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3 Crucial Points to Ponder on if You Buy a Beachfront Home

If you’re looking for a scenic place to call home, Buy Buy Beachfront Home in the Northern Beaches region in Sydney in New South Wales.


If you’re looking for a scenic place to call home, the Northern Beaches region in Sydney in New South Wales is the perfect spot. It has panoramic views of the ocean, coupled with fresh sea breeze and lots of golden sunshine. You will find this area extending southward to the entrance of Port Jackson. In the west, you will find Middle Harbour, while the north portion is at the entrance of Broken Bay. The best part about this region is its safe neighbourhoods, excellent school districts, robust employment opportunities, and quality healthcare. 

When you’re looking at houses for sale northern beaches locality to be a year-round home or a second home serving as a vacation house, you’re bound to find something here that fits your tastes, needs, and budget. In terms of homes with proximity to the water, the beachfront location is king. They’re priced higher compared to landlocked houses that need you to walk or take a vehicle to hit the beach. But price aside, you must think of other elements when buying a property near the ocean. Take a peek at them below so you can make an educated choice before closing that sale. 

Factor in Maintenance and Repair Costs

Many first-time buyers of oceanside homes fail to realise that these properties need maintenance. In fact, you must be prepared to spend higher than normal maintenance expenses. Most people don’t remember that salty air is highly corrosive. Hence, you may need to repair and replace house parts sooner than you think. 

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You must also look if the property is connected to a municipal septic system, or perhaps, it has its own septic tank. This would also need regular cleaning to keep it in proper order. Prepare to shell out more if you have to worry about paving the road to get to the beach house. These details may seem small, but they compound over time. 

Think About Natural Calamities 

With so much at stake when investing in a property near the sea, you have to factor in the wrath of mother nature. If you take a mortgage for your house, you will be paying at least 15 years. Of course, you expect your property to last even longer than that to get a good return on your investment. 

Keep in mind, the nearer you are to the ocean, the more your house is exposed to gusty winds, shifting shorelines, typhoons, and other environmental elements. Thus, it would be prudent to search building codes to make sure the property can withstand even the strongest of typhoons. Invest in a good inspector to evaluate the property. 

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Assess the Accessibility

When you look for houses for sale northern beaches, a primary consideration must be accessibility. Will you have access to cemented roads getting from the main part of town to your beachfront home? Though your place has a gorgeous stretch of sand, if it is not accessible via vehicle, then it would be hard to get into it.

However, if an oceanfront home is not within your budget, you can look at interior housing that’s a stone’s throw away from the beach. If water access is a priority, evaluate how many minutes you can walk or ride a bike to get to the beach. All these little details matter because they will affect your routine and comfort.

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