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Best Total War Games and Mods – In this article you can read about all the main games of series and also the best similar games for it.


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Basic Introduction to Total War Game Series

Most popular game series in the history of Strategy games. Its now 20 years old and all games in series are sold a total of 20 million times. You can experience real battles in this game on a large scale. They create many games for this series which shows how much it’s popularity among players. Another important feature of this game is mod support for every game.

Rating for this game series is really high and you can find positive reviews on different platforms by thousands of people. Each game in series is different from others and it looks like they are trying to cover whole human history from start to end in this series. Upcoming games for this series is already very popular with thousands of people searching for it already.

Another article is written for mods of this game. More than 75 mods are chosen to be part of the list. But there are more than 150 mods created on different sites which you can find on the internet. But you should remember, we focus on quality, not quantity which means only good high-quality mods are added for you.

Multiplayer feature of this game is also important because it allows too many players to fight each other online. This game is most popular to play online with thousands of players on different networks. Complete support for multiplayer is added for players by developers. Its what happens to mods of this game. Some people created mods which are single player and another build some multiplayer mods to play online. Below you can find complete information about almost every single game created for this series.

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Best Total War Games in Series

1- Total War – Shogun

The first game in this popular series. It’s about leader of the clan in japan who is trying to dominate and capture the whole country to get the title of shogun. Mostly the game is turn-based but all battles are fought on 3rd aspect with a direct war system. You will control the whole map of japan and military, religion, diplomacy, and economics, all influence the player action.

There is the main campaign in this game which is focused on a map where players control everything. They can move the army, use diplomatic aspects, and much more using one map of japan. Players can also control any army inside the game and directly become part of any battle. In the main campaign, the player control leader of the clan and become the leader of the whole japan by removing all of the enemies.

Every faction in-game control some of the provinces. Players can find a complete structure built in every province. Some of these areas are good for economic activities and some coastal provinces allow players to build ports to earn more from trade. A lot of castles are built in these provinces. Players can create more buildings in these castles which are important to create new armies to fight against other enemies.

Warfare is another important feature of the game that you can consider different from the original campaign. A lot of many popular historical battles are added in this section where players can fight in 3D real-time aspect. Both sides must start with given units and try to defeat each other using some special tactics. Many types of soldiers are part of player army and victory only depends on how players may use these units to their advantage.

When this game was created, 2 special servers were created for it. Too many people join them and start playing this game. After they release more games in the series, people mostly lost their interest in playing the old games. They shut down these servers but you can play this game online with friends and family. Most people don’t want to play it online because 2nd version od a similar title is available and also many latest games are also created which are mostly better than 1st game in series.

2- Total War – Medieval

The second game in series which was launched 2 years after Shogun 1. You must know that most of the systems in-game are the same as the previous game. But this time there is no japan but players build an empire in some areas of the world. Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East are target this time. Game features like Strategy and Tactics are both involved similar to the early game. It means there is a huge map where players can control everything and 3rd battles are also involved in-game.

Medieval become very popular with time because they improve a lot of important features in-game. Some new siege battles were added to make this game look more realistic. The campaign, Warfare, and Multiplayers are 3 important parts of this game. They just get this concept from the previous game and also update a lot.

There are 20 factions included in this game that represent all major empires of that time. A complete historical story is created for the main campaign. similar to the previous game each faction many provinces on map and religion is very important because any faction can use to convert people of other provinces in their favor. Its turn-based game where each turn represents 1 year and everyone gets a good chance to make all decisions before completion of their turn.

A complete upgrade system is involved in-game. Some of these upgrades are available to the player after sometime is passed. They can also upgrade castles to unlock more different buildings. Warfare system to fight different historical battles is also added in this game. It means players can play many maps where they must defend or ca[pture some castles. But the siege weapons system is introduced in this game which is really important for attacking other castles.

In multiplayer mode, up to 7 players can fight with each other. It’s up to players to choose any faction they want to fight with others. Different maps are created for players to fight where everyone is allowed to play against everyone in-game or they can make teams to destroy each other. Some players also arrange tournaments where different players can participate and fight with each other.

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3- Total War – Rome

Rome is 3rd game in series which was released in 2004. The most important game which is also available for a different type of phones too. The game represents 2 different eras of the roman empire. At the start of the game, the player can control 3 different families of Rome but the player can also unlock some other factions later.

In the campaign map, players manage the military, government, diplomacy, and also military of their faction. There are many different objectives on the map which players must achieve in order to win this game. Most of Europe, North Africa, and Near Eats are part of this game. This game receives too many positive reviews and also become the most popular game of all time. They release 2 different expansion packs for this game too.

There are 2 modes of this game, main campaign, and battles. The main purpose of the whole game to control one family and conquer all 50 provinces in-game to become the mighty emperor of Rome. Players can win the game by defeating everyone in-game and eliminating all factions. But another option is also included where players can fight with certain factions to win a game without playing against every faction in-game. To play other factions, players must conquer them or complete certain objectives on the map.

The most complete family system is generated for this game where each faction begins with only a few members. These members can control different settlements, die, and get experience when time passes. Everyone who leads the army must be a good and accomplished lot in his life because it can affect army morale in-game. There are 3 types of agents which players can recruit from special building in-game. Spies, diplomatic, and assassins are different types that can affect everything in-game if used properly.

Many historical battles maps are created where players can fight a more talented AI system or other players. Units in these maps are not limited and players can fight many historical battles with each other. Each unit is different from others with different hit points, the effect on the battle, and also good against some specific units in-game.

4- Total War – Medieval 2

After the great success of the previous game in this series, they build the 2nd Medieval game. But there are many changes in the game which make it different from others. In the history campaign, there are 2 conditions to win this game. In a normal game, players must control one of 17 factions and capture at least 15 settlements by defeating 1,2 enemies. Settlements in the new name given for Provinces which is changed in this game. In a long campaign, the player must control more than 45 different territories and also control some important major cities on the map.

There are 2 different types of settlements in this game. Cities are important for the economy of any game and castles are best for the recruitment of different types of soldiers. Player family members can become governers of these settlements. But their character can really affect their rule on any settlement. Any family member of a player with high command stat can fight really well in battle compare to someone with low stats.

A lot of historical battles are part of this game. There are some conditions that are important to meet for winning any game. Different factions depending on what actually happened in history are participants of these battles. Players can win if they destroy all enemy units in battle or force them to flee. It’s an important condition which players can fulfill to win any battle. But you can consider it mostly bloody in-game because killing all units is the only way to win this game, it forces players to fight with tactics to finish enemy units first.

A time limit is another condition where the player must complete some goals in a certain time. You can say player must defeat their enemy in the time given or they will lose this game. In siege battles, players must control any important building in this game which is mostly the center of any settlement. Few important historical battles are Hastings, Arsuf, Agincourt, Setenil, and Pavia.

5- Total War – Empire

Empire covers the era of the 18th century and represents all factions of that time. Its 1st game in series where they allow naval battles in a real-time war zone. Current games in series are very popular and more completed because they add new features with every new game in series. The game received too many positive reviews. Empire more focus on the use of gun powder in battles compares to all previous games in series.

Unlike all previous games in series, the focus of the empire is different, and more world maps are included. Many huge continents like North America and India are included in this game. Because of naval battles, new trade roots in different parts of the world are created. The basic structure of the game is similar to previous games because it allows players to move their armies on single mao from one location to another. But real-time land and sea battles are involved in-game.

A story-driven campaign is added in this game which focuses on the British colonization of the United States. There are 3 chapters in this game that start with the British colony on Jamestown and focus all difficulty faces by people there. Mostly this campaign is all about learning and everything which added in it to explain player different features. If someone can complete this campaign, they can get access to more features leading toward the original campaign. In the second chapter, the British fighting with french and all their allied local nations. The last chapter is about the American army which gets victory against the British and builds new nations as free from colonization.

There are 3 main theaters of gameplay and 4 different trade theaters which are not much large. Another major change in this game is the dislocation of the main center in each settlement. But there is still one main building in this game but some other parts of any settlements can also produce a lot of resources of different types. Many battles maps are created in warfare similar to other games but the navel system is also added. Players control the number of ships to attack when playing any historical map that involves naval battles.

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6- Total War – Napoleon

Napoleon is the next game in this award-winning game series. But this game receives a lot of mixed reviews compare to previous games. Some people think system requirements are too high in-game, AI is weak compared to previous games and also scope is limited. Players can play as Napoleon or one of his powerful enemies. There are 3 campaigns in this game with a complete story. Another campaign was created later for the game and available as downloadable content.

Two campaigns in this game represent the early life of Napoleon. Many small missions and tasks are added which help this game to move forward with the story. After that, there is a huge campaign to play. One major campaign is all about Napoleon’s attack on different countries in Europe top get victor against all other countries and failed in results.

Play as Napoleon to lead armies to fight against all other nations by completing different missions. Another campaign is the opposite of the original campaign, where the player can fight against Napoleon by leading collision forces. Victory in major campaigns depends on players when they capture some important territories in-game. But there is no need to wait till the end of the game to finish.

Many new updates are added in this game. A lot of realistic features are included in this game which is there to help players feel more realistic when fighting. A Multiplayer campaign is also available where players can fight against the human enemy and also AI. Steam achievement and a lot of other bonuses are also available for those who play it multiplayer online with each other.

7- Total War – Shogun 2

Shogun 2 become the most popular game in series and considered to be best compared to all games. Their main story is the same where players must control any clan to capture the whole japan. A total of 8 factions are included in this game who are fighting with each other for control over japan to become Shogun. After creations of some other games, they return back to old game settings but with very large changes.

The theme of the game focus only on Japan. Unlike some other games in series where sometimes different continents are involved and one game where the whole world is included in-game. One standalone expansion is added in this game with the name of Fall of the Samurai. Special agents in this game are very important to gain the upper hand. Ninjas and geisha are most popular to use against enemies. The game receives very positive reviews because people think Shogun 2 returned series to its right track.

A total of 9 major clans are added in this game with some small clans with limits.  Chōsokabe clan can recruit more superior bowmen and also get more income from farming compare to all others.  Units of Date clan can get bonuses when charging and allowed to create a more powerful samurai. Hojo clan are great castle builders and also experts in the siege. Mori clan rule over navy and they have a long history of mastery over navel architectures.

Oda clans are more focused on archers. They can create more powerful archers to affect the enemy badly. Shimazu clan are allowed to hire more superior soldiers and their generals are very loyal to the clan in every battle. The main focus on the Takeda clan is cavalry which they can use against the enemy more effectively. Tokugawa clan relies on diplomatics and also able to create more powerful soldiers like ninjas.

8- Total War – Rome 2

Total War Rome 2 become the most popular game in series after released. It faces some technical issues which they resolved in the next update for the game. The game was a commercial success and perform better in selling compare to all previous games. You can say the brand is already famous and people already know that every new upcoming game must be best to play.

The diplomacy system is completely changed in this game because those who create this game already accept that AI performs some weird actions. It’s like a weak AI fighting with very large empires and loss. The more artificial intellect for diplomacy is involved in new games. Any weak AI must not fight with large forces and use some diplomacy to save their faction. But players must be careful about AI now, there is no way to know if they are real allies or a suspicious traitor.

There are a lot of changes in the political system of this game Rome 2. Player actions can also affect this game and throughout the whole campaign system. It means all actions taken by the player can affect the whole campaign from start to end with the various ending. Special units know as agents are very important in this game. There are 3 different types of agents which player can use to change everything in-game.

A more advanced combat system is added in this game by adding different types of battles. Over 100 factions are added in this game, only 8 are allowed to play on start but players can buy some downloadable content to get more factions. After controlling a province, players can get a lot of different bonuses which can increase their level.

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9- Total War – Attila

Attila is a different game in a series where you can play as the leader of Huns who is not yet in control. You must play from an early age at that time when everything is not advanced. They add 3 regions in every province which you can conquer separately. Cities and regions in this game are different from previous games in series but the size of the map is the same.

The largest settlement in every province is called capital. In every capital, there are more slots and a lot of space which allows players to build more buildings. There are walls around these main settlements but players can also upgrade other small settlements to build walls around them too. The rest of the game experience is similar to previous games and you can’t find too many changes other than a unique campaign and completely different historical maps for the main campaign.

In the dark age, the roman empire is weakened and after the death of one emperor, now it’s divided into empires where his sons are emperors. It was really hard for one emperor to rule a large empire when there is too much chaos everywhere. When there are 2 sides of the empire, it faces too many dangers from all sides. Many internal conflicts are becoming big problem for young emperors and some outside threats are very dangerous to each part.

Game is really huge where both sides of the empire are facing large threats and trying to survive. Large armies of raiders are coming to capture and destroy to whatever coming on their way. Many DLC’s are created for this game which can include many units and factions in this game.

10- Total War – Warhammer 1

Warhammer takes this series to another level where everything is about fantasy. Many new factions in this world are created and players can enjoy something completely new to the game. Each faction is different from others and every unit created for them provides some unique abilities. Dwarfs, Humans, Greenskins, and Vampire factions are included. But some other factions are included in paid downloadable content which anyone can buy to play with this game.

The game begins with one new emperor is elected for a large empire. But there are too many factions everywhere who don’t accept his rule. It means it is chaos everywhere and now it’s your duty to unite this empire by fighting with everyone who is against your rule. Some powerful horde of enemies is coming from the north to destroy everything which comes to their way.

Its complete change from normal games created for this series. Many different types of terrain and complete change is built for this game. A lot of heroes from Warhammer Universe are included in this game and some very dangerous powerful monsters make this game really different. The first game in series is based on fantasy and nothing to do with historical wars and battles.

A lot of free and paid downloadable content is created for Warhammer 1. Some of this content is adding new heroes, some can include new factions in-game and many more changes to the original game. This new idea of completing changing the original games was successful and games receive too many positive reviews and a lot of important sites accept it as the best game in series with completely new characters and factions.

11- Total War – Warhammer 2

Most features in the 2nd game of the same type are not changed. But they added a multiplayer feature that allows players to fight online. Players can create different custom battles to play with other players. Many new races are added, large collection of downloadable content is available or this game. There are a total of 3 large campaigns in this game that you can play. One of them is unlocked in-game but you can also get others from the steam store and play free if you own both games in series.

Battle for the Vortex is a very complicated story where Vortex is disturbed and now there is chaos everywhere. Two factions in-game are trying to fix it, the other 2 wants to use its power to conquer the whole world. But another creature in-game trying to use its power to unlock the most powerful weapons to conquer the whole world too.

Rise of the Tomb Kings is all about some dead kings and someone trying to raise them as their servant. But that someone was killed before completing his magic, that’s why some of the kings are set free in the world. All of these kings are trying to get control over magic to conquer the whole world. Fight as one of them to control everything in-game by destroying others.

Curse of the Vampire Coast is about the search for a weapon that is lost a long time ago. This weapon can change everything in the sea and make it balanced. But there are a lot of different factions fighting for it. After player faction is done with getting it and restoring everything to normal, they must fight with another powerful faction who is looking to kill them all for glory.

12- Total War Warhammer 3

Total War Warhammer 3 is not released yet but there are many indications that tell us that it’s coming soon. Read below about some important information which can tell you what they may add in new games. Remember, we collect some important articles list below where some cool articles are written for you to explore more about Total War Warhammer 3.

A complete and long article is written on Strategy Gamer which explain everything which you can expect in the next game. As per this article, the player may find completely new work on the siege system. Too many players already complain about it and its time to fix this error in-game.

Another article on Techradar provides more information about what’s coming to this game. As per this article, it may be the last game in series. They can include the most powerful features in this game such as a survival mode. Players can defend against countless enemies and try to survive as much possible.

There are many other games where fantasy factions are playable become popular with time. World of Warcraft is a major example but Total War Warhammer is always a winner. These games are different from original games and provide a new type of experience. It looks like developers are trying to cover all types of games in the world and add to their series.

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13- Total War Saga – Thrones of Britannia

The focus of this game is only on Britain and Ireland. In Thrones of Britannia, different factions are trying to control more lands and become king of the whole of Britain. Ten playable factions are included. The game takes place when Alfred king defeated the Vikings. Many movies and tv series are created on the same topic already. The Last Kingdom is most popular among all of them. Thrones of Britannia is all about that series where Viking is defeated and many different factions are trying to control the whole land.

The game receives a lot of positive reviews because of perfect gameplay. Its 1st game in Total War Saga Series and most successful too. There are some other games which are also planned to come in the future. You can read about one of them below. Players can command different military units in-game to move them on the map. Similar to other games in series, there is a playable map which player can control for attacking, economy and also diplomacy. But all wars are fought in real-time like previous games.

You can find some important changes in the province system of this game. Some settlement in any province which you can’t defend, the enemy can capture them easily. If they capture your farms, your people mays start starving. Another problem which you can face is the coins system. Your soldiers may refuse to fight for you if you cant pay them. It’s best practice to capture enemy settlements and watch them starving. It can force them to directly fight with you instead of hiding in their main settlement.

14- Total War – Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms is another game in series created in the limited countryside. Similar to Shogun which is only focused on japan, Three Kingdoms is focusing on China. There are different lords who are fighting each other to take control of china. There are 12 factions fighting each other and victory depends on son destruction of all other factions in-game. Another main feature of this game is generals. One player can deploy 3 different generals and all of them are with unique abilities to change the course of the battlefield.

Players can win a siege battle if all hostile generals are killed or the central point of the city is captured. Generals can fight against each other in direct battles which can only end if one of them is dead or flee. Abilities of each general effect their soldiers in many ways. Player must take care of needs of these generals and think about them before making any decision.

There are 2 modes of this game, in one of the modes generals may get superhumans powers. These powers can affect everything in the battleground. The second mode is simple where generals get no power and they also can’t fight with each other directly. Three Kingdoms received 3 awards and also nominate for many others. It also received many positive reviews which provide how much this game is better than all previous games in series. A lot of paid and free downloadable content is available for this game.

15- Total War Saga – Troy

Another game in Total War Saga series focused on the most popular conflict in history between the Kingdom of Troy and Mycenaean Greece. Almost everyone with little interest in history knows about this war. Main purpose of this game to focus on what actually happened at that time from both side’s perspectives.

They added 8 popular heroes in-game that you can choose to play and fight to conquer troy or defend this famous city of history. Each hero is unique and their abilities weapons and almost everything is different from each other. Players must learn more about these heroes’ abilities to use them better in the war against the enemy. This game is coming soon and release date for the initial game is August 13, 2020. There are unique locations for every hero on the map which can impact game in different ways.

A lot of great information about this new game, you can read an article written by Fraser Brown on Pc Gamer. The article is about what type of setting they will use in-game, troy gets monsters, or it’s like normal human games? and also short but effective details about troy heroes. Georgieva is a very important part of Total War Series, read one of an article about her interview with VB site. It can answer too many of your questions about this new game.

We suggest you read one article on Pc GamesN where they explain the campaign of this upcoming game with screenshots and more. They discuss a lot about games which is important for every gamer to know who is interest in this game. An important article on Eurogamer provides complete details about the game to be free after release for 24 hours. If you are planning to buy this game, read this article to get it free after release.

16- Spartan – Total Warrior

Complete different games in series released in 2005. Unlike other games where they use historical maps, stories, and everything, you can find a completely different fantasy story. The main focus is a Spartan warrior who fights against the Roman army who is attacking their country. Lof figures from greek and roman mythology are included in-game.

You can find different gameplay compare to other games. One single attack mode can damage only 1 enemy. But another mode is added which can damage multiple enemies. A simple attack is most effective and also bloody compare to a radial attack which is slow. When players progress through the game, too many different weapons are unlocked, and also shield is upgraded which can provide more defense to players.

In 300 BC, the Roman army is attacking Greece and captured most of the country. Too many people are killed everywhere and now only Sparta is remaining to conquer. The spartan king orders the army to fight against the Romans, one unknown soldier in his army is known as The Spartan. He is guided by unknow force which offers him a deal of some kind to help in battle.

Spartan – Total Warrior was released for gaming consoles which never happened before. Almost all games in series are created for mostly Pc and Mac. But its only game which they build specially for consoles. another difference from other games in series is more action. There are not too many strategies or economy type functions involved in this game. The story is really interesting which is created especially for this game.

17- Total War Battles – Shogun

Total War Battles – Shogun was created for iOS but later they released it for Windows too. It offers some different features compared to other Shogun games. Its fight between 2 clans and you are on way to revenge when playing one side. They try to merge buildings and combat in the same place.

Battles – Shogun becomes very popular on iOS because it is considered one of the best strategy games ever. Some of the games on iPhones face problems like its hard to separate different units from each other. Most of the units look the same because of the small screen and some other graphic problems. But Battles – Shogun is amazing where every single unit is created to look separate and results are awesome. Graphic quality is better than any other game created for iPhones before.

Game is challenging and a complete combat system can make you feel like playing on pc. Resource management and grid system created for the game makes it perfect. Four different types of resources are created for this game. The player can build different buildings to collect all of it. But how they manage to arrange these buildings in different ways, it really matters to the victory of any game.

They added 3 modes in-game which are multiplayer, skirmish, and complete campaign. Everything is unlocked in campaign mode slowly. When you begin any mission, you may not be able to get everything on your hand. But when game progress, and you complete different missions, too many new weapons and more are unlocked for you.

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18- Total War – Arena

The first game in series is free to play and multiplayer only. In Total War – Arena, the player can fight in 10 vs 10 teams where each player controls 3 units. There are 2 different game modes, one against humans another against bots. Most matches can last up to 15 minutes and a normal maximum of 7 minutes. There are normally 3 different ways to win any game. Players can kill all of their enemy soldiers, capture the enemy base, or more units alive at the end of the fixed time limit.

Players can control 14 different commanders in 3 factions. They can unlock and enhance the power of these commanders during gameplay. The game receives too many positive reviews and this game becomes very famous for those who want to play this great series as multiplayer with others.

19- Total War Battles – Kingdom

2nd game in series of Total War Battles games. Its cross-platform game which provides a player chance to fight each other using any device. Game is available for not just windows but mobile phones too. The features of this game are really cool.

Join some other Vikings on weekly expeditions to discover new islands and fight with new players in-game. Too many different types of units, each with their own abilities are playable in this game. They add a new Flood Relief system, which can help you save your realm from destruction by flood.

In this game, players control small islands, start to expand and build everything. After creating small towns, start making powerful soldiers and fight with other enemies.

More Information about Total War Series

What are the Next Total War Game?

Total War Saga – Troy and Total War – Warhammer 3 are the next games to be made for this series. Both games are explained already above with all possible details for you.

Total War Games Ranked

Read the article on Game Rant which provides you with a complete list of best 10 games in series and also rating score. Screenshots, a lot of information is also added with each entry.

Some other Medival Strategy Game?

Total war is not the only game in the world which is very popular. Some other games on the same concept are created and become most popular too. These games are mostly similar to Total War games in many. You can read about some of those games below with a complete explanation.

Games like Total War

1- Stronghold 3

Stronghold series become very popular with time and many different types of games are released in series. Stronghold 3 is a very updated game in series with too many powerful features. It’s like you can watch live battles and become part of them in old age. Huge castles and soldiers are visible for you to control and sent for battle. Unlike previous games where you can only see small units, unable to view battle properly, Stronghold 3 is better a lot.

Stronghold 3 is similar to Total War games because it involved a lot of battles. Economy control and war between different sides are important features of this game. There are many ways to produce more money which can fund war like trees, stones and iron collection, crops, and a complete economic system. Victory in battle mostly depends on how much powerful system you can build for your side, also many advanced units are available for you to build.

The enemy also continues attacking your kingdom to stop you from becoming powerful. Sometime you may need to fight with limited soldiers to win a battle without the economy system involved. Multiplayer support is also available. Some other popular games in series which are different from this game are Stronghold Crusader and Stronghold 1.

2- Age of Empire 3

Another example of a similar game for Total War is the Age of Empire 3. It’s a very old series with too many games created like the Age of Empire 2 become the most popular game of all time. Thousands of players are playing the Age of Empire 2 every month and too many expansions or mods are created for it. But the Age of Empire 3 is only game in series which you can consider similar to Total War.

But similar to Stronghold, the economic system is too much focused in-game. If you can build a strong system so fast, there are chances for you to win any war. But the enemy may continue attacking with all kinds of weapons to stop you from reaching a high level. There are some ages of progress systems in-game. When you upgrade your town to the next level, new tech is unlocked with too many new weapons and more.

There are many different types of weapons created for this game. Unlike previous games in series, some strongest latest weapons are added. Age of Empire 3 is similar to Total War but don’t think that previous games in series are anyway close to it. Games like AOE2 are old where you can only see small units, far view of maps, and lack of important features.

3- Europa Universalis 4

Another grand strategy game where players can control any nation from old ages to the latest advanced time. Some of the important features of this game are trade, warfare, diplomacy, administration, and colonization. The game itself is a complete map of the earth divided into many provinces which are forming nations. Each Province impacts or contribute for their nation in bad of a good way.

Sometimes these provinces can become huge sources of income for a nation or too much waste of important resources if there is unrest and rebellions everywhere. Players in-game can lead any nation by controlling their resources, diplomacy, and plans. It’s always good practice for every player to keep all provinces under their control in the best positions. It will become a huge source of income for them if there is no rebellion anywhere.

In Europa Universalis, Players can choose to conquer all nations by force with military power. Too many nations from history are included in this game. You may not hear of some of them in your life but historical details are provided for you to know them. There are no specific rules in this game, players can lose if their nation is wiped out from the map. Diplomacy becomes very powerful feature of this game which can help any nation rise or destruction of some nations too.

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4- Scourge of War – Waterloo

Game is focused on the American civil war and the most popular battle in history. There are 20 Historical scenarios to play and 3 of them are multiplayer. But there are unlimited user-generated maps which you play. In this game, you will get a chance to control a huge number of troops and move them in battle. Remember, winning depends on you and how you deploy troops against the enemy.

There is a complete chain of command systems created in this game. It means players are not on top of command, someone also orders them to move from one location to another as per requirements. But they are free to move troops which are direct in control by them. Unlike other war games, they try to make this game better and look realistic on the battlefield.

Players can easily zoom out to see the whole war map. But they are also allowed to just zoom in and fight directly. These options provide more realism options for the game. There are historical uniforms for each unit and also flags are available as per historical factions. You can understand that there is very little economy involve in this game. Game is different from the above games where you need a system to fight against the enemy and if you have a weak system or destroyed by the enemy, you may lose the battle as easily.

5- King Arthur

The best alternative to this game where a lot of realism is involved. You can zoom in or out in-game. Large army to fight huge battles, complete story campaign, and also best gameplay options included. Heroes are important in each battle, they get some abilities which can take an important part in-game. Players must make sure that their hero is alive until the end to defeat enemies in a very bad way.

Its mainly a war game which is like Total War a lot. Most features look similar in many ways but It’s, not a long series compare to Total War and you can see only one game. The main purpose of the game is to control Arthur and expand his kingdom. All battles and killing are about capturing other cities and make a large empire. Another important game is Battle-Brother which is very popular. You can read more about battle brother games on Wikipedia.

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Conclusion for Best Total War Games

Each game in series is best for players because they made a lot of changes that make these games separate from each other. History is very important and you can complete missions based on what actually happened in past wars. There is no other game series which provide this level of experience to players

Another article is written for mods of this game. We suggest everyone check that too. Most popular and perfect mods are selected for our list. You may find over 150 mods everywhere but our list is about quality, not quantity.

We added all games which are made for this series and also some upcoming games are added too. Warhammer 3 becomes very popular before its released and everyone is waiting for them to create a 3rd version for Warhammer games. All the important information about this game is included which you need to know.

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