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Blue World City as Tourist Hotspot in Pakistan

Pakistan and China’s longstanding alliance is presently at an all-time high across the board. Blue World City Islamabad, a new development by local builders Blue Group of Companies (BGC) & Imperium Group of Companies and Chinese developer Shah Jian Municipal Engineering Company, is officially open for business. Islamabad, Pakistan, and China have formed a new housing development called the Pak-China Friendly Community. A major selling factor of this new housing development is that it is convenient with many access points. It is situated on the edges of the Lahore–Islamabad Motorway, alongside the CPEC path, the New Airport, and the Chakri Interchange, in contrast to possessing entrance from Chakri Road.

In a gated neighborhood featuring a hilltop five-star hotel, Blue World City – Graceland housing will be a paradise for both local and international travelers, showcasing some of the world’s most famous tourist attractions, such as the world’s largest horse mascot, Rumi Square, and a world-class water amusement park. A suitable location for domestic and international merchants and entrepreneurs to perform their trade and business is provided by incorporating Blue World Economic Zone in the program.

Blue World City, envisioned as a city inside a city, is an architectural and town-planning masterwork. The neighborhood project has all of the conveniences of urban living, yet in a tranquil and beautiful setting. Every day, the project’s growth gains momentum under the proper monitoring of qualified engineers, designers, urban designers, and technical examiners, from exact planning to faultless execution.

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China & Blue World City

With Shan Jian Municipal Engineering (SJME) and BGC working together, Pakistan’s tourism sector may boost collaboration. Known as a “Pak-China Friendly City,” the development is expected to strengthen connections between Pakistan and China. An MOU inked with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering promises its inhabitants that the residential project would adhere to global standards and guarantees a consistent influx of Direct Foreign Investment from China.

In addition, a greater number of Chinese residents will move into the housing complex. As people from our southern neighbor travel across the border to see loved ones at Blue World City, the Pakistani tourism sector will see an increase in visitors. If the housing authority in China has a relationship with Pakistan, it can help the country’s tourism business by providing a direct connection to the CPEC route, another joint venture between the two nations.

Turkey & Blue World City

Saad Nazir, the chairman of the residential development, maintains links with several other nations. In 2020, there have been rumors about appointing. Ertugrul Ghazi’s lead Engin Altan as the residential development brand representative. Altan’s co-star Esra Bilgic was given the job after negotiations fell through. There are many ways that Blue World City is helping the Pakistani tourist business. Turkish-Pakistani relations have been bridged thanks to BGC’s efforts. A significant rise is noticed in the number of individuals traveling to Turkey for vacationing in recent years; this could be an opportunity for Turkish visitors to visit Pakistan.

Tourist Attractions in Blue World City

Although the project has ties to several countries, it also has its own merits that could draw tourists worldwide. The housing development has aimed to build the world’s tallest mascot horse. Yes, you read that correctly! It’s a breathtaking sight to see. As a result, it will be entered into the Guinness Book of Records. This is a great strategy to draw tourists to Pakistan from the Guinness Book of World Records community.

This prestigious housing society has built a duplicate of Dubai’s Burj Al-Arab to entice more visitors. At 300 feet in height, this replica will be faithful to the actual structure’s design down to the smallest of details. The project’s central Business Square will be housed in this structure. There will also be a replica of the Blue Mosque to see. The Blue Mosque is without question one of Islam’s most impressive architectural achievements. It would undoubtedly draw travelers from throughout the country and beyond the world, providing a significant boost to Pakistan’s tourism sector.

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