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Bikers Vs. Car Enthusiasts – Which Group Is More Involved In Their Hobby

As an outsider to both groups, and someone passionate about observing human behavior, I’ve always found it strange that people who are into motorcycles aren’t necessarily crazy about cars, and vice versa. I’ve spent some time with both groups and here’s what I realized. Read about “Bikers Vs Car Enthusiasts” in details.

Motorcycle Lovers: Care More About The Appearance

While car lovers are also prone to getting excited about the visual aspect of their cars, they do not care enough to take care of their vehicle. On the other hand, motorcycle riders are likely to keep a rigorous cleaning schedule. They may even be taking care to clean the engine – or better yet, cleaning motorcycle engine cases! This is not an extreme I’ve observed within the group, but it is the norm.

Car Enthusiasts: Mechanics Are Important

Real car enthusiasts are not swayed easily by the bells and whistles that modern cars can provide if they aren’t backing it up with the mechanics. They often report wanting to feel how the car works through the steering wheel and pedals. Most people I’ve met weren’t against electric cars like the Tesla, but they weren’t enjoying the driving experience when there is no rumbling engine under the hood.

Bikers: An Often Misunderstood Group

Mass media and society often portray bikers as being these harsh people who are the “bad guys”. While there are surely some bikers that fit that stereotype, most that I’ve met are actually very sweet, sensitive people. This is a case where the book definitely shouldn’t be judged by the cover, because very few bikers are the heartless gang members they are portrayed as. 

Car Lovers: More Varied

There is more variety when it comes to cars, so it is normal that there are different groups of car lovers. Motorcycle enthusiasts can be grouped into one or two categories, but car lovers can be split into dozens of groups depending on their preferences. Sports car lovers are unlikely to completely understand the appeal of monster trucks, and electric car enthusiasts aren’t going to see eye-to-eye with American muscle car lovers anytime soon. 

Are There Any Similarities Between The Two Groups?

One concept that both groups seem to adhere to is the concept of the open road. They both claim that they love the freedom they feel when driving or riding on the road. This is a feeling that an outsider might not fully understand, and even though they have drastically different experiences, they are able to relate to each other in this aspect. 


Motorcycles and cars are not the same type of vehicle, and they offer dramatically different experiences. Thus their fans cannot be grouped together into one category, for the most part. They may have a few shared interests, and many people are interested in both vehicles. But true fans of one or the others are generally uninterested in the other type of vehicle, and may only have basic knowledge that you would expect from any layman.

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