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Can Brochure Printing Help the Food Industry Market Succeed?

The world today is all about tech and digital marketing. Despite all the benefits and convenience, information overload and trends that change in microseconds has left the audience more drained and muddled. Businesses and brands are actually shouting out, chasing after and sometimes, even stalking people just to get themselves heard. This is when we need a break and long for something simple, elegant, old-school and less intimidating!

Still, digital marketing’s importance can’t be completely overlooked for it’s a medium as well as technology which connects to audiences worldwide thus making the competition fiercer, more challenging. This is when brochures and print marketing come into play, offering the best alternative to all-things digital with a more customised feel. Almost every industry especially those in the food line be it manufacturers, restaurants, franchises so on take advantage of print marketing to reach out.

Bentley University conducted a research which gives the following stats on significance of brochure printing:

  • Approximately 8 out of 10 tourists, visiting customers prefer picking up brochure to check your services on convenience
  • Above 95% of these visitors get to know about the business and industry being covered
  • More than 80% become prospects and loyal customers in the long-run

It’s quite obvious that brochures today are nothing short of novelty in a world that has gone paperless. Let’s explore how effective brochure printing can be for food industries.


SMEs and small-scale start-ups are limited with their product and service marketing budget. They need to penetrate the target market with minimal investment. Where paid online marketing tools that really have the potential are way too expensive, brochures are the best option. Food industries and restaurant chains serving a particular area, especially during the times of pandemic that slumped the global food industry, brochure marketing is perhaps the most viable option.

They can connect with a professional brochure printing companies in Dubai or a designer that can create stunningly beautiful yet cost-effective options for their food industry. In fact, when printing in bulk, the cost is likely to decrease whereas you can have the brochures distributed in high-trafficked areas, especially with a lot of pedestrians. Simply stick them at multiple places or you can even hand them in person. All you need to include is a short message, a corporate tagline accompanied by creative design and your brochure is ready.

Branding Done Right

An ‘out of sight’ ad is likely to be forgotten soon. This particular fact is true in the online and digital marketing sphere but something tangible and presentable all the time, like a brochure is likely to remain in the longer-run. This is where food industries should consider their branding strategy that should focus on the target audience as well as establish an unforgettable brand identity. All the details and content in the brochure should be for corporate advertising, products and services and so on.


It’s obvious that a brochure should be designed for the audience with everything including content and visuals striking a perfect balance. While an online ad can go unnoticed or deliberately ignored, turned-off by the user, a brochure placed on the doors, signposts, street poles and other such places is surely to attract. Take for instance restaurants that can actually use their menu and culinary delights in the brochure that’s simply irresistible. During public events, the brochures are likely to be remembered by participants, depending on overall design and marketing strategy.

Distribution Tactics

  • Inside the Packaged Order

Food industries can have their brochures delivered with each order. Coupons, vouchers, special deals and likewise marketing materials can be shared.

  • Reception Display

If you’re unsure where and how to distribute brochures, a simple way to begin is from the reception area that welcomes customers and gives them time to know about your brand, services, products and so on. This is the way to appeal to prospects without going from person to person.

  • Trade Shows, Fairs, Exhibitions

Public events like trade fairs, exhibitions and so on are the best to distribute your brochures or you can even have a small standee selling food items with marketing brochures and so on.

  • Malls & Markets

Have a discussion with the mall management and ask them to let you distribute your brochures to the visitors. On the contrary, malls also have indoor eateries and dining areas which is the best way to have your food industries or restaurant market themselves on site.

Brochure Components

  • Headline

A professional brochure print and design company will always prefer to grab the audience’s attention first through a creative headline. All you need to ensure is that it has all the right components that actually make viewers’ heads turned and tuned. Questions, statements, news, alerts, warnings etc, anything can be included as long as it doesn’t violate brochure print and design standards.

  • Subheadings

It’s an option but having a subtitle and subheading can be effective. You can swap it for a creative image or communicate through visuals to make your brochure stunning.

  • Body Copy

Then comes the most important part, which is the actual message you wish to convey and create excitement for the audience. Make the copy persuasive that encourages the reader in taking an action. Highlight key factors, benefits and features of your food industry or particular area of your expertise.

Now that we’re familiar with all the essentials of brochure printing and marketing, make sure yours stand out to have your food industry shine in the limelight. You can easily customise your brochure design, content and overall print strategy based on the target audience to boost viewership and engagement. However, the basic standards would remain the same that have been discussed above!

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