Building Out Your Commercial Space Plan

When a business owner needs to build out their new or existing office space, there are some important decisions to make. Should a contractor be hired to build permanent divider walls for offices and workspaces or should modular wall systems be used to make the space more changeable? The answer might be a combination of both strategies. The business owner can contact a commercial interior designer for space planning help or work with a company that furnishes modular wall systems and get their free design help.

Get Help with Office Space Planning

Part of every office planning budget should include an allowance for the services of a commercial interior designer or an architect. They can save the company money on design mistakes and help the owner end up with a space that works the best for employees and increase productivity. A well-designed office space can also help with employee retention.

The best modular wall suppliers, such as King Business Interiors, offer free design help to their commercial customers. This is a good investment because it leads to more satisfied customers and repeat business. Asking for help for commercial space planning may turn out to be a wise idea.

The designer may suggest a combination of built walls and modular walls or work with existing office walls and new modular walls depending on what exists in the space. 

What Factors are Important To Consider During Space Planning?

Most space commercial office planning experts agree that these factors must be considered for a successful commercial space plan and build-out.

  • Online lease management tools allow owners to know what they are paying for their space, how much it costs per employee, lets them review lease cost and terms, and understand how to best use the space to get the most for their lease.
  • The space planning tools are available from the supplier and online
  • Make a plan before starting any work. The plan must include a budget, a floor plan with new walls and desk arrangements, reflect the needs of the employees, where existing doors, windows, electrical outlets, and walls are, and where new ones are needed.
  • Take this opportunity to get rid of worn-out, damaged, unattractive, or uncomfortable furniture.
  • Make allowances for technological equipment needs.
  • Include the employees in the planning process and in the setup of their spaces.
  • Plan spaces for collaboration, office meetings, relaxation, and other uses.
  • Update and improve lighting along with the new office plan. Lighting affects employee health, well-being, mood, and productivity. Consider lighting that mimics natural light.
  • Plan for comfortable office temperatures in all spaces. Heat or air conditioning vents, windows, and other features can affect the temperature near them.
  • Plan a combination of open and occupied spaces so the office space does not seem crowded and difficult to navigate.
  • Decorate to make a space more attractive without overwhelming the employees.
  • Finally, plan for future growth and additional employees.

The Importance of Well-Planned Office Spaces

The business owner, management, and employees might spend up to 40 hours a week or approximately 2,000 hours per year in this office. It is important to make the space attractive, comfortable, and to utilize the workspace efficiently. The office layout and environmental factors such as lighting, air quality, and other factors have been proven to affect employee well-being, productivity, financial success, stress levels, mental health, comfort, and satisfaction with their jobs.

Business owners with small renovation or planning budgets can ask their office planner about sourcing used modular wall systems and furniture, and they can choose a modular wall supplier who offers free design services and has a used product option. The new office space can have a combination of existing furniture and new features. The movable and modular walls can be a combination of new and used. Used walls can be refurbished by the supplier to look new.

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