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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation – Enhancer looks With Better Breast

Girls have the desire to have proportionate breasts with her body. But not everyone has perfect breast size. Some have small breasts, while others suffer from asymmetry, but there’s always a way out with modern technology and science. It may be changed as per the proportion of the body, which may help boost their self-confidence by enhancing their look. Read about Breast Augmentation below.

Fat Transfer Procedure 

This procedure uses liposuction, which removes fat from one part of the body and puts it on the breast to improve its shape. The woman who looks for a natural increase in the breasts undergoes this process as it uses the woman’s body fat. This process results in only a small increase in the size of the breasts.

The fat transfer breast augmentation is done through: – 

Pre-Expansion Technique 

The older methods could only achieve a small gain in the size of the breast. The problem with the above method was that it could only transfer a small amount of fat due to less space in the bread to store fat.

With this new technique named, “pre-expansion” the breast size can be significantly increased by increasing the amount of fat injected into the breast. Excess fat may increase pressure on the breast. 

To correct, a bra-like device is used, which expands the breast creating more space for the fat to be accumulated and larger growth in the size of the bra over time, the curiosity and interest among the people have grown to use their fat to augment the size of their breasts, but the old methods were limited to the amount of fat that could be dealt.

Effectiveness of the Technique

The expository room, which is created by the device, lays a tissue bed that helps create four times the volume transfer compared to the classical method. The brae used increases the volume of the recipient without any pain, but it’s cumbersome to use. The day of the surgery may be delayed if sufficient pre-expansion is not achieved.

Why Use Fats Transfer Procedure?

The aumento de senos por transferencia de grasa acts as a substitute for breast implants surgery. The surgery is not preferred as it has complications of making scars on the body and then increasing the tissue count, which helps in increasing the size of the breast. The other advantages of fat transfer are:-

  1. It has fewer complications than a surgery
  2. Scars may remain evident after the surgery too.
  3. Cost of the surgery is relatively high as compared to liposuction.
  4. The method provides greater augmentation over the surgery.

To get better results:- 

To get better results, one has to use the bra-like device to create more vacuum, which provides the much-needed space to transfer the fat.

The more space emptied in the breast, and the better results will be evident for the fat transfer breast augmentation procedure.

Advantages of Breast Augmentation:

  • The process is natural as no foreign substance is used to complete the procedure. Only the fats stored in the patient’s body are used to increasing the size of her breasts.
  • The process changes the shape of the entire body. This is done as fat from a particular body region is transformed, thus providing double with the benefit, i.e. the breast size also increases and reduces the unwanted fat from the desired body region.
  • Scars or marks are absent in this process as the fat is introduced in the breasts with very tiny incisions, thus not leaving any scars.

Hopefully, this guide will help you know about the topic in brief.

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