Best treks to do near Delhi


1. Lansdowne Trek

This trek’s distinctive experience includes clean air and beautiful scenery. Lansdowne is one of the places that the British adored for its breathtaking natural beauty and panoramic views of the surrounding snow-capped mountains. From this one location, you may embark on a variety of excursions, each of which is stunningly beautiful and immensely uplifting.

  • Easy degree of difficulty
  • The best time to go on a hike is all year round.
  • 5840 ft. elevation
  • Lansdowne, Uttarakhand, serves as a jumping-off place.

2. Chakrata Trek

Chakrata is a charming small hill village located between the Yamuna and Tons Rivers. The mountainous surroundings, as well as the nearby rushing streams, give it a beautiful feel. This trip, one of the lesser-known weekend hikes from Delhi, offers a total refreshment experience.

  • Level of difficulty: Easy
  • The best time to go on a hike is all year.
  • 7000 feet above sea level.
  • Dehradun is the starting place.

3. Benog Tibba Trek 

This trip, which covers a distance of 20 kilometres, brings hikers through Uttarakhand’s beautiful landscapes. In addition, the dense forests and a sanctuary along the road lend a touch of allure to the journey. Along the way, you’ll see snow-capped mountains and temples in peaceful surroundings.

  • Level of difficulty: Easy
  • The best time to go on the journey is from October to April.
  • 7650 feet above sea level
  • Mussourie, Dehradun is the starting place.

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4. Bijli Mahadev Trek

This trek begins at the foot of Kullu and ends at Bijli Mahadev’s holy temple in Himachal Pradesh. This journey begins in Naggar and continues into the Kais Wildlife Sanctuary’s interior, adding to its attraction.

The stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains are certain to wow hikers on this moderate 15-kilometer hike.

  • Level of difficulty: easy
  • Hiking is best done at any time of year.
  • The elevation is 8070 feet above sea level.
  • The starting point is Naggar.

5. Kuppar Peak Trek

You may take an overnight bus from Delhi to Shimla and then drive or take a bus farther ahead to Giri Ganga to begin your trip. A dense woodland track may be seen from Giri Ganga. Follow the route to get a taste of true tranquilly. The lovely Kuppar Bugyal Meadow is the trail’s final destination.

  • Level of difficulty: Easy-Moderate
  • March through September is the best time to go on the trip.
  • 8200 feet above sea level
  • Giri Ganga, near Shimla, is the starting point.

6. Prashar Lake Trek

The Prashar Lake Trek is one of the most enjoyable weekend hikes near Delhi. In Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi area, this walk is one of the most suited for Delhiites. This journey has the unusual distinction of being able to be accomplished in as little as two days or as long as a week, depending on one’s requirements and desires.

  • Difficulty level: simple
  • The best time to go on the journey is between December and March.
  • 8930 feet above sea level
  • Mandi is the starting point. 

7. Khar Mundyari Trek

The Khar Mundyari walk is another one of the beautiful Manali treks, covering a total distance of 13 kilometres. As you stroll through the natural setting of this area, take in the breathtaking vistas of the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal Himalayan mountains on each side.

  • This trip, which has become one of the most popular weekend hiking choices near Delhi, thrills hikers to the core.
  • Level of difficulty: Easy

8. Kareri Lake Trek

This hike leads to a tiny lake in the Dhauladhar mountains of Himachal Pradesh. This lake proves to be a charming small spot ideal for anyone seeking some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The beautiful meadows, thick woods, and flowing streams all contribute to an unforgettable visit to this location.

  • Level of difficulty: Easy
  • The best time to go on the journey is from April to November.
  • 9700 feet above sea level
  • Ghera Village, near Pathankot, is the starting place. 

9. Triund Trek

This trip, often known as the Dhauladhar range’s jewel, leads you through a spectacular collection of vistas. This walk, one of the greatest weekend hikes from Delhi, takes you through the twisting lanes of the pine, rhododendron, and oak woods while also allowing you to experience the vibrancy of the Tibetan population in India.

  • Level of difficulty: Easy
  • The best time to go on a hike is at any time of year.
  • 9760 feet above sea level
  • Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh, is the starting point.
  • Level of difficulty: Easy
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