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SEO Trends 2021: How to Boost Your Websites Ranking?

In this article, let’s discover all the new SEO trends for 2021. Read “How to Boost Your Websites Ranking?” following easy steps.


Thanks to the emergence of IT, technological and digital tools, the digital world has been continually evolving in recent years. All the biggest web professionals must continuously adapt to change and readjust their strategy to take full advantage of natural referencing’s many benefits.

And 2021 will be the year of change, especially with the new algorithm update, Google Page Experience Update. SEO Trends are now changed, and one must be advanced to get many rankings. 

In this article, let’s discover all the new SEO trends for 2021 and the actions to be implemented to improve and boost the SEO of your website. Read full article below about “Boost Your Websites Ranking”

Optimize Your Website for Fastest Growing Search Engines Today


For anyone who owns a website or a blog, natural referencing brings many advantages: increasing your visibility on the web, attracting targeted and regular traffic to your website, increasing the click-through rate, the conversion rate, etc.

So how does Google work? What elements/data will it rank a website on in the SERPs? What Are the changes in SEO Trends? 

The positioning criteria Google are numerous and constantly changing, to the point that it can sometimes be challenging to see clearly. Currently, SEO experts count no less than 200.

Although the basics of SEO trends remain unchanged (net linking and content marketing), specific criteria seem to tip the scales. They have a more significant influence on the ranking of a website on search engines.


In the new SEO Trends 2021, We are to keep in mind the following aspects. SEO Company experts keep in mind all the latest and advanced SEO trends while working on the websites’ SEO. Without new SEO trends, online visibility is not possible to gain. 


In 2021, the UX user experience will be among the key SEO Trends and criterion for Google. In addition to attracting Internet users and meeting their needs, you will have to offer them a positive and qualitative “experience”, which will make them want to come back to your website.

The strategy to be implemented will have to turn more towards SXO (Search Experience Optimization), rather than SEO alone.

To do this, Google is integrating the updating of Core Web Vitals (essential web signals) into its strategy, based on three new indicators according to recent SEO Trends. 

LCP (Largest Content-full Paint) which consists of analysing the loading time of a web page;

CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) which consists of measuring the visual stability of the elements present on a web page;

FID (First Input Delay) analyses the interactivity of a web page, according to the user’s actions.

All these elements help improve specific essential indicators for SEO, such as the bounce rate.

As you can see, Google is doing everything to offer the best possible experiences to its users.

These Digital Marketing Trends Will Go Obsolete from 2021 Onward


Content is king, and in 2021 that won’t change. Even if the editorial content is not an SEO criterion on its own, it is still essential, and Google is always fond of it.

To increase its chances of being well positioned on search engines, the content offered to readers must be: unique, relevant, qualitative, with high added value and respond to a specific request on a well-defined theme.

To assess the relevance and quality of content, Google uses the EAT (Expertise, Authority, Trust) criterion.

Confirm your expertise;

Demonstrate your authority;

Demonstrate your credibility.

The net-linking strategy with backlinks also remains very important. Bet on quality rather than quantity to increase your website’s domain authority, trust flow, and citation flow, which are essential SEO TRENDS indicators for ranking.


Image optimization has evolved considerably, and this is a very important element to consider.

As a first step, it is advisable to choose royalty-free images of illustrations (from free online image banks), of professional quality and relevant to the page’s content.

Secondly, to optimize the images on your website, it is strongly recommended to compress them to reduce their weight. Indeed, images of illustrations that are too heavy slow down web pages’ loading time and can penalize you. You can check this setting with tools like GT Metrix and use online image compressors like tinypng.com.

Then be sure to customize the file’s name (avoid img157842.jpg and prefer the format; main-keywords.jpg).

Finally, enter the alt tag, used by Google indexing robots to reference your images.


Today, more than 80% of internet users use their smartphones to go online.

Mobile, therefore, holds a significant share of web traffic and each owner must ensure that their website is well optimized for the mobile format (responsive design site) to obtain better ranking on Google (” Mobile First “).

Therefore, the pages of a website must adapt to the size of the screens, whatever the tool used (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.) so that Internet users can browse in peace, fluidly and in so that their experience is positive.

Tip: Check the loading speed of your website on mobile. A site that takes too long to load is a lost user.


Big mistake not to start the video in 2021! Inserting video content even inside your blog posts or web pages is an excellent strategy to implement to boost your SEO.

In addition to pleasing Internet users, video is a fun, interactive format with tremendous conversion power.

However, it must also meet Google’s algorithm’s requirements and therefore must be optimized and provide useful, relevant and qualitative content.


In 2021, the SEO trends continue to progress: Internet users looking for a product or a service want to obtain a result quickly, and local searches make it possible to meet this need.

With the current situation, we are going through, more and more people want to help businesses or small businesses in their regions.

Did you know that local SEO accounts for 65% of online searches? Therefore, working on local SEO is a strategy to be exploited, in particular through the creation of a Google My Business listing.

Well optimized, it offers you increased visibility on search engines, an increase in targeted and qualified traffic and also allows you to prove your expertise in your field of activity.


The voice search is considered one of the new SEO trends and is expanding day by day. For a few years now, many users have become familiar with Google Home, Siri or Alexa.

Oral research is different from writing. Users speak naturally and make whole, longer sentences instead of just using specific targeted keywords.

Your editorial content must be adapted accordingly, and you must work on your SEO by focusing on the long tail.

Google is once again looking to simplify and improve its users’ experience who will no longer need to think about a particular keyword to meet their needs, by allowing them to perform their research by merely speaking. And freely, as if they were talking to a loved one.


The SEO is complex and evolving, and SEO trends are changing day by day. It is essential to always be on the lookout for the latest information and news about it to readjust its SEO strategy and succeed in doing well.

For SEO trends 2021, if there is indeed an essential point to remember that the user experience and the quality of the editorial content are at the heart of the inbound marketing strategy. Hope you love reading “Boost Your Websites Ranking”

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