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Best White Canvas Shoes

We have been on a white-sneaker journey for the past few years, starting with Stan Smiths’ 2017 boom and ending in 2018 with the ugly dad sneaker. Common Projects became the shoe of choice for “creatives” at some point. Although the white-sneaker craze has passed, they are still the go-to shoe for work, errands and going out. White sneakers can be worn with any shirt or blouse, and even a pair of jeans.

We reached out to 31 sneakerheads and casual sneakers fans to get their opinions on our next pair. We also looked at recommendations from other notable people, such as Adriene Mishler, a yoga instructor, and Erin Brockovich (an environmental activist). Click on these links if you know what style you want. If you don’t know which style you prefer, continue reading to find out our favorite white sneakers.

The best sporty white sneakers

Nike Air Force 1, ’07


Three women who spoke to us chose the Nike Air Force 1 classic white sneaker as their favorite. Michelle Silva, founder of Con.cept, said that she picks which sneakers to wear depending on her mood. Her favorite pair of Air Force 1’s is her classic Air Force 1. Silva states that they are versatile and a key piece of my wardrobe. Christel Langue is a personal stylist and stylist who purchases a pair of Air Force 1s each year. “A staple for certain.” Leigh Plessner (creative director at Catbird and noted glittery nail-polish collector), is also a fan of this style. Plessner shared that she bought a pair of AF1s for her when she was born. They looked great with my nightgowns and dresses. When we spoke to Delilah Belle Hamlin about a year back, six pairs were hers. She said that she gets a new pair when they get dirty.

These shoes are so common that they have become almost ubiquitous. If you want to stand out, custom AF1s might be the best option. Loren Gray, TikTok’s star, said that she had never liked the shoe before she began designing her own. She told us that she now has four pairs of Rick and Morty shoes, Powerpuff sneakers, and at least four other types. We asked Gen-Zers what the most popular sneakers were among their generation. They too co-signed for custom. Justina Sharp says it all comes down to the custom-made AF1s. She claims they have “become commodified” in a way Converse and custom Vans have not. Justina also said that AF1 designs, particularly ones with luxury logos, “feed into a very particular part of the TikTok cool, grunge-luxe aesthetic.”

Nike Air Force1 Jester XX

Madison Hartman, social manager at Stadium Goods, has a new take on the iconic Nike Air Force 1 JesterXX. This pair is part of Nike’s “Reimagined”, a collection that was created by 14 women from Nike. Hartman says the shoes are “tweaked just a little to stand out.” Hartman points to the Jester XX’s elevated heel, tag outside and askew Nike swoosh as details that distinguish it from the Air Force 1’s. She says, “I would pair them either with a dark-washed jean or a pair plaid pants.”

Adidas Running Ultraboost 20

Yeezys are Cassadi’s favorite pair of sneakers. These sneakers are her favorite because they’re “indescribably comfy” for a hair extension stylist. Currier is also a fan of the Adidas sneakers. They have the same Boost technology as Yeezys. They are also more affordable and easily available.

adidas Ultraboost 21

Yoga instructor Adriene Mishler is the founder of Yoga With Adriene. She said that the Ultraboost line’s latest additions look and feel great no matter where they are worn. These are my go-to shoes. They’re great for casual wear, as well as for running and walking. They look great and feel good. It’s nice having a shoe that I can wear for all occasions.” Mishler loves this pair with bright-yellow accents. They’re also available in white.

Adidas Falcon ‘Triple White’

In August, Gen-Zer Lucy Norris said that the Adidas Falcon was “a major contender to be the next big shoe,” as “they’re the perfect combination of a delicate shoe & a chunky trainer.” You won’t find the size you need on any of the original sites that once sold this sneaker.

Nike Zoom Gravity Sneakers

Director of content at authentic sneaker-resale website GOAT Diane Abapo says that she has been wearing the Zoom Gravity sneakers nonstop. Abapo describes the Gravity’s tapered heel as a “less muted” variation of the striking tapered heel found on the A-Cold Wall* x Zoom Vomero 5. Abapo tends to gravitate towards Air Jordan 1’s or Air Force 1’s, but lately she has been drawn to lighter-weight Nike running-style sneakers. She says that lighter sneakers are easier to carry in a suitcase. “I have been traveling extensively over the past few months and I know that it is crucial to choose the right sneakers to take with you.”

Asics Gel-Kinsei OG

Rilka Noel (e-commerce planner at Kith) says the Asics Gel Kinsei OGs are another running-sneaker choice. Noel said that she loves how comfortable they are and that the Asics formstripe reflects the original 2000s silhouette. “They’re designed for running, but I’ve been wearing them every day for all occasions.” She told us that she’s been into technical/performance sneakers with a retro nostalgia vibe — like that 2000s silhouette — for pairing with day-to-night looks, and wears these with ankle socks and dresses, as well as with oversize denim and a silky blouse. She says, “They’re everything.”

Nike Air Huarache Run Sneakers

Elizabeth Tamkin, a former market strategist at Man Repeller, says that she has the Nike Huarache sneakers (all-white) and loves to wear them. “The sole is a little taller than I prefer, which I love because I’m shorter.” Tamkin also loves that the Huaraches can be worn with both girlie dresses (once she wore a velvet Rhode Resort dress) as well as tracksuits.

Veja + Net Sustain Net Sustain Rio Branco Sneakers

Jess Hannah Revesz is another semi-sporty choice. She founded J. Hannah jewelry and, like many other stylish people on this list, chose Veja (a favourite of many New York Magazine staffers), as her preferred sneaker brand. She says that Veja, as a company, makes a concerted effort to be sustainable. “The mesh of this pair is made out of a mix cotton and recycled polyester.” We love the retro feel of these sneakers, and especially love the gum sole.

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