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Camping In The Rain: 10 Ways To Make Life Easy

Camping is one of the adventurous ways to spend your time away from your busy lifestyle. Whether you intend to spend a day in the backyard, a weekend off in the woods or park, or a whole vacation at the campsite, you will have the best moments of your life. 

The adventure can be thrilling for children to experience a new environment and see animals in their natural habitat. For adults, it is an opportunity to get rid of all the stress that you carry with you from work or even at home. 

However, when camping in the rain, there are things which you must understand so as not to make life difficult for yourself. For instance, you should always carry an umbrella with you to protect your belongings and yourself from the rain. 

Another thing is to take care of the humidity in your tent or camper. You also need to keep dry wood near you. It would be beneficial to have a tarp over the wood. 

If you are expecting rain during your camping trip, there are various things you can do to make life easier. Follow these ten tips to improve your camping experience. 

1. Get a Survival Subscription Box 

It is best to get a survival subscription box to make your camping easy. Knowing what to include in your survival kit can make surviving in the wilderness easier. Numerous survival subscription boxes offer camping gear, backpacks, tents, and smaller supplies for outdoor adventures. You can get safety outdoor gear supplied in the best survival subscription box

2. Prepare Your Site Early 

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Prepare your site by pitching the tent on higher ground or placing blocks underneath. It will help you to stay in a dry position when the earth soaks in the rain. 

On a campsite, always request a site located on higher ground. If there is no available space, you may want to consider finding accommodations nearby. 

3. Stay Informed 


Make sure to know about the weather alerts and warnings issued by the government. Carry an umbrella while you are on a day trip. Ensure to stay updated about any weather changes to deal with the situation. 

4. Install Vents on Your Tent 

Ensure that the rain fly is tight and there are no openings. Ensure that the vents are open with proper airflow throughout your tent or camper. Freeing air flow will prevent condensation inside the tent when it gets cold. 

5. Use Your Tarp 

If expecting rain, put up your tarp to create a dry space. It will also help to keep the area around your campsite clean and free from mud puddles. You can use rocks or sticks to hold the corners in place. If there is no wind, you can also use duct tape to secure the tarp. 

Place your campfire close to where you are putting up the tarp. It will be easier for you to keep an eye on it at all times. Also, avoid placing wood near tarps because it can catch fire, which will cause more harm than good. 

6. Bring Along Your Indoor Games 

Playing indoor games such as cards and board games can keep you entertained when it rains. It is vital to keep yourself busy when you cannot go hiking or sightseeing. If you have children, make sure to bring along their favorite toys and games to keep them busy as well. 

You can also bring along your laptop or Kindle to keep you occupied. If there is a power outlet at the campsite, you can also bring your charging cords. 

7. Stay Warm 

You might get rained on while out in the jungle. If wearing the wrong clothes, you will quickly feel cold and miserable. It is best to wear a raincoat with a hood and waterproof gloves. 

Also, have a hot drink to warm yourself up whenever you feel cold or tired from the rain. If you have already pitched your tent, and it is dry inside, you can dry and warm yourself by getting naked and jumping into dry, warmer clothes. You can also use your sleeping bag to keep warm. 

8. Try to Pitch Near the Toilets 

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If you are camping in the rain, try to find a campsite with toilets. That will save you from having to go out into the rain to find a place to ease yourself. Consider packing toilet paper and hand sanitizer so that you can clean your hands after using the toilet. 

9. Cook Your Food in a Dutch Oven 

If you are cooking your food over the campfire, consider using a Dutch oven. It will prevent you from having to stand out in the rain while you wait for your meal to cook. Keep a steady fire going under the Dutch oven to heat up. 

You can also put your Dutch oven inside the tent or camper to keep it dry and free from mud puddles. Ensure you place it on a non-flammable surface to avoid hazards. 

10. Leave Your Pets Behind 

If you have pets, it is best to leave them behind. Pets will not enjoy the rain, and they might try to run off, which can be dangerous. They will also make your tent wet and cold, giving you a hard time staying dry. It might be a good idea to board your pets at a kennel or leave them with a friend. 


Camping during the rainy season can be a lot of fun when prepared for it. By following the tips in this article, you can make life much easier while dealing with bad weather. Remember to pack your raincoat, boots, and waterproof gear so that you stay dry and comfortable during your trip. 

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