employ the tactics you’ll be learning here. Memorizing the Quran is not only quick, but it’s also a lot of fun. Yet, many people find these large-scale projects to be quite daunting. If they don’t know how to remember things, then they’re doomed. In the end, there are 77,430 words. You’ll be shocked at how rapidly you can progress if you’re equipped with the correct skills and your thinking is set up correctly. The sentences in the Quran, on the other hand, are typically quite brief. A lot of information may be reused, which creates a variety of hacks.

Get Up Earlier in the Day

Be the earliest to get out of bed and pray Fajr at the mosque if feasible. Rather than watching television or perusing the web, spend a few minutes memorizing the Quran after finishing your daily prayers.

Set Realistic Objectives

Because this seems like an achievable goal, you may want to memorize one or two chapters per day. Due to the shortage of time, though, you may quit up before you get started. Instead, set realistic goals and work your way up to learning 3 to 5 lines a day.

Even the strongest people can benefit from this memory technique if they devote at least 15 – 20 to it.

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Take advantage of the Familiarity Method.

When you first begin memorizing the Quran, you are bound to run into verses you have never heard before. Therefore, you can put five verses on a bit of paper and memorize them by memory to know them quickly.

Throughout the following few weeks, read such verses, again and again, to thoroughly remember them.

Keep a copy of the daily verses handy.

During the day, read and memorize the Quranic verses you’re working on retaining. For instance, if you’re standing for a bus or a doctor’s appointment, you could have a few spare minutes. With this list, you may keep it with you at all times and refer to it if you’re having trouble remembering the lessons you’ve learned that day.

In every Salah, recite what you’ve learned.

Reciting the prayers five times can help you remember the lessons you’re learning. You can use either the five phrases you learned that day or the five phrases you learned the day before in each raka.

Keeping track of your objectives

In one week, you could learn two sections of the Quran if each page has at least 15 lines. This trend would persist until you had memorized the entire Quran. In addition, you can study the Bible verse-by-verse and analyze its significance.

Distraction-Free Environment

A quiet, undisturbed location is ideal for memorizing the Quran. You’ll concentrate better and retain more information if you keep the surrounding noise to a minimum. The low level of interruptions in the early morning, for instance, makes early morning memorization exercises particularly effective. Turning off your mobile and laptop can also help you pay more concentration to the Quran.

Recall What You’ve Learned.

Every phrase you learn from the Quran should be reviewed several times to memorize it. Before starting new memorizing, go over the lines you learned the previous week. This layout is based on the premise that the most recent memory is the one that is most likely to be forgotten first. As a result, going back and rereading earlier chapters of the Quran is a smart way to get your brain ready for the new material.


It doesn’t matter how hectic your schedule is; if you follow the advice above, you’ll be able to memorize little sections of the Quran and finally finish the process. It is important to be consistent, dedicated, and persistent if you want to memorize the Qur’an. As a result, not just will your faith and taqwa grow, as will your self-confidence and self-esteem.

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