Block Puzzle Game Applications – The Various Types

Block Puzzle Game Applications – The Various Types

Block puzzle games come in different formats and displays. The differences could be in terms of the shapes of the block or the flow of the game. However, the objective of all block games is to arrange the elements in a vertical or horizontal line.

There are numerous block puzzle game applications on the internet. Most of these applications can be supported by all operating systems. Whether your gadget is android, windows, or iOS, you can install and enjoy the game.

One advantage of these applications is that they are free and require no payments upon download.

Here are the various applications for block puzzle games.

1. Block Sort Puzzle Application

The block sort puzzle application is a color-sorting game. This game is under the sliding category of block games. It involves tubes that have different colors. You are required to arrange the colors in the tubes to match one another. Once a tube is filled with blocks of the same color, you are awarded points.

This application is free and can be installed on gadgets with android and windows operating systems.

2. Block Puzzle Jewel Application

This application is the quintessence of block puzzle games. The game is under the falling category of block games. Blocks of different shapes fall from the top of the grid. You are required to arrange them to fill in vertical or horizontal lines. Once a line is created, it disappears, and you are awarded points.

The application is available on the play store and app store.

3. Block Puzzle Slide Application

This application was published by the Block Puzzle Games Family. The game falls under the sliding category. You are required to slide the blocks into horizontal positions without leaving gaps. Once a row is created, it is crushed, and it disappears. This action awards you points.

This application has a visibility score of 53%. You can find the application in the google play store or app store. Both windows and android gadgets support this application.

4. Merge Number Application

This application is a 2048-type number puzzle. The Block Puzzle Games Family is the publisher of this application. The game in the application is categorized under the falling block games. You are required to arrange the blocks in a vertical and horizontal manner. This arrangement should be of blocks with the same number on them. Once a row or column of similar numbers is created, it is crushed, and it disappears. A score is subsequently added to you.

The visibility score of this application is 47%. This application is available in the play store and app store.

5. Water Sort Application

This application was published by Block Puzzle Games Family. This game requires you to pour colored water into bottles. The colored water should be of the same color as that in the bottle. Once a bottle is filled with colored water, it breaks, and you are awarded points.

This application is found in the play store for android phones. It can also be installed from the app store for gadgets with a windows operating system.

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