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Importance of Blockchain Training for Developers – Amir Articles

The development of Decentralized technologies is the major highlight of the last decade. Read “Blockchain Training for Developers “


The development of Decentralized technologies is the major highlight of the last decade. Interestingly, different sectors seem interested in applying these technologies to make the processes and transactions more efficient.

Following this trend only, Blockchain emerged in 2009 and highlighted in the past decade as a record-keeping technology that is now revolutionizing various concepts that we used to consider unimportant, including supply-chain monitoring and digital identity creations, and managing shipping systems.

Big brands and companies like IBM and Samsung have shown the belief in the potential of Blockchain as the underlying infrastructure for the upcoming wave of innovations in the field of technology. This indicates that the role of Blockchain will grow soon.

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With such trust in the Blockchain technology, high demand for Blockchain developers in the coming years will not be surprising at all. Learning Blockchain seems to be highly beneficial for the tech professionals this way, when already in 2018 emerging jobs report Blockchain developers were on the top in the list. So, suppose you are thinking of a career as a Blockchain developer.

In that case, this is the right time to enroll yourself for a Blockchain course online as the demand for certified Blockchain developers in several industries is continuously increasing.

A career in Blockchain can bring you many benefits, and it may help you land your dream job as a tech professional. Let’s explore the benefits which Blockchain training can obtain for you.

Benefits of Being a Blockchain Developer

Many of you must have heard about Blockchain is taking over the conventional technical solutions in various industries and sectors, which shows that people have started taking Blockchain technology more seriously in different use cases.

It is because Blockchain comes with several benefits. Apart from that, there is still a doubt in people’s minds that the advantages of learning Blockchain are for Blockchain developers. Let’s discuss various advantages of this technology for Blockchain professionals or developers.

Huge Salaries: 

Blockchain is titled as the hottest job in this century. Blockchain design and development is one of the most desirable job skills demanded in the IT market currently. Thousands of startups and companies are seeking Blockchain expertise for smoothening of their operations.

Thousands of Blockchain jobs are up for grabs in the United States and other countries of the world. So, there exist more significant opportunities for attractive roles with humongous salaries in the Blockchain domain.

Learning Blockchain and obtaining Blockchain certification now is an excellent idea to gain fantastic jobs in the tech industry.

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Understanding of Use-Cases: 

According to a report, around 25 percent of large companies are keen on the application of Blockchain apps and various Blockchain use cases for their business operations, and for this, they are demanding Project managers, Application Designers, and Developers who either have prior Blockchain experience or at least have done some Blockchain training course or certification.

Blockchain certification or Blockchain training makes you better understand the technology by working on real-life use-cases of Blockchain being applied in businesses and industries. It gives you the idea of what should be done practically in a particular situation.

All this is learned through the practical application of the knowledge that the Blockchain training courses involve.

Exposure to Latest and Upcoming Tech Trends: 

Blockchain certifications help you learn new technology innovations by minimizing the gap created due to the unavailability of standard resources and the different opinions on the authenticity and ability of the technology by the experts.

Blockchain training allows you to meet the best available resources validated in the industries. This way, it allows you to get exposed to the new arrivals in the field of technology. 

A Competitive Edge over Others: 

Blockchain training and certification gives an edge to the professional over other technology experts as a certification itself is the indicator of a person’s proficiency. The Blockchain certification and training demonstrate your ability to implement new technology trends associated with Blockchain, which is probably challenging for other tech experts.

Significant Roles in the Process and Operations:  

Efficient Blockchain training helps you get significant roles in the organization, leading you to work closely with the top-level authorities. As the technology is comparatively new and its nature is quite complex, top management is usually involved in the implementation of projects and use-cases. Certified Blockchain professionals have more chances of being hired directly for top positions to get more opportunities to showcase their skills.

Job Role Options: 

A single certification in Blockchain technology training can help you avail yourself of multiple job roles you can choose from. Blockchain certification comes with several specialized training and certification courses that can help professionals to master the individual skills according to the role they want to obtain in their organization. These roles include Certified Blockchain Expert, Certified Blockchain Architect, and Certified Blockchain Developer.

Blockchain technology is presently at a nascent stage, but it has progressed to gain attention across industries and top management. The technology has already proved its potential and benefits in several sectors, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, retail, telecom and many other private and public industries.

The Blockchain has marked a rapid growth in recent years, and no one can deny that it is going to be the next big thing in the tech field in the coming few years. The technology has opened the gateways of efficiency for businesses and the IT professionals and developers, especially; it has brought new horizons of career growth.

The skills required to become a certified Blockchain professional range from technical knowledge to real-life use cases of Blockchain across various industries. 

Many small and large companies have already started working with Blockchain technology applications in their business processes, and these companies are reaping the optimum benefits of the Blockchain.

As more and more operations are being based on Blockchain technology, it seems to be the right time for IT aspirants to start learning Blockchain to make a career as a Blockchain developer. There has been a rise in Blockchain technology careers as Blockchain has changed the face of tech industry tremendously.

If you are interested in learning to build smart contracts and developing chain-codes, a lucrative Blockchain developer career is waiting for you. Hope you love reading “Blockchain Training for Developers”

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