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Biography of Larisa Guzeeva

The most famous heroine of Larisa Guzeeva was also called Larisa (the film “Cruel Romance”). According to the actress, she was named after Larisa Ogudalova, the heroine of Ostrovsky. Whether this “experience of the name” helped the film director Addie Andrews to see the future “dowryless” in a thin aspiring actress who came to the casting in a hippie outfit, is unknown. But he saw, saw the very essence – her femininity and strength.

Larisa Guzeeva does not hide the fact that she never saw her father. When she was 5 years old, her mother, Albina Andreevna, a teacher of history, got married, and already her stepfather took an active part in raising the girl. If the mother loved and spoiled her daughter, then the stepfather was strict with her, forbade a lot, for which later, as Guzeeva admits, she became grateful to him.

And mother’s boundless love instilled in Larisa self-confidence, that she is the best, the most beautiful. This supported her in her childhood desire to become an actress, which gradually grew into conviction. She was thin and was not popular with rural suitors who preferred owners of magnificent forms. The actress recalled that she wore several pantyhose at the same time to make her legs look fuller.

After school, Larisa Guzeeva went to Leningrad to enter the Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography (LGITMIK). Assessing the number and beauty of those wishing to become applicants, Guzeeva shaved her head baldly in order to stand out and attract the attention of the selection committee.

And she was noticed. Beautiful, self-confident, extravagant, sharp-tongued, she did not join the student team, preferring the work of a model and a bohemian party to student subbotniks and skits. Artists, informal musicians, poets – the alternative youth of the 70s attracted her much more than classmates.

From the first year, Guzeeva starred in commercials. After graduating from the institute, he is in no hurry to enter the theater, but tries to act in films. And immediately such luck: the role of Larisa Dmitrievna Ogudalova in Ryazanov’s film. Although her very first appearance on the screen took place in the film “The meeting place cannot be changed” – a girl dancing with Taraskin in a restaurant. But then, due to the insignificance of the episode, the name of Guzeeva was not even put in the credits.

After the “Cruel Romance”, the whole country recognized her. True, according to Ryazanov, the triumph was blurred by the release of two weak films to the “romance”, in which the actress starred because of the money. But, nevertheless, Guzeeva was remembered and loved.

In total, the filmography of Larisa Guzeeva has about 60 paintings.

In 2008, the actress was invited to the role of a TV presenter in the talk show Let’s Get Married. Since then, Guzeeva has been constantly helping everyone who wants to find their other half with advice. Her precise, very witty and aphoristic comments immediately go to the people.

Personal life of Larisa Guzeeva

The beauty broke more than one man’s heart. She is credited with novels with the most extraordinary and bright famous men. But there are only three official marriages.

Guzeeva’s first husband was Ilya, an assistant cameraman, whom they met on the set of the film “Rivals”. The marriage lasted seven years and broke up due to her husband’s addiction to drugs.

After this marriage, which almost destroyed Larisa herself, in Georgia, during the filming of The Chosen One, she met the philologist Kendra Karter. He won the heart of the obstinate beauty with intelligence, education, attention. In this marriage, the son George was born (1992). But the difference in upbringing, cultures put an end to marriage pretty quickly.

The current, third, husband of the actress – restaurateur Igor Bukharov – became the father of the daughter of Larisa Guzeeva – Olga (2000)

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 Interesting facts about Larisa Guzeeva

·         the rebellious spirit is inherent in the actress since childhood. The daughter of a teacher, she went to school in a mini, smoked cigarettes and cursed, for which her mother regularly listened to from colleagues

·         as a child, Guzeeva, out of resentment towards her parents, once ran away to a camp with gypsies. Luckily they got her back on time.

·          the actress was the first to speak openly about female alcoholism, admitting that she herself almost crossed the line. The first admitted that she resorted to the services of plastic surgeons

·         Guzeeva cooks well and always brings recipes of national dishes from trips abroad. Her culinary skills are legendary

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