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Can a BCom Student Learn Cloud Computing?

Indeed! Though you may not find it quite common, individuals holding a B.Com degree can also start a career in cloud computing. Your interest is what matters the most. There are certain steps which even a beginner can take to step into the world of cloud computing.  Read on to find out what those steps are. But first let us describe cloud computing in brief.  

 “Cloud Computing is the future of the digital world.”

For the last few years, cloud computing is growing like crazy and becoming very popular day by day. Cloud technologies have skyrocketed in recent years as around 84% of organizations are using cloud services, up from a mere 48% five years earlier. The Cloud computing trend is growing continuously and there is no sign of stopping as several companies are embracing the cloud. A report says that around 94% of businesses saw an improvement in security after switching to the cloud, and almost 91% said cloud computing is making it easier to meet government compliance requirements.

Cloud computing is beneficial for businesses of all kinds of sectors. A report by Dell says that companies who are investing in Cloud, Big Data, and Security are enjoying up to 53% faster revenue growth than their competitors. Cloud offers cost-saving services with easy access to your company’s data that can save your time and money in many projects. It also offers pay-as-you-go offerings that apply to the data storage space needed to service your clients and stakeholders so you will be charged for the used space only. Cloud offers you secure and flexible services. Therefore there is a huge demand for skilled and certified cloud experts. In fact, many reputed training providers now offer certification courses like a cloud computing course in Austin to help professionals kick start their careers with the cloud.

In this article, we are going to know some of the crucial steps to start a career in cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a system that allows you access to services such as storage and develops platforms on-demand via internet-connected off-side data centers. It addresses problems that plagued the on-premises systems. Cloud computing offers you limitless potential and epic proportions of creativity. It also delivers a faster time-to-solution and to-market with superior product quality through powerful solutions.

Many of us don’t know that we have been using cloud computing for over a decade. Basic cloud computing was started in 2005 with cloud storage. The earliest cloud service was the ability to save attachments in your email inbox and access them on another system. But now cloud computing is far more than that. Cloud computing is now an on-demand delivery of IT resources via the internet with pay-to-use charges. With cloud offerings, there is no need of buying and maintaining computer services, you can pay only for used cloud computing services that can save your time, effort, and money.

Cloud computing services are categorized into three models, mentioned below.

  • SaaS- Software as a Service
  • Paas- Platform as a Service
  • IaaS- Infrastructure as a Service.

There are many cloud computing service providers available in the market to solve your cloud problems. Some of the major providers are AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform), and Microsoft Azure, which provides solutions according to the scale of your business, your business structure, and the work you want to outsource.

How to Start a Career in Cloud Computing

In today’s advanced digital IT world, the Cloud computing career is one of the most in-demand and speedily growing career domains. It is ruling the market and more and more skilled professionals are required to help companies leverage this technology. So let us have a look at how one can start a career in the cloud.

  • Gain Understanding of Cloud Technology and Platforms-  To start a career with the cloud it is necessary to become aware of cloud technologies and platforms. So it is the first and foremost task you need to do to build a career as a cloud computing professional. It is a must to know what cloud technology serves and how it fulfills the requirements of the organizations. It is crucial to know about cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, etc that offer cloud services.
  • Gain Basic Knowledge of Cloud Computing- To begin a career in cloud computing, you should also understand the cloud computing fundamentals. It can help you to reach your goals smoothly. You can learn cloud computing fundamentals through topics like Cloud service models, Cloud formation and architecture, visualization and cloud computing, deployment models, etc.
  • Try to Achieve Required Skills- After knowing about the fundamentals, it’s time to gain the required skills for the cloud computing career pathway. It is a broad field that requires working upon several prerequisites and skillset. To master your skills you must know about computer networks and several programming languages such as XML, SQL, Python, R language, etc. Some other skills like Machine Learning, Operating systems, Database Management, Web Services and API, etc are also required to explore your expertise in this domain.
  • Get Certifications-  It is a known fact that certified professionals are the first priority of employers so try to gain relevant certification to stay ahead of others. Cloud computing certifications play a vital role in your resume that can offer you credibility in a particular career field. It can also give you an edge over others for better career opportunities. Many vendors provide top-class certifications such as Azure Certifications, AWS Certifications or aws certified developer associate certification, Google cloud certifications that can help you land your career in cloud computing.
  • Training- Along with certifications you must also get some advanced training/modules which are necessary to run with advanced competitive time and trends. It can make you more proficient with the new technologies. Cloud computing training helps you learn topics like Cloud Cryptography, Load balancing, and Cloud scalability, Edge Computing, etc that can enhance your skills and make a successful cloud career.
  • Time To Be Practical- Now is the time to be practical and implement your theoretical knowledge and expertise into real-time projects to get more exposure and proficiency. Hands-on experience is an important step to move forward towards your cloud career by taking up some small projects that can help you to be more familiar with the cloud environment.
  • Search for a Good Job- Now to get into a cloud computing career, the vital step is to look out for job opportunities that are just like diving into the battle. Shortlist the companies and reach them with their official websites. Apply for your desired job role and fulfill all the formalities to get your job.

It is witnessed that the cloud industry is high in demand and it is showing no signs of slowing down. So this career is worth pursuing to make a difference. Follow the above-mentioned steps and become a successful cloud expert.

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