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Best 3 Businesses That Graphic Designers Can Start – Amir Articles

Today, we shall guide you on starting your own graphic designing business. Read about “Businesses Graphic Designers Can Start” for more.


Technology has changed the world. It’s not as it has been earlier. People had not had so many opportunities as they have today. Today, whatever you can do, you have great opportunities to start your own business, and so is the case with graphic designers.

Today, we shall guide you on starting your own graphic designing business and how to make it successful.

Business ideas for graphics designers

There are a couple of business ideas that graphic designers can start in 2021. You can choose the best possible for you which could suit you. And it won’t cost a lot of money. You need a laptop that you can buy at very cheap rates. I have found this great list of the best laptops under $500 and it could be useful for your business.

Become a freelancer

It’s one of the best options to start your graphic designing business. If you’re a graphic designer or you have a team of graphic designers, then instead of launching your company for local areas, becoming a freelancer will get you more opportunities all around the world.

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When you introduce yourself as a freelancer, you can get projects from anywhere. Companies love to hire freelancers because, in that case, they aren’t bound to any employee agreement, and they won’t require to pay $35K/annum to the employee. They offer freelancer projects and freelancers complete with minimum possible at least rates.

So this business has two advantages, you aren’t bound to the local area, that means you’re in a huge market. Secondly, some platforms help you find buyers on your (doorstep) laptop.

The other advantage is that you won’t require to rent a building or any other formalities, you can buy a laptop and start at your home.

You might require to buy a new laptop because laptops for graphic desigers have different features than your personal computer might not have. So it’s better to find the best laptop for illustrators so that you could perform your jobs easily.

Freelancing platforms for graphic designers

There are dozens of platforms that help sellers meet buyers. You will simply require to join them as a seller and start offering your services.

Some of them are as followed.

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Freelancer
  4. craigslist

There are many others that you can find and join. All these I mentioned are free, but some charge money for joining the platform.

Offer your training programs!

This is something I love the most because if you have any skill you must teach to others, and you teach your graphic designing skill with others, your pupil will pay you. Isn’t it great?

Millions of people are willing to learn a skill that could generate an income stream for them. Most probably, you must have been one of them, and that’s why you learned graphic designing.

Now it’s time to teach your skill to other young guys who have their money in hand to teach them any useful skill. You can start your training program to teach them at your physical training center or virtual online training center.

It’s a fact that the world has changed, people are using the internet and availing themselves of all the best opportunities. So you can!

Expenses for the training center

But starting an online training center won’t be free this time. It will cost money and effort.

To start this business, you need an office to record your videos or communicate with your trainees. By office I mean, a dedicated space, a chair, a table, a camera, a laptop, and other essentials.

On the other hand, editing videos must not be an issue for you. You can use a Green Screen to make them look highly professional.

The next expense to open an online training center is of getting clients.

You will require to promote your business via online marketing tools like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads to get clients.

You can also find clients on social media for free and convince them to learn from you. Once you will teach one group and make money from it, they will definitely be the best marketers for you.

Create cartoon videos

To make cartoon videos, you don’t require cartoons to play and engage physically and shoot them to make videos of them. It’s all about graphics.

If you’re an excellent graphic designer, you can quickly learn to create cartoons from your graphics skills.

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Once you’re good at creating cartoon videos, you have two options to earn from it.

  1. Sell your art
  2. Create a YouTube channel

Sell your art

Actually, cartoon videos is one of the biggest available markets because all the children watch cartoons, and they are in billions.

Hundreds of buyers available would catch your work, and it won’t take a while to sell it. They will pay you for your creation and take all the rights of your design.

So if selling your cartoon videos is your intention, you can reach out to any cartoon platform, and they will be willing to buy it if it’s of good quality.

Create a YouTube channel

If you’re an excellent cartoon designer, I won’t recommend selling your art until you don’t need quick money. You should only sell it if you require cash and don’t have any other options.

Otherwise, it’s far more better to use your videos for yourself instead of selling them.

As I mentioned earlier, the Cartoon market is the world’s largest market on the internet. The reason is that there are billions of children who could be your fans and won’t forget for life.

For example, I love to watch Cinderella cartoons, and I watched them again and again even in my 20s.

In short, if people started enjoying your creation, it will make your life. You will simply upload your videos on YouTube, and you can also upload them on other platforms.


Once you meet the desired criteria, you can monetize your channels to start making money from your videos. As you can notice that I intended to get you on YouTube, the reason is that YouTube shows Google Ads and Google Ads are the highest paying ads. So you will make handsome money from YouTube.

And it won’t stop you from uploading your videos on other platforms like Facebook. You can also monetize your Facebook page to make money from it. Hope you love reading “Businesses Graphic Designers Can Start”

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