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Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System in the COVID-19 World

Having a strong immune system right now is truly important. Read about some ways to Boost Your Immune System that can actually help you.

Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System in the COVID-19 World


Having a strong immune system right now is truly important. Since COVID-19 arrived in our lives, this is a must. Having good defenses will not only prevent you from getting coronavirus but also can bring you out of any disease faster. 

Believe it or not, having a better immune system is really easy. You don’t have to purchase any expensive vitamins on supplements. Here you will find some useful things to do to boost it.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is popular for preventing respiratory tract diseases. It isalso amazing with wound healing. And it also helps to keep your skin, bones, and connective tissue healthy.  Most people think that they need to buy this vitamin, but there’s no need.

Plenty of vegetables and fruits are a source of this important vitamin, like:

• Citrus fruits. Remember that fruits that have yellow or orangish colour are full of beta-carotene which are the source of vitamin C and also of antioxidants.

• Kiwifruit

• Yellow Apple

• Berries

• Tomatoes

• Broccoli

Do exercise

This is also a very welcomed thing to do to help your immune system. You don’t have to do hours and hours of exercise. Or kill yourself in the gym. Doing 30 minutes of exercise per day is just enough. If you feel that you are a not sport kind of person, then don’t worry.

There are a lot of ways to get healthier on this topic. Instead of using your car for short distances, try walking. Maybe it doesn’t seem like a lot of exercise for you, but your body will be thankful for it. If you have a dog, then try to get longer walks with him. Or to walk him more often.

Another way to increase the amount of exercise that you do daily is to use the stairs instead of elevators. It will not only help you prevent diseases but also you will have more energy.

Rainbow diet

Have you ever heard about this type of diet? This is a really simple thing to do, and it will be one of the best things that you can do for yourself. When we talk about the rainbow diet, we are talking about including foods of many colours on your daily basis.

Sounds extremely simple right? And it is. There are some benefits of the vegetable depending on the colour:

White: It has anti-inflammatory properties

Yellow: As we said before, antioxidants

Red: Prevents cancer

Green: It stimulates your defences

Orange: Protects the immune system

Drink tea

Simplest one. To do it you just have to boil water, put it in a cup, and put your favourite loose-leaf tea. Remember that plants have a lot of properties, and one easy way to take advantage of them is tea.

If you have doubts about the properties that each tea has here is a list of the most popular ones:

Green tea: Improves your physical performance, is antioxidant and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Chamomile tea: Helps to cope with stress and anxiety as it is a natural relaxant. It helps with any stomachal problem, and with the treatment of wounds because of its antibacterial properties.

Peppermint tea: Improves digestion and helps with colds and headaches.

Good sleep

There’s nothing better in this world than sleeping well. If you rest enough, then your chances of waking up in a good mood are more. Also, when you sleep the immune system regenerates, so this is a must. That way this system will be able to fulfil its tasks. 

There are also some reliable facts out there, proving that people who suffer from insomnia are more susceptible to heart diseases. As well, it will improve your memory and will reduce the chances of having depression. 

If you’re the type of person that likes to stay awake and wake up early, then you will have to change your habits. Add Supplements to your regimen for immune system support, Pills don’t work like magic, but they will give you that extra boost if you are serious about your health, and Try sleeping every day 15 minutes earlier than the other day. Until you reach the time to sleep between 7-8 hours per day.

Stress, your worst enemy

Oh yes, this is one of the most common things that weaken your defences. We know that living in a city and the rhythm of life nowadays doesn’t help with this.  One of the most common effects of stress is headaches. As well, excessive fatigue, insomnia, back pain due to tight muscles, and weight fluctuations.

Some things that you can try to avoid stress are:

• Stay organised with your daily tasks

• Respect your own working schedules

• Meditate

• Yoga or any type of exercise

• Have fun times with your beloved ones

• Avoid procrastination

• Try breathing exercises whenever you feel overwhelmed

Less grease, less ultra-processed food

Watch out for the things that you eat. Picture your body as a machine and food as fuel. What happened when you use low-quality fuel with a machine? Or the wrong type of fuel for it? Maybe the machine will work for a while but will need a lot of maintenance and will not work to full capacity.

This will translate into reducing the lifetime of the machine. But if you give it good quality fuel and the right one for it, it will work perfectly for a longer time. Also, you will not have to do a lot of maintenance. When eating, try to choose a rich diet in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy greases.

Avoid ultra-processed food and try to not eat a lot of bad greases. Remember, balance is the key. You can still eat the things you love, just make sure that you eat 80% of the time healthy things, and 20% other things.

One tip for you

If you’re the type of person that is not used to follow a healthy lifestyle, then maybe these recommendations will sound hard to do. Make it easier for you. Don’t try doing them all at once. This is the perfect recipe for failure. IF you want to succeed, then take it to step by step.

Start just with exercise. Whenever you feel that this is a task that you’ve already accomplished, add a new one. And keep doing it until you`re doing anything that you can to boost your immune system, and your health.

Last thoughts

Remember that doing these types of improvements is not related to money. Sometimes people tend to think that eating healthier and doing all of this is expensive. But it’s not. It is just about changing some habits.

Also, take into count that you can purchase vegetables, fruits, and organic tea online. That way you don’t have to go out of your house. Just be ready for eating more citrus, have a balanced and rainbow diet. Sleep well and also do some exercise to have a strong immune system. Hope you love reading “Boost Your Immune System”

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