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Best Ways to Celebrate Service Anniversaries in 2021

Celebrating an employee’s work anniversary or achievement is one of the most straightforward yet easily neglected activities. However long an employee’s career, it will seem monotonous to them if they don’t really feel appreciated by their bosses or even coworkers.

There are many unique ways to demonstrate to the members of your team how important they are to you and also to their colleagues. Throwing a party or disrupting the entire workday is not necessary, since a few clever gestures will go a long way.

By celebrating an employee’s service anniversary, you can convey to them the value of their presence in the organization. 

Therefore, in this article we’ll look at some of the best ways to celebrate employees’ service anniversaries in 2021. 

Best Ways to Celebrate Employees’ Service Anniversaries

In this section, you’ll look at some of the amazing ways by which you can celebrate your employees’ service anniversaries and keep them motivated. 

1. Give a gift card

Giving employees a gift card is a terrific way to thank your staff for their hard work. Business discounts and deals often push workers out of their comfort zone.

Skiing, surfing, rock climbing, or even a beginner’s instruction in ballroom dance are unique team activities. This gives your employee a day off from their hectic work and provides them a new interesting experience.

2. Plan a team party

Another option to celebrate an employee’s service anniversary is to organize it with their closest coworker.

Ask all the employees to write a short remark or recollection about the person, then print them all and put them in a hat or jar. After that ask the employee to read them and try guessing who wrote them.

Organise an event with their closest friends or colleagues; it does not have to be big or expensive. Just ensure it’s fun and exciting. 

4. Financial Reward to the Less Fortunate

Instead of giving money to an employee who will likely forget it, why not use it to aid those less fortunate? You might make a donation in the employee’s name to a local charity and send them the receipt or a nice certificate.

In this way, you aren’t only recognizing the person and commemorating employee service anniversaries, but you are also assisting local organizations.

5. Send “thank-you” notes

Personal achievements are a great way to show gratitude and appreciation to your employees. Anniversaries are more significant when coworkers send you Post-It notes with explanations about why they are important to the organization.

While this may seem inexpensive to some, understand that it’s the emotions and thoughts that matter. So it’s important to honor employees’ birthdays or even their personal achievements.

6. A trophy can be a motivational way to recognize

Another fantastic approach to thank an employee for their service is to offer them a commemorative trophy. Create a hilarious award for your workers once a year to stimulate and motivate them.

Then give out awards like “Geeky Humor Award” or “Leading Coffee Drinker Award”. Making funny awards and giving them to colleagues on their anniversary could make their workdays less stressful. These humors can be memorable and exciting.

7. Publish their achievements

Finally, announcing an employee’s milestone during a weekly company meeting is another straightforward option. Make a quick speech about your employees’ achievements and years of service.

If your organization does not meet weekly, you may send a thoughtful email highlighting an employee’s achievements and talents to the entire team on their service anniversary day.

Your employee will feel better about themselves and work harder because of this recognition.

8. Create a creative electronic card

There are a few unique electronic card services available on the online stores that are eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional physical greeting cards. 

This can be used to show appreciation for employees on their work anniversaries, birthdays, and personal achievements. 

9. Arrange a cake for your employees’ service anniversary.

Celebrating an employee’s achievement may be as simple as purchasing a cake.

Determine your employee’s preferred type of cake and place an order in advance for one decorated with their name and the years of dedicated service they have provided. 

10. Spotlight Your Employee

Perhaps now is the time to shine the spotlight on your employee! 

If your organization maintains an online blog, make a point of publicizing your employees’ service anniversaries or milestones. It is possible to interview them the week before and publish it in the newsletter’s month.

Include their accomplishments and a photograph of them. This enables the organization to learn about the work of other divisions and also provides individual recognition. 

Bottom Line

Whether it’s a work anniversary or a birthday, you and your executive team can’t afford to neglect your employees’ successes and anniversaries. Employees will feel cherished and special when you honor their service anniversaries.

Therefore, always remember to make everyone in the organization feel important at least once a year, even if you’re too busy with your schedules.

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