Know the Brilliant Substitutes of Whey

Substitutes of Whey

Probably, you are paying close attention to your daily meal or hitting the gym hard but without whey isolate or other protein supplements, your fitness journey is considered incomplete. 

Whey is a king in the world of bodybuilding that nobody can underestimate. It helps bodybuilders in faster muscle recovery, getting bigger muscles, energy, and strength. This is the reason why you hear the name so often among the gym goers. But the truth is you get only one type of protein when you use whey isolate. That is not as effective as if you include other types of protein in your daily life as well.

Although there is nothing wrong with consuming whey, here are some very effective and brilliant substitutes for whey protein that help you to get different types of protein. 

Effective and brilliant substitutes for whey:

Whey protein doesn’t suit everyone, especially lactose intolerant people.  Here are some brilliant whey protein substitutes that are rich in protein and can be proved better than whey protein in many cases. 

  • Pea protein: Yellow peas are great sources of protein. The pea protein is made by extracting protein from them that is very high in protein and a great source of iron, sodium, fiber, BCAAs, arginine, and other minerals. Also aid you in muscle development, improves digestion, better heart health, strength, keeps you satiated, and maintaining healthy weight. It is plant based protein so you need not to worry about animal prone diseases. You can use it into brown rice cereal, oatmeal, or wheat porridge and make the smoothie delightful. You can also add them to muffins, waffles, or brownies and maximize the muscle building effects. This plant based protein is better than whey isolate to those who are allergic to daily products or are vegan. 
  • Greek yoghurt: An excellent source of whey which has a high protein profile, even more than milk. Incorporating it in your diet, you can support the better development of hair, skin, bones, cartilage, blood, muscles, and hair. It has several benefits like keeping the belly fat and waist in check, improved immunity system, proper thyroid functionality, healthy metabolism, improved digestion, improved energy, better nervous system, smooth oxygen transportation in cells, better nutrients absorption, muscle recovery, and many others. Greek yogurt has a rich source of probiotics that are good bacteria which help in decreasing stomach issues, pain, diarrhea, and boosting a better immune system. All these benefits make it better than your whey for overall wellness. 
  • Nuts: Popular foods that are not only tasty but also convenient to use. From children to old elders, all have fallen in love with them. Also offer a number of impressive health benefits with nutrients like vitamin E, copper, protein, fiber, selenium, magnesium, manganese, and others. Along with that these are the powerhouse of antioxidants like polyphenols that neutralize the risk of free radicals. With the quality of protein, they promote healthy weight management. Also lowers triglycerides and cholesterol with an impressive protein and fiber profile. Some of the nuts are peanuts, pecans, almonds, brazil nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, and others. Nuts are better than whey when it comes to nutrient absorption.
  • Oily fish: Packed with protein and other nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and vitamin A. These nutrient dense fish help health in many ways. These improve athletic performance, protein synthesis, cardiovascular health, inflammation reduction, reduce arthritis, asthma, cognitive and sensory development, memory, vision, cancer, and many others. So, it is definitely better than a whey supplement for overall wellness. These are called oily fish because they carry large amounts of oil in their body. Some of them are salmon, sardines, eels, whitebait, tuna, mackerel, herring, pilchards, and others. Gym goers must use them for their protein needs whether they are having whey supplements or not. 


Whey protein isolate is made from milk in the cheese making process where all the nutrients except protein are extracted. So that you can get a high amount of protein for a particular fitness purpose. But having one type of protein for a long period of time is not healthy. With these brilliant protein substitutes, you can get different types of proteins that your body and muscles demand for better functioning. Incorporate them into your diet and sign in for a healthy lifestyle. 

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By Asad Ijaz Khattak

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