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Biden vs Trump

Trump vs Biden explains why both represent an entirely different mindset, ideologies and vision to make America Great Again.


Everyone knows that Trump was different from any US president in history. Unlike both parties ruling America for decades, he changed everything. The Trump administration’s main focus was “America First,” “End of Wars,” and the War with China.
Biden is now president, and you can read about why both administrations differ a lot at every level.

Important Points

War Policy

It was Trump’s idea to end all wars where the USA involves without any reason. This step will save trillions of dollars and the lives of American soldiers all over the world. He stopped all kinds of wars successfully, and that’s why everyone loves him.

But Biden is planning to follow those who never accept the ending of wars. Most of these influential people include Arm production company owners, those who want America to waste money and lose its superpower status.

Trump made a deal with the Taliban to leave Afghanistan and stop 20 years of endless war. Biden wants to continue and risk all soldiers there because the Taliban already control most of Afghanistan. Biden is spending billions of dollars and sending soldiers to different countries to restart old wars.

China Policy

Trump started a trade war with China and blamed them for spreading coronavirus. It means China refused to action the whole world about this virus and control it on their side. You can understand that Only Europe and America lost too much in the war against corona, not China.

Biden wants to fund WHO again and also start a relation with China like past. Most people claim his business relations and considerable investment in China. So China doesn’t need to fight with America at all levels to replace the USA as a superpower. Biden-friendly gameplay will do China dirty work for them.

Jobs Policy

Trump created millions of jobs in 4 years, even affected by a coronavirus. He planned to stop lockdown and open America’s whole, and everyone must start living everyday life. But he never focuses on killing people jobs like Biden is doing now these days. Trump’s focus was to save old employment in every industry and continue living everyday life. But Biden promises to produce new high-paying jobs, and people may lose what they already have.

You can find his decisive action in the name of climate change and kill thousands of jobs in oil and related industry. But What will happen if the whole world like Saudia, Russia, and other countries continue with the same attitude. Is it possible to affect climate change by killing unlimited jobs when every other country doesn’t care?

That’s just a short story, but it’s going to be a lot worse.


Trump tried to change everything, start a war with the deep state but unable to continue. Biden is trying its best to continue what others did in the past, actions, play as world police, and much more. You can easily understand that how it will destroy America as a superpower.

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