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5 Reasons Why You Must Buy Vertical Blinds

The use of vertical blinds is similar to traditional blinds. But there are more reasons to choose them over the traditional ones. Simply put, the vertical ones are very diverse and useful because of the way it covers the window. Read about why you must Buy Vertical Blinds.

If you have never used or seen a vertical blind, this article will tell you why they are preferred by many. These blinds consist of a headrail and a vertical strip of fabric known as louvres, whereas the headrail covers the length of the window, and the louvres hang from it. The louvres are drawn across the window by a cord, which also allows them to be tilted; it is a feature that other blinds don’t have.

People are now considering buying vertical blinds over traditional ones, and you can see these blinds in at least four in ten of your neighbouring houses.

The advantages of these blinds are given below:

  1. Perfect for Patio Doors

Patio doors are always made of glasses. It is tough to shade the glass doors with regular blinds as they need to be adjusted now and then. Hence, the louvres come in handy, as you can tilt them for some sunlight or pull them all over to one side to see the backyard. Meanwhile, the other types of blinds would require more effort to adjust or rearrange.

  1. Fit for Large Windows

Large windows mean you need large blinds. The Venetian and roller blinds won’t look so appealing for patios. Vertical blinds made of louvres and the hanging strips of fabrics help to make the window look cool and trendy.

  1. Make Your Room Look Bigger

The long strips give an illusion of longer walls (high ceiling). Hence, you can trick the guests with the strips and make the wall look taller than usual. The higher the ceiling seems, the more luxurious and grand the room looks.  So, why not make your ceiling look higher with the long striped blinds?

  1. Control Sunlight

These blinds work similarly to the Venetian ones. It has similar tilting options to Venetian blinds, and with them, you can look outside and still block the direct sunlight (depending on the sun’s angle). You need to pull the cord for different settings, which lets you adjust the sunlight coming inside your home.

  1. Various Colour Choices

When it comes to vertical blinds, the designs and colours one can try are limitless. It also comes in many variations of fabrics, like thickness and density of weaves, to suit every individual’s needs. You can even choose a blind that suits your walls; pick the same colour as the wall or the one that contrasts the wall. 

You can get strips with different colours on each side. And that way, when you adjust the blinds by tilting them, the colours will change. Moreover, some blinds come with designs and graphics, and you can pick the one that suits your personality.

Many are sceptical about the vertical stripes, but you have to agree with the huge benefits one can have with these blinds. Choosing the vertical blind is way more beneficial than the traditional ones. Even the corporate offices which have glass walls are now using them. Vertical blinds are very adjustable and provide you with ease of use, and pretty soon, everyone will be installing them at their homes.

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