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Be creative with bonus money at an online casino

You are probably familiar with the phenomenon of bonus money at an online casino. You receive this sum of money when you start betting money to gamble online on best casino sites for card games like บาคาร่า. You usually get it with your very first deposit, but also, for example, when you create an account at an online casino. And no matter how handy such an extra is, you have to take the associated conditions into account. Read about bonus money at an online casino below.

For example, you have to wager the extra money that you have received an x ​​number of times. Only when that has been achieved, you can cash in all the winnings you have made into your bank account. We call this phenomenon playing around or free playing. Keep in mind that not every casino game counts towards the wagering factor. Therefore, make smart use of a number of handy tips on how you can deal with received bonus money as creatively as possible.

Don’t always go for a high bonus

Many players go for the highest casino bonus because the more bonus money you have, the more chance you have to win something. You can bet more than if you had no bonus money. Just keep in mind that with a large bonus you also have to bet a considerable amount to play that bonus. 

Did you know that at most online casinos the wagering factor is 35x? If you gamble with a 100 euro bonus, you have to wager a total of 3500 euros before the bonus is actually yours. And not all gambling games count. There are therefore quite a lot of players who refuse a casino bonusand gamble without bonuses. 

(At some online casinos you can choose that option if the amount is offered, at others you have to contact customer service) The disadvantage of refusing a bonus is of course that you have less chance of making a profit.

Maybe it’s smart to get a lower bonus. You do not deposit 100 euros for a 100 euros bonus, but an amount of 50 euros so that you also only receive a 50 euros bonus. You then add the other 50 euros to your playing account (so without bonus). You then play with 150 euros (instead of 200 euros), but also only have to bet 1750 euros to meet the wagering conditions.

Spread odds with multiple bonuses

Another option is to simply register at multiple online casinos and claim a bonus at each individual casino. We call this spreading the odds and you then have to bet less per gambling site to free up the money. Of course, in its totality you still bet the same amount, but the chances of achieving it are many times greater. Playing at multiple online casinos may also give you better wagering conditions. But it is actually better to just play in the casino that has the best conditions (and therefore the lowest wagering factor).

There are gambling sites with very good bonus conditions. Sometimes the bonus only needs to be wagered 15X and you can clear it very quickly.

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